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"Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« on: June 28, 2006, 09:35:01 pm »
Scarlet Kinney just appears determined to fall for one dubious character after another. Is Lighteagle even a Cherokee name?

Old Weylin claims to be a self appointed medicine man with lots of 2012 prophecies. The guy talks like Charlton Heston playing the role of Tonto.
"From Chief Light Eagle ? Message #252 of 1123 ?
Osiyo(hello) I am a new member, Cherokee Medicine Man, age 54. I am known as Chief Weylin Lighteagle. I am a direct blood decendant of the Carlile and Groundhog Cherokee families. I am giving you this my own prophecy regarding 2012 and the cleansing time. ? I am predicting that there will be a terrible nuclear war sometime in the year 2008. Here is wisdom for those who have ear and both listen and hear what the Spirit has to say to you. Behold a Great Mystery and the meaning of the Prophecy of the Seven Sisters that those Indian peoples long ago watched and foretold events by. It was revealed to
all white people in their Holy Bible yet none of you has had an eye to see it! So now I give it to you to read with the eyes of a Light bringing Eagle. Isaiah chapter 4 of your Holy Book has a profound <BR>
meaning ? no one has taught you to see into it! It is the story of the Seven Sisters and it was Fullfilled on ? this EArth by King David who made BAthsheba his 7th wife. ? AS above so shall it be on earth as well. The Son of God, the Creator Most High is the Lion of Judah Jesus Christ as you know of him , but while on EArth he was called Jeshua Ben Panther for Joesph was recorded on tax records and census as last name Panther. Jeshua Ben Panther has a Lion in the Heavens and it is Leo the Lion Constellation that travels opposite beside of the 7 Sisters Pleaides, at a time appointed by the Creator Most HIGH a planet in the tail of Leo the Lion shall go suddenly off course and strike one of the 7 Sisters and she shall be cast to the bridegroom and he shall cast her down upon the EArth Mother. This is the Wormwood Planet cast down to Earth in your book of Revelations. It shall be bust into two pieces coming at the EArth Mother and break into many pieces upon entering the atmosphere, and it shall fullfill the words of John that hailstones the weight of a talent shall fall upon all the EArth and the peoples of it. A talent is a Hebrew weight measurement , a King's talent being around a 158 pounds and a regular talent around close to 134 POUNDS. iT IS THESE LARGER WOES THAT RATIONING OF FOOD AND WATER SHALL TAKE PLACE AND THE RISE OF THE Evil One. ? Believe it or not!"

I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up! ?

His Yahoo profile.
"Yahoo! ID: bearpriest7 Real Name: Chief Weylin Lighteagle Nickname: ?  Location: USA Age: 54 Marital Status: Long-term Relationship Sex: Male Occupation: woodcarver-artist-semi retired
More About Me
Hobbies: woodcarving-painting-a lot of reading-building things-camping primitive style in the high mountains every time I can.
Favorite Quote: My dreams are your reality."

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2006, 10:33:24 pm »
he fact that he calls himself a medicine man is a dead give away. Screams fraud all over. I have met some powerful men and women and none would ever call themselves that. Other people would though.

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2006, 04:13:22 pm »
And it gets even weirder. The guy is one bizarre bigot, and his claims of who his (alleged) people keep changing.
"I am sure there will be some like Abraham perhaps or other rednecks loyal to Bush that will try to distort the FACTS I am quoting here by saying I am a racist or even an antisemite! I am in fact half Cherokee Indian and half Jewish.
It is a fact that Zionist own most of the Federal Reserve BAnks in America....ANd last but not least I used to think those militias in the 1990's here in America were a bunch of paranoid idiots- until I saw with my own eyes two locations of the ten they spoke of, Yes try to go up on Mt. Mitchell North Carolina now and see for your own SELF how far you get up! They got a UN ARmy there in a underground cave city and armed to the teeth and there is another one on the other side of Gore Oklahoma. It is the new world order-666 coming!"

Here's how his wife describes what they are.
"12/04/2005 11:32:42pm  
Name: Rebecca Wiles
Homepage Title: RebeccasPoetry
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Web Ring
Location: Florida
Comments:....My husband and I have Cherokee blood in us. Although I haven't been able to find it yet! Thanks for the tips! My husband had a site at yahoo if you wish to join at:"

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2006, 05:16:14 pm »
And it gets even weirder. The guy is one bizarre bigot, and his claims of who his (alleged) people keep changing.
"I am sure there will be some like Abraham perhaps or other rednecks loyal to Bush that will try to distort the FACTS I am quoting here by saying I am a racist or even an antisemite! I am in fact half Cherokee Indian and half Jewish.

I bet he reads Nexus magazine! His comments on that page are a goldmine! He sounds like a lot of the conspiracy-addled hippies I've encountered over the last ten years or so who've got sucked into repeating warmed-over fascist propaganda. They mistakenly believe that if they drone on about the big conspiracy long enough then everything will be OK because then there'll be enough of us, the good people, to get rid of (in an unspecified way) the sinister, secretive, powerful bad people who make the bad things happen. But only if we're spirchul enough, and smoke shedloads of weed.

And yes chief, people will think you're an antisemite in spite of your half-assed denials if you repeat fascist propaganda, for example that "Zionists" control the American economy, that they're not really Jews, etc.

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2006, 04:38:14 pm »
Got a phonecall today from Weylin himself. He's threatening to sue for slander and defamation. Claims he can't get in here, but the site shows him registered two days ago.

More from him on the Culture Kitchen site:

"The orthodox Jews know what neocons like Bush will lead to-the return to the gas chamber and rise to Nazi anitisemitisms! Unfortunately the Zionist media escalating the neocon movement for a war profit will in the end be doublecrossed by the neocons as they were in ww2. NBC- Zionist owner Edgar Bronfman,Viacom and CBs Zionist owner Sumner Redstone, Disney Empire and ABC owner Zionist Michael Eisner,Associated Press owner ZionistMichael Silverman,and the list goes on and on to include the New York Times, Washington Post,Dow Jones STock Exchange-and WAll STreet Journal ownerZionist Peter Kann!and all the central banks of America, Germany , France and Britian all Zionist owned and Bush is their puppet make war for money stooge! Want their names? Benjamin Meyer aka Rothchild and his brother in France- the Warburgs and the list goes on and on!They own most of the Federal Reserve Banks in America!"

"it is obvious that you are a proneo just like CNN news! In fact you probably do not even know that President JFK had signed an executive order just 2 weeks prior to his death in Dallas to do away with the Federal Reserve Banking system so America could own it's own banks instead of a bunch of Zionists like you and the ones I mentioned above! That is probably the reason he HAD to be killed. In a Eutopian idealisti view I would like to see every Arab in Israel exiled to Southern Saudi Arabia and the Mosque bulldozed down for Israel belongs to the orthodox Jewish people not the Zionist bankers and media owner. Bush and his daddy need to be tried for treason and war crimes and if found guilty ought to be hanged on the White HOuse lawn along with Big Coporate gangsters and their PMC's Private Military hoodlums murdering people all over the world. As for the Zionist creating havoic and chaos for profit and their puppets they need to be exiled to Siberia for good and their monies redistributed to every human alive on this planet which would be about 15 million dollars per man-woman and child! All you Zionist care about is more money , more money , more money regardless of the needless destruction of human life and the environment! You are traitors to the real Jewish people and nation of Israel and the whole human races of the world. Publicani is the word that best defines you Zionist who believe in no God at all , nor Moses , nor Jesus Christ. You worship gold-money and you are of the synagogue of Satan and Christ stated in the Bible!"

"You must be one of those perverts that go to the Bohemian Grove Club in Northern California with all them moral upright people like the Bushes where they sacrafice animals before a 30 feet tall stone owl symbol of the God Molech in the Bible-yeah a blood thirsty Demon God of the Syrians where they burned children alive. You are a Zionist puke that supports both sides of the political aisles so as to keep politically correct and butt kiss to keep on making money and control behind the scenes."

"About 4 weeks ago I read the site that one of the researchers of the Anthrax poison that was mailed out months ago to certain politicians like Tom Daschle. The Jewish researcher was named Horowitz I beleive and he was a member of a 12 person team trying to determine where the stuff was made. He stated that 2 of the researchers had committed suicide after the team had determined that the anthrax contained 500,000 parts per billion. He said only two companies in the world are capable of making anthrax that strong and not even the Russians could do it let alone terrorist. Those two companies were Porton Downs in England and the Ames Corporation in the US. Horowitz got scared quit his job lost his pension and moved his family to a rural area of the Northwestern United STates for safety purposes."

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2006, 04:45:05 pm »
Here's the strange thing (OK, another strange thing.) If you have a lawyer, wouldn't they contact the object of the lawsuit, and urge you not to do it yourself so as not to jeoparize the case?

My letter to Waylin:

The board shows you as registered for two days, back on July 14 at 4AM.
The threads about you have:
1) People saying you are allegedly NDN. No one said you were not NDN. If you want I'll post what you told me, that you've been enrolled for six years now.
We also have a quote from your own wife that you both "have some Cherokee blood in us" though she hasn't been able to find it.
2) Nowhere did anyone call you an anti Semite. In fact we quoted you pointing out you're half Jewish.
What we said is you've fallen for a lot of anti Semitic lies and conspiracy nonsense. Which you have, judging by your comment at
The only thing left out of your comment was the long spiel about the Bush admininstration and family.
And actually we did not say anything nearly as bad about you as the guy at Culture Kitchen who called you He Who Needs An Editor, offered you 100 bucks if you could prove what you claimed, and asked if you'd ever been in a mental hospital. I wonder, did you threaten him with a lawsuit?
3) There's a message from you at
This shows you posting under the ID earthstarindigo000. Under that ID you posted some pretty bizarre things. If this is not you, then you have a member of that group *posting as you*, and you should take it up with them.
I don't see any sign of either slander, or taking things out of context. If you still believe so, point them out to me.
If this is what your lawyer told you would constitute either slander or defamation, then your law firm have more greed than ethics. We get empty threats to sue all the time,so I'm not worried, especially now that I know just how incredibly weak (actually nonexistent) the case is.
BTW, I'm curious. How does a man saying he lives below the poverty line pay for private investigators?
Al Carroll

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2006, 06:58:07 pm »
I'm sorry, don't like to waste space with commentary that doesn't really add but I must say that is some of the strangest contradictory ramblings I have read hear so far.

Many years ago I volunteered for KlanWatch (part of the Southern Poverty Law Center) keeping an eye out ( and pictures taken) of neo-nazis and skin heads in this area. I accumulated a large collection of literature from various groups and some of what Weylin says could be straight out of this material.

Anyway, if I get a chance I am going to dig that stuff up, I think he is a plagarist, maybe some grown up skin heads might want to sue him.

Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2006, 03:32:46 am »
I took a look at that post in Indigos_shamans_starseeds_orbs.  When I clicked on the earthstarindigo000 I ended up with this earthstar's profile.  Female, 46.  Very pretty woman.  Hobbies are: paranormal research,orb research,metaphysical research,tribal study both modern and ancient,astronomy,astrology,geomancy,shamanism,horticulture,fine art,native american culture,spirituality,mysticism.  

What I am not understanding is why she is posting as a 54 year old medicine man?  Go to that post and click on the purple part of her id earthstarindigo000.  
William Graywolf

Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #8 on: July 15, 2006, 03:02:17 pm »
I knew I recognized the face in the profile.  I posted it to my group and to several friends.  The picture of the woman on the profile is Sandy Martinez of California.  She claims to be Cherokee but is not.  Does geneology for many people and tells them she is related when doing it.  She can be very vicious when confronted.  Will not hesitate to use several different emails and claim to be someone else standing up for her.    
She is of mexican descent and can be real trouble.  I have a friend who ran up against her and she was kicked off our group by the owner.  Bad news this one.  She tries to scare you with voodoo and other "magic" she has studied.  Just wondering why she would post as this man.  
William Graywolf

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #9 on: July 15, 2006, 03:37:25 pm »
Thanks, I deleted the parts with this woman impersonating him.

To Weylin and his (alleged) lawyer, why aren't you suing her instead of me?

The latest emails between myself and him. First I speak, then afterwards my words have >>>. I deleted the name of a town for the sake of my parents' privacy.

Weylin, to avoid confusion, I'll answer your points within the text. My words have >>> next to them.

Weylin LightEagle <> wrote: Osiyo: you must be a Kiowa
>>>Truly bizarre. I'm not Kiowa, and I have no idea why you have a prejudice against them.
 and some possible kin to that Crook Amos Duke Hopkins, are you?
>>>OK, already I'm wondering just what you have been smoking.
Yeah you right about one thing , I cannot afford an investigator, but my Jewish cousin who is a lawyer already has one working in his office full time.
>>>Then we're even. My cousin is a lawyer as well. If you like, have your lawyer contact mine. I will not be bluffed or intimidated by a loon like you.
Next time you address me since you are several years younger than me
>>>Actually about I'm about 15 years younger. But emotionally you're about ten years old.
 an I am an elder
>>>You're no elder, you don't have the maturity. You're just older.
and a minor sub chief - clan leader who was elected by 37 members
>>>Interesting claim, since by your own words you live "where there aren't even two Cherokees in the whole state."
 you call me Chief Lighteagle or have you forget you traditonal ways?
>>>Not a chance. If you ever were a chief, you've certainly disgraced that title and position by your own actions.
>>>Real chiefs don't have to demand respect. They've earned it by serving their people.
>>>I see no sign you've ever earned anyone's respect, except for that fraud you endorsed making 40 grand a year selling ceremonies, Scarlet Kinney.
You may be Mr. educated Indian and have a degree that I do not, and you are probably more sophisticated as well, but the fact is I am no fool, and I am surely not ignorant with an Iq of 178 either.
>>>You really feel the need to brag about your IQ? All that does is show me your insecurity and immaturity.
Since you want to ask a question about how I could afford an investigator, let me ask you one in return: Do you think your house would sell for as much as Gerald Goss's or Lawren Franklin's or Richard Petty's or the Canavan family's house?
>>>Your paranoia keeps showing up in bizarre ways. I don't know any of those people. And I don't even own a home.
Personally I have to rent and live in an old run down 23 year old mobile home here. I do not have anything thing any one could sue and get or even garnish wage wise, so even living in a house like you got would be metaphorically wise like living in a Mansion !
>>>Again, your investigator is not very good. I don't own a home, never have.
 So you see young educated Indian Man this OLd Indian Chief that you feel you can imtimidate
>>>Intimidate? You're the one using lawyers and private investigators and angry phone calls, not me.
 and try to make look bad
>>>I don't have to make you look bad. You do that every time you open your mouth or write your conspiracy nonsense.
and smear knows how to deal with educated and sophisticated people like you. I am not going to lower myself as an Elder to come on your site and try to persuade or dissaude any of the non Indians or Indians if there are any there about how I am nor defend any of the works I have done as a Medicine Man.
>>>Then why did you register in the first place? My guess is you're afraid of being criticized by the Cherokee members there.
>>>For example, Joseph Stands With Many, a Cherokee storyteller, wondered if you'd swiped your conspiracy theories from Aryan Nation type sites. ?
I paid my dues young buck , and my last year of apprenticement I was left out in the wilderness with nothing but a knife and a blanket and lived there for some 11 months.
>>>Somebody's been watching Billy Jack too much.
I cannot and will not try to talk sensible with you to persuade you to remove the garbage about me off your site! But I will in the end make you wish you had of removed it young man! ? Cause I will pursue you legally, and also present all the negative witch hunt garbage you say about people even the dead on your site,
>>>We don't post about those frauds who have already passed on, UNLESS there are other frauds out there using their names as endorsement.
and let the newspapers decide if they want to call you the hate teacher of ----- Texas ! So as to see how much the citizens of ----- Texas love you! ? Perhaps after that ? your (tenure) may not mean so much to more educated people you work around.
>>>Again, your investigators are doing a very poor job. I don't teach in -----, or even live in -----.
>>>Your investigators probably have me confused with my father, who has the same name.
 I know you got more money than I got,
>>>Yeah, I can see this is really all about greed on your part. So much for your "I'm so spiritual" pose.
 how much do you think your house would be worth on a quick sale market?
>>>For the fourth time, tell your investigator to look up Alton Carroll JUNIOR, not my father, Alton Carroll SENIOR.
>>>From me, you'd be lucky to get a buck fifty and my bus pass.
>>>If you really think you have a case, both you and your (alleged) hack lawyer are deluded.
 Land around here now is 32 grand an acre. LOL , that is all I have to say on this matter young educated Indian man, get ready to learn a lesson in life from a not so stupid Elder who has no formal white mans degree.

>>>I doubt you'll convince anyone you're not so stupid by this letter.
>>>Again, I made very effort to find out what was supposedly slander or defamation.
>>>I'll be forwarding this letter and anything else to my lawyer, Monica Morales. Have your lawyer contact mine. But I will NOT be intimidated by a deluded lunatic like you.
Al Carroll

Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #10 on: July 18, 2006, 05:42:34 pm »
I just received an email from this "Chief". ?

Osiyo: This is from Chief Weylin Lighteagle: a virus free info is also attached. Whether you are a real person or a phoney setup aka for Al Carroll...who operates the site , I have this to say to you : if you are not Al playing games I appreciate you at least finding out that one thing he posted about me being earth star indigo was totally false along with some other things he posted pieces of or distorted about me. I am highly respected amongst my own tribal people, known as a man who refused to take a cash bribe to pass corrupt housing bills and helped put the crooks who stole tribal funds in the Federal pen! ? In addition to this info on Al there is more stuff which is even worse! ? That is all I have to say other than I will include everyone on his site in a class action lawsuit if I have to, but one way or another I will close down his site and I will make sure to follow up on this small bit of info on him and make sure it makes its way to every newspaper around ----- Texas cause Al is a devious deceptive man! ? Chief Weylin Lighteagle

Note: forwarded message attached[/color]

The forwarded message is next. ?
« Last Edit: January 01, 1970, 12:00:00 am by educatedindian »
William Graywolf

Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #11 on: July 18, 2006, 06:24:20 pm »
You may remove this entire thing.  I could not find a place on the web where it is.  It would have been easier to just post a website that wouldn't take up much room.

I have just a couple of comments.    I AM NOT AL.  Last time I looked in a mirror I was still the person I was yesterday, last month, last year and for 44 entire years.  My name is William Graywolf Atkins.  

My response to this idiot emailed to him today:
You just made your first mistake.  You have sent me ammunition in which I could file suit against you, if I so desire.  I have made no statements against you up until now.  
You are also now guilty of libel.  Al could successfully file suit against you.  
It is not libel or slander to expose someone as a fraud which Al has done.    
However, it is considered libel when a person commits an act of defamation of someone's character by the use of intentional malice.  This is any statement, even that which states a person is a criminal if you do not know this for a fact and have proof of it.  
You have expressed to me in print things that are meant to expose Al to public hatred and ridicule.  What you sent is defamatory and actually names the person it is directed at.  You have sent it to someone other than Al, who is the offended party and thus given him perfect reason to file suit of libel against you.  
William Atkins

To say you suspect someone is a criminal is not libel.  To say you suspect someone of being a fraud is not libel.  You overstepped those bounds, Weylin.

Like I have said, you just sent this to the wrong person.   Back up buddy.  You are putting your head into a noose that will strangle you.

William Graywolf

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #12 on: July 21, 2006, 05:04:21 pm »
Old Weylin is now selling ceremonies along with Ms. Kinney. In his phone call to me he angrily argued over and over he would never never ever sell ceremonies. But...he was thinking about selling "teachings".
He did seem upset when I told him Kinney admitted to making over 40 grand a year from selling ceremonies. Guess he's gotten over it.

"Cherokee Medicine Chief Weylin Lighteagle
To Offer Native American Teachings and Private Consultations from August 18 - 27
at the Standing Bear in Surry and in Camden, Maine
Chief Lighteagle, a fully apprenticed Bear Medicine Man who studied shamanic ways for thirteen years with Native American elders, will be in residence at The Standing Bear from August 18 - 27.  
During his stay he will offer a two-day workshop and Sweat Lodge Ceremony for men and a Snake Medicine workshop for women and men. He will also be available for private consultations at The Standing Bear by appointment, and will offer a talk on Native American Spirituality in Camden.  
In order to cover Chief Lighteagle's and the Center's expenses for promoting his visit, and to enable him to carry on his work, fees will be charged for most events. Special considerations regarding payment will be made for Native Americans on a one-to-one basis directly with Chief Lighteagle.
For more information about Chief Lighteage's schedule and his history,  
please click on the "Coming Events" link on the sidebar to the left of ....contined ."

Is there actually a Snake Ceremony in Cherokee tradition?

Oh wait, Weylin claimed he was actually apprenticed by Lakota elders. He claims Crow Dog taught him and "authorized" him.

But then, so does about every other fraud, even ones who just briefly met Crow Dog or attended a single sweat.

When I told Weylin that on the phone, it was the only time he stumbled and hesitated for an answer.

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #13 on: July 21, 2006, 06:05:29 pm »
Also this from Kinney's Coming Events page. Weylin is openly selling cereomony, 250 bucks for sweats. No wonder Weylin is so angry, his cash flow is being threatened.

August 18 - 27, 2006 ?
Native American Teachings and Private Consultations with Cherokee Medicine Chief Weylin Lighteagle ?
Saturday & Sunday, August 19 & 20 Men's Teaching Circle and Sweat Lodge Ceremony
Cost: $250
Friday Evening, August 25 Talk on Native American Spirituality in Camden, Maine
at Ocean Circle Shamanic Center Suggested Donation: $35
Saturday and Sunday, August 26 & 27 Snake Medicine Workshop for Women & Men
at The Standing Bear in Surry
Private Consultations & Healing Work ? by Appointment at The Standing Bear in Surry
Cost: $50 per hour
Preregistration with 30% deposit is required for all workshops.
To register for a workshop or to schedule private work with Chief Lighteagle, please contact Scarlet Kinney at <>, or by calling her at The Standing Bear at (207) 667-4772. If that number is busy, you can leave a message for Scarlet by calling ? 1-877-225-5928 and following the prompt to enter her 207 number. ?

About Cherokee Medicine Chief Weylin Lighteagle
Medicine Chief Weylin Lighteagle, fifty-five, apprenticed under two Cherokee elders and was trained in the ways and rites of the sweat lodge under a Cherokee-Sioux elder Wolf Clan Medicine Man. He also studied under a Toltec Jaguar Medicine Man for a time. Lighteagle is a fully apprenticed Bear Medicine Shaman who was trained in the old traditional Native American ways for thirteen years. During the final stage of his apprenticeship he lived alone for nearly a year in a remote mountainous area in the primitive ways of his ancestors. ?  
Following completion of his training, he was befriended by Senior Elder Medicine Grizzly Bear Bobby Lake Thom, who encouraged him to reach out further to others in his work, and advises Lighteagle if requested to do so. ?
Lighteagle teaches Snake and Bear Medicine, the ways of the Medicine Wheel, Dream Travel and healing techniques. He also holds sweat lodge ceremonies and various workshops and events. He performs exorcisms in cases of negative spirit invasion, and has counseled troubled teenagers with drug and alcohol abuse problems. He also trains those wishing to become shamans one on one in the old traditional way. Chief Lighteagle describes his teaching as guiding students towards self improvement and the evolvement of one's spirit to a high level so as to be closer to and develop understanding and relationship with the source of all energy, the Creator, and to become balanced and in tune with the spirit of the Earth Mother and all the life she supports.
Chief Lighteagle currently lives in Florida with his wife and young son. He was raised in the mountains of western North Carolina and Tennessee, later moving to Ohklahoma, where he lived on reservation lands. He is of Native American and Jewish ancestry, is a direct blood descendant of the Cherokee Carlile, Groundhog and Mcalexander families and has some Choctaw Indian blood from Shumate ancestors. ?
In 1998, Lighteagle was elected minor Chief, or leader of the Black Star Clan by thirty-seven members of that clan, a position he held until he resigned the post in 2000. In his capacity as Chief, he was the clan's representative to the Committee (Senate) until his resignation. Although Lighteagle has now lived off the reservation for five years, he states that he continues to maintain traditional American Indian ways as much as possible in the white man's towns. ?
Lighteagle was active as a volunteer for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee from 1993-1995 in Georgia and South Carolina where he distributed legal materials concerning the Peltier incident and trial. He also distributed membership materials for the American Indian Movement to Southern tribes such as the Catawba Indians and others, and participated in AIM organized protests in western North Carolina.

"Cherokee Sioux elder"? "Toltec jaguar medicine man"? Exorcisms? Poor Weylin is a victim too, being taken in by frauds himself. The guy's beliefs about NDNs are as crazy as his beliefs about Jews.

That's also quite a change from on the phone. when he told me he was a MEMBER and HELPED ORGANIZE S Carolina AIM. But now it sounds like all he did was hand out flyers.

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #14 on: July 21, 2006, 06:27:51 pm »
I wish my friend, JV, was still alive. He had some knowkledge of Bobby Lake. He said that Lake was somewhat of a flake, I think, but that his wife was the one from real power. A traditional person that Lake married and then began calling himself a medicne man.