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Defend the Sacred:
Warning sticker for Castaneda books:

"WARNING - Consumption may lead to drug abuse, disorientation, arrogance, loss of touch with consensus reality, insistence there is no such thing as "reality", amoral behavior, and alienation from friends and family as you proceed to inflict these new beliefs and bad behavior upon them."

critter - a white non-ndn person:
I will stand and say I loved the first 4 Castaneda books and
they taught me to care about others and to work on my own
ego/arrogance. And it was clear in those books that peyote
was used ceremonially, not as recreation. It was always
clear on that.

The next 5 or so books were completely different.  Creating

My stickers on the 1st 4 would say: Fraudulent story be better
off studying Buddhism.

The rest I'd say: Completely made up he admitted it himself
that he made the whole thing up.  Reading this could seriously
injure your mental health and relation to Earth, Humanity, Reality,
and you self.

I have to agree, any source of information, if these are books/authors or websites about the real life-style and philosophy, tradition and myths would be really good.
I mean all I e.g. have are the history books with the wars and and maps of the tribes, books from Ethnolgists and the books of Tom Brown - I don't know if he is a fraud or not. In every case ALLLLLL of them are white people.
This is in fact something that bothers since ever, and not only related to your culture, but in general - all information we get, are written and offered from white people, and from those who live these traditions. So it is a natural consequence that misinterpretation and misinformation goes along with that.
In my sense, a source of information would be helpful and prevent lots of misuse and deception of your culture.

It does not matter because the written word is up for interpetation just look at the bible

Pono Aloha:
I totally support the sticker idea and hope we can come up with maybe a highly distinctive logo and one to three words -- the "Just Do It" of new age fraud fighting.

I disagree though with putting the Secret on the list, unless I missed something (granted, I didn't read the thing but I did see the movie, ugh.) I don't remember any references to Native beliefs.

I have a whole load of Huna books to put on the list, plus, having recently been in Australia, I was reminded that "Mutant Message Down Under" was a fraud -- Aboriginal elders actually came to the US to fight the book, yet it was re-released on its 10th anniversary.

Here's an idea: a sticker that says "FRAUD." Or "FICTION."


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