Author Topic: NAFPS Wants You Back!!  (Read 3485 times)

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NAFPS Wants You Back!!
« on: November 12, 2006, 09:46:13 pm »
This message is going by email to everyone who according to our forum statistics has never posted AND not logged in (at least since the forum was recently converted from YaBB to SMF).

If you never received an email when you registered it might be because our hosting service changed hands and some features were reset at that time, without our awareness. Or it might have been a bug in the forum software, or a wrong setting.

Whatever the cause, it wasn't that we didn't want you as a member! And the forum has been upgraded so you can recover lost passwords, so please do whatever you need to do, and log in, you don't have to post any message if you'd rather not!

If you don't know what email address you used here, or forgot your username, please contact and ask for help. I have already helped at least a dozen members to reinstate their accounts.

If you have not let us know that you're still out there and still interested in being part of the forum, please do so. All that's needed is for you to log in.

The forum's error log shows that many have been trying to log in with incorrect passwords. If you aren't getting the help you need, contact me and I'll do my best to get the right information to you.

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