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Forum guests
« on: October 29, 2005, 05:17:50 am »
Has anyone else noticed that we seem to have a lot of visitors to this forum? Every time I log in I look at the bottom of the main forum page and usually see at least one guest listed as being here at the time, and often two or more. I wonder how many they really are!

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Re: Forum guests
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2005, 09:44:16 pm »
Yes I have noticed. There are nine guests here as I type. Ah well, it is a good place to be...

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Re: Forum guests
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2005, 05:40:09 pm »
I am one of those forum guests.  

I came upon this forum from TrishaJacob's site.  I am one of the people with very, distant Indian ancestory.  I appreciate the frankness of this forum.  It has cured me of any romantic notions of 'reconnecting with 'Indian ways'.  Thank you for that.  

The more I read, the more I realize how silly pdia seem in their fake tribes, etc.  You are quite correct what is being presented by these fakes and frauds is really for the comfort of their followers.  

After reading this board, I am now quite comfortable as a white person.  Don't need to be anything else.

I have referred people to this board about Sonier, the Abenaki fake.  He is sending out his elder musings, which are picked up by a great many 'net lists.  I was able to point out that he is really a fake and his musings are of a white person.

Good wishes

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Re: Forum guests
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2005, 12:04:22 pm »
ok here goes nothing---i posted first under guest with my true and correct name--cracked some jokes and then thought---well i should register--so i did and posted once------but i check the site lots and rarely bother to login--why?? i'm lazy--and i never thought about it.

but more to the point, i found your site while i was in the process of bringing to light the doings of my evil dickhead masonic necromancer #$^&**%$ cousin at mana made up taka----good ol randi little weasel moore---

and thanks guys!!!!

i'd say more but my mom doesn't know (and if she lives the rest of her life without knowing then my brother will never know--trust me his cult and randi's little cult do not need to merge)

and i post links to this site and trisha jacob's site where ever it is relevant and send 411 to people anonymously---why?? look at the catholic church--classic example of what can happen when what is sacred is perverted--i will not see it being done and allow it to continue. I see this as spiritual rape--and some of these people are rapists--children have no choice--

so i will tell you for a fact that what you do here makes a difference----it prevents harm.

and trust me i check your facts just like any other---and after reading trisha's bio---and her poems...sometimes my heart just breaks..there's nothing i can do to fix it--but i am like a bloodhound after these people--because they do harm---they make what is sacred ugly and make it almost impossible for those of us who truly want to learn and understand so we can heal and pass on the truth to be trusted. Some times one must be a warrior to be a healer----

my mom says i am a contrary---(or sometimes cheerahonky;-}.....) i wrestle with this all the time. because of people like ....well you know...because of them i have no peace, people like trisha have no peace, many many people have no peace. And not only do these people not care about who they hurt they often enjoy the suffering of others.

probably erase this later--me and my big mouth

with all my love and great hope for the future

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Re: Forum guests
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2005, 05:53:16 pm »
No need to erase your message. It's a great testimonial for others who may be sitting on a fence thinking these ndns are just angry, unevolved souls who have nothing better to do than criticize those special people who "spread the light".

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Re: Forum guests
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2005, 03:51:55 am »
dang---too late i was going to erase it---but now that we are talking here---i have a few things i would like to say.

1)to whoever the unknown real ndns were who stepped up and posted some real truths on manatakas message board (which seemed to have been so unacceptable the got rid of that thing) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU---

2)There are a couple of things i have found that these ......"enlightened ones" seem to lack
 ?  ?  ?  2.1)A FLIPPING SENSE OF HUMOR----yep that's right--they take themselves way too seriously
 ?  ?  ?  2.2)HUMILITY---the most spiritual of all people are the humblest, they seem to have a reverence for all--and never ever let you off easy---if someone is feeding you "answers" they are not helping you but manipulating you.
 ?  ?  ?  2.3)A REVERANCE AND RESPECT FOR THE EARTH AND HER CREATURES---a few places i went i knew right off when i started talking about the creatures that they were not ......familiar with actual bears and wolfs and place had a list of handy uses for wd40---kills weeds you know.

anyway i am just coming out of the close i guess---and truthfully i do have Choctaw (never spell it right) and who ever lived in the Ozark's NE of west plains, mo. according to my father many native people took to the wood rather then turn them selves in and register--so who knows---but i am as blond as blond can be so my mom calls me a cheerahonky ever sense i started researching this stuff.

I started researching it---well i won't say because it just sounds nuts but.........i wanted to study because i make medicine--i just always have and it works and people come to me, and i don't know all i need to know, so lots of times i can't help. And i can't study because no one will teach me (yet:-}......) and i don't blame them one bit. My friend told me that her grand mother taught this woman (blond like me of course) and she wrote this book that was just not ok. Any way....that's me

Now back to Mana made up Taka---while i was trying to figure out what was true and what was not i met on the message board some people from GatheringOfEldersAndHealers--a yahoo group.

There was this Blue Panther person who posted lots of stories there as well as on Manataka--i first became curious about this person because the writing styles were very different from post to post and were obviously not written by one person. While re-posting is very common it is also expected as well as required by copyright laws to at least post a link. I found that he had re-posted many things from many sites with no links. When i inquired about this i did not get a response. Also the girl who "owns" (or owned??) the group has a drawing of a nice dark skinned ndn maiden yet she is whiter and blonder then me, while i could careless if she is purple--it is a deception. So i dropped the group.

Imagine my surprise when i came across this last night after i posted;action=display;num=1131455077

ok so i found two different wisdom keepers

the one where this person was from was the dot org

and guess who is right there ---second paragraph down??? uh huh Blue Panther of Mana made up Taka fame---and lookie at all the donation options--you can even be a member, now it looks like he got cleaned up a little and hired a good lawyer specialising in setting up non profit org's, and this is just me pointing out a very interesting similarity. I just thought you might find this coincidence interesting as well. It must be genetic that need to infiltrate the enemy's ranks. Did i tell you that George Washington is our Great x 8 Grand Uncle--yep "Destroyer of Villages" good ol randi destroyer of villages at mana made up taka.

not that i am inferring in anyway that this site is associated with anyone other then Blue Panther who IS associated with Manataka.

anyway...we'll see what we will see

with all my love and great hope for the future
i thank you for what you do and will try not to rattle too many cages (oh now that's not true--i will try to rattle them, it is my nature)


oh and i almost forgot--this one has been around for a while and has always seemed 100% legit to me ---