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Willow Aliento

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apology to Al & Annika
« on: September 14, 2005, 03:23:56 pm »
G'Day all,
here tis -- Al Carroll tells me he is as anti-war as the best of us, and so I hereby publicly tell y'all that I was wrong in how I understood the stuff I found on the internet that I alluded to in my post at ghostchild (which Barnaby so kindly extracted a small part of to post here for y'all).

I apologise publicly here to Al and all NAFPS for saying that Al or anyone in NAFPS may have supported the war in Iraq. at this rate, I'll start wondering who in America does except Halliburton...

This is WHY it is good not to rely on the internet for everything about a person. And also why sometimes it is better not to publish anything too specific in a public forum like this one which might be wrong. It is a great example of the very point I have been trying to make about some of the things that have been posted at various forums, and also why I have also said several times I am NOT going to publish here or at NAFPS anything more about what I had thought I may have found.

I also apoligise to Annika for not constructing my sentence about her gaining public profile through her involvement with NAFPS better, to make it clear that I in no way shape or form meant she actually got money out of it. I meant profile, and the materials at her own site and sites where she has promoted her work are what I based that opinion on, nothing more. If I got it wrong, I am sorry, but that's the impression I got reading the World-Foundation stuff, especially the "interview with Annika"

Barnaby, well, what can I say. Like me you might be getting a refresher in "careful what you believe just by reading it on the internet". There is a whole real world going on out there, not all of it found via google. Sometimes, you DO have the horse by the wrong end for the action desired. Enjoy your chat with my union.

To Annika & Al I again apologise.  I also offer my apologies to anyone who has felt offended by anything I've said.

Cheers & best wishes with your fraud bustin' There are some REAL crooks out there.

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Re: apology to Al & Annika
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2005, 05:20:38 pm »
Barnaby, well, what can I say.

How about "I'm sorry for wrongly implying that, along with Annika, you profit off the back of NAFPS."

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Re: apology to Al & Annika
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2005, 06:20:09 pm »
Willow, thanks for the apology. It´s accepted.

I had a hunch that it was all about the book. I´ve heard it so many times that I can´t really be bothered any more. The interesting thing is that I haven´t had one bad comment from Native people about it - not even Natives surfing in on the site and not really knowing me that well. It is amazing how all the non-Natives telling me off happen to know how Natives feel about this book...  ???

When I was in the middle of working with the book I did have some kind of panic attack about how the spotlight would end up on me instead of the people who should have all the attention - the Native writers. So I shared my concern with the writers. 70% gave me loads of support and told me to carry on, the other 30% gave me a real good whack! Basically saying "Stop whining and go out there and do what you have to do!"  ;D   (THANKS for that whack, it worked wonders...!)

So what you call "promoting her work" on the site - yeah, what´s the point in making a book that doesn´t get sold?? Or the DVD - maybe that´s included in "my work", too? What made you think that the writers wouldn´t let me know if they disapproved of my work?

Oh, the interview - geez, forgot it was up there - I posted it for two reasons: I got so dead tired of replying over and over again to the same questions about the book, so I thought it would be easier to give them a link and let them read themselves. The interview was made by a journalist for publication in a monthly magazine. She sent the interview to me but then decided not to publish it for some - at that time - obscure reason. When I bought the magazine there was this photo of a Swedish lady doing ceremonies with an eagle feather and talking about Wakan Tanka and a lot of other crap. So I gathered she thought the book was about ceremonies...but not the way she wanted. So it was also a kind of protest to post it on the site. Anyway, it doesn´t fill any purpose any more....

Well, again, I appreciate the apology and there are no hard feelings , I just get tired on and off for having to explain or defend myself for having made and promoted that book. Can´t say I didn´t expect it coming, though....


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Re: apology to Al & Annika
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2005, 10:27:09 pm »
While I appreciate the apology to Annika, I still think he owes Barnaby one. I never asked for one for me from Willow, though I appreciate the thought. Now if only PC would be big enough to come clean about his lies and racism, though I'm not expecting it.

Willow emailed me about half a dozen times about this, and he contradicted himself over and over.

1)First he accused Annika and I of having some kind of deep dark "ties" to the military and Annika of having deep connections to "corporations". He apparently is part of that version of leftist tradition that is deeply hateful and paranoid towards the military. I don't know how he could see my posts at as evidence of military "ties" but somehow he did.

This just points out a deep problem with the ghostchildish, their paranoia, also reflected in their claim of having been hacked by the RCMP. I doubt the RCMP wastes their time on them. If anything, I think they'd encourage the paranoid ranting of ghostchilders as ways of discrediting the opposition. The evidence of them being hacked by anybody but bored college students is inconclusive at best.

2) He at first threatened and threatened away that he would nevereverever apologize. Then in his last email he says he would because he felt tired since it was late and he was feeling generous.

3) He also said in the end he does apologize to "everyone at NAFPS" which presumably would include Barnaby. Then he also said he would not apologize to Barnaby and "leave it to be sorted out by my union lawyers."

I have no idea why the different standards for Barnaby, or the empty bluster about lawyers. Or how he even got that Barnaby "had his profile raised" by being part of NAFPS. I sure haven't seen anything like that online (unlike the few articles mentioning Annika). And anyone whose ever seen Barnaby in England knows he lives a quiet life, hardly a celebrity's. I think his girlfriend might be better know for her animal rescue work than he is for NAFPS.

4) About half of the writing in his emails discussed the article he was planning to write on Two Feathers, or his asking for Apache contacts about a pollution story he was thinking about. Then he suddenly claimed he went to elders and they told him not to work with me. Please...I doubt they have time to go online. At most he asked for advice and then gave a dubious account of what was going on.

He wrote these half dozen extremely long emails (some over 20k) in response to my three short emails under 5K. Like the other ghostchildish, he loves talking about himself and justifying what he does. He does seem to be a bit of green activist, I give him that. But as for his journalism (he's freelance, and not too steadily judging by what's online) it sure has its problems.

If he's reading this, I still think you should be big enough to apologize to Barnaby, Willow.

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Re: apology to Al & Annika
« Reply #4 on: September 15, 2005, 11:53:36 am »
If he's reading this, I still think you should be big enough to apologize to Barnaby, Willow.

Rather than spend any more time on that, I'd like to see Willow investigate the dubious claims of 'Indian Moon Ravenstone' and 'Ka-Nee-Ka-Neet', which are what brought to kgirl_7's attention in the first place.

Perhaps to start with Willow could look into this remarkable and hilarious claim[/url] made about 'Ravenstone' by John Schertow:

...he is documented as being in the top ten percentile of intelligence in North America... proven further by the fact that he is not employable, and is ignored habitually.

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Re: apology to Al & Annika
« Reply #5 on: September 05, 2019, 12:21:14 am »
For the record, here is the end of the whole affair: [Willow Aliento, super-sleuth.]

(Please excuse me for loving to find loose ends and tying them up …)