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Greetings from New York
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My name is Sara and I was born in the Dominican Republic but currently live in New York.  There are several women in my family who have been midwives so I’ve become very interested in following in their path and honoring my lineage. Recently though,  I have encountered so many phonies proclaiming shamanic powers and charging incredibly ridiculous prices all under the auspices of having Indigenous connections. I read this article quoted below and felt compelled to join the group after having been an avid reader of the FRAUD section of the forums. I know people may have strong desires to heal themselves but it’s an important reminder to respect other people’s ancestry and not just steal whatever they think might be useful. I’m hoping to contribute names of people that I’ve come across that I strongly believe are not legitimate. 
“Rick Two Dogs, a respected Oglala Lakota medicine man at Porcupine on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, traces his medicine-man lineage back at least 250 years.

He says when he received his vision, he was told to stay there and help his people.

"If you are an authentic medicine man, the powers you draw from the Earth are here; the people we are supposed to help are here," said Two Dogs. "The gift to heal follows the blood line."

"Traditional medicine men are not allowed to charge a fee," said Two Dogs. "If people want to give us something, we'll accept it. But we can't ask for a fee."

Such gifts usually include tobacco, food, clothing or other useful items, to show respect and appreciation for the medicine man's service.

Two Dogs, 43, says the last two years has seen a sharp increase in non-Indians seeking out medicine men, but the trend began a decade ago.

Two Dogs says terminally ill white people approach him on the reservation for cures. Others ask him to teach them the Lakota spiritual ways.

"I've had people approach me with cancer and a few people with AIDS, but I said I can't help them," Two Dogs said. The first thing they would say is, 'I would give you $5,000 or $10,000. . . . ' I say, 'I can't help you because of the way you approached me. It is not a question of money.'

"A lot of them want to learn the spiritual ways. I say, 'I can't teach you these ways. . . . You can pray in any way you want to, but to learn the true Lakota way you must be a Lakota.' "

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Re: Greetings from New York
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yes, thank you
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Re: Greetings from New York
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Re: Greetings from New York
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Rick Two Dogs is one of the most authentic legitimate Lakota spiritual leaders I have met or heard of. I have never heard a bad thing about him and he takes care of his own community and people as the article states and as he is supposed to.