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New to NAFPS Forum
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:39:17 pm »
Hello, this is my second try at posting who I am and that I am new to the forum. The first try I had only logged in for one hour and I timed out before I could post what I had written.

I was born and raised in eastern Tennessee. I now live many hundreds of miles away. I go to visit my family a few times during the year.

My ancestors are from the Overhill Territory. They lived in what was called Greene and Hawkins counties at the time, before 1792.  Tennessee became a state in 1796. I have traveled to many county court houses, read many old documents. I have seen many old records sitting and rotting. I know I am lucky to have found what documents I have .  I have records of my ancestors living on the Hiwassee. I have records from the Cherokee Indian Agency Tennessee my ancestors on the document 1801, and more. I have lived through the oral histroy.

Many years ago I set out to try and find the records that could maybe help me understand more. It lead to more questions and a life task to search.

I don't know if this helps explain me....I guess I am looking for others like myself . So now I am lost for words. I am not to big a talker.
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Re: New to NAFPS Forum
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those are good words nice to meet you
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