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Hi, after a long time, I returned with a question in my pocket:

Is anything known about this foundation?

This seems to me all a bit awkward to fishy, because they are offering workshops in shamanism all across the globe, in lands like Greece and Italy. There seems even to be a center in Augsburg, Germany. Which to me seems really a bit awkward, because in all interest of the cultures and tribes in Amercia, why should I learn the so called shamanic ways of the Huichol? I do not belong to the tribe and my cultural heritage is European. From what I learned from reading through this forum is to be highly skeptic about offerers of "shamanic spiritual ways" who sell "native wisdom" to european searchers for a meaning in life.

Defend the Sacred:
If you search the forum on "Brant Secunda" you will find lots of things about him as an exploiter and teacher of frauds. Secunda is a non-Indigenous man who sells fake Huichol ceremonies and "shamanic trainings." He used to be an associate of notorious exploiter Vincent LaDuke, aka Sun Bear

Here are some of the threads on Secunda and his group:

Thanks a lot for the help and information. They have an advertisement for their website that rolled through my wall on facebook via recommented pages.

And the name Sun bear rings a bell in my head. A shrill and nasty one.

My mom took me to the Kripalu Institute for my birthday at least 5 years ago - not for any training, but just for a peaceful weekend vacation with natural food and the chance to practice yoga.  They still send me their glossy catalog advertising all their trainings, some of which seem useful but many of which seem dubious.  Anyway I noticed Brant Secunda is teaching a class this summer for $230.  It's co-taught by trialthete Mark Allen and directed at athletic trainers (?).


--- Quote from: desertlady on November 17, 2014, 04:05:34 am ---Hello, my name is Terrie Victorino....Also, Brant Secunda who is a world renowned shaman and healer who founded the Dance of the Deer Foundation in 1979.

--- End quote ---

Registrar URL:
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Dance of the Deer has numerous programs.  Some of them are password protected so the content is not visible.

An example:

--- Quote ---Shamanic Retreat & New Year’s Celebration

Life is a path that unwinds itself in a circle. It is a story in which every beginning is an end and every end is a beginning. The New Year is both an end and a beginning. As such it is the perfect time to set our intentions for what lies ahead. During these three days you will learn to focus your body heart and spirit in order to define your goals for the year to come.

However, the Huichol say that the power of intention is never truly realized until it is transformed into action. The exercises you will learn will empower you and provide you with the insight and guidance you need to bring your goals to fruition. They will also enable you to let go of what is holding you back. The New Year is an end and as such it is the time to let go of the old to make space for the new.

The tools you will take away will give you the strength you need to take the first steps towards your goals and will continue to sustain you throughout the year.

Registration Info

Dec. 30 – Jan. 3, 2015
Nevada City, CA

Program Pricing

Celebrate a new beginning and set your intentions for the year ahead.
Register Now
(888) 455-3337

*Family, senior, and student discount

--- End quote ---

Or this one in Germany. 

--- Quote ---Retreat at the foot of the Alps

Take the time to step out of your daily routine, leave the hectic modern world behind and find new strength and meaning for your life during this 5-day retreat at the Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in Germany. Explore the beauty of the ancient Huichol culture and let ancient spiritual teachings empower you.

Brant Secunda has been teaching at ZIST since 1981 and co-founded the Conference for Humanistic Medicine with ZIST.  This famous retreat center creates the ideal setting for a spiritual getaway. Join us for an opportunity to awaken your soul and learn powerful, yet practical tools for personal and planetary transformation.

Spring Retreat

March 27 – April 1, 2015
General Registration Fee: €710*

Includes an unforgettable retreat experience, delicious meals, and beautiful accommodations.

Call us or register online.
(888) 455-3337

*Family, senior, and student discounts available.
*Price includes shared rooms. Private lodging options available.
*Price does NOT include airfare or transportation.

--- End quote ---

According to the website, Brant Secunda was taught by Don José Matsuwa. 

--- Quote ---Don José Matsuwa is the renowned  shaman from Mexico who passed away in 1990 at the age of 110. He was a farmer, healer, and master ceremonial leader, and a revered and respected elder throughout the Sierras.

He dedicated his whole life to completing the sacred path of the shaman and it is his life and vision that are the inspirations for the Dance of the Deer Foundation. Before he died he left Brant Secunda this message: “I leave you in my place. Tell your people to pray and follow the deer all the way to their hearts.”

--- End quote ---

In the comments to a youtube interview with Brant it is interesting to read what Huichol people think of him.

--- Quote ---sudheesh ruby
2 years ago

Brant never mentions Peyote in any of his interviews. Peyote is a crucial part of Huichol culture that he purposefully overlooks. I lived in a Huichol village with Don Jose Matsuwa's grandaughter. She, and all the other Huichol's I lived with consider Brant a charlatan, and more than that, they call him "El Diablo"... "The Devil".
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Anti You
2 years ago
This doltish white American is a charlatan, exploiting my people's ancient traditions while making unsubstantiated claims. There's a reason why Wikipedia took his page/entry down on the basis of fraud and self-promotion. I knew someone who was about to give this phony $6,000 for the "honor" of camping out with him.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Jose Malvido
8 months ago
"The keeper of the traditions"  The Huichol are the keepers of their traditions not someone financially benefiting from them.  ?
--- End quote ---


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