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ALERT: Imposters Posing Online as NAFPS, Other Activists, or Elders

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This thread will be for any and all online imposters specifically posing as Native people or groups they are not in order to spread confusion or libel.

What makes this thread necessary is one man in particular. Yes, William Jervis AKA "Firewalker" has his own thread under Frauds detailing his long history of deception and abuse for money. Recently he's been quite busy setting up numerous fraudulent profiles online impersonating NAFPS, the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, and even Arvol Looking Horse. He even fakes being "Kicking Bird," the character from Dances With Wolves.

The short list so far. We're trying to get these false IDs, profiles, addresses, blogs, etc pulled but it's a lot of work.

Set up mail addies like "".

Jervis fakes numerous sites using the name of Esowatch, but also misrepresents
Henry Red Cloud, and Arvol Looking Horse. Jervis published several videos on
YouTube misrepresenting himself as part of the Peltier Defense Comitee or
supporting their work, and explicitely asking for donations in one of them
(the LPDC has been informed of this a few days ago).

Already some years ago, Jervis faked an association by the name of Native
American Indian Association, and recently published a video thanking NAAoG for
doing an event with him (which never happened and never will). With the video,
he published a contact addy faking the official NAAoG contact address.

So it is his usual MO - faking sites giving the impression they were
maintained by the real projects, faking statements in their name etc.

He seems to have quite recently taken up impersonating Pablo Russell and the
fake Inuit shame-on Angaangaq Lyberth and also maintains a blog in the name of
Lyberth (however, that should be their problem, I just add this to complete
the picture). As strange as it may be, Jervis seems to be treating friend and
foe alike and fakes statements by Russell and Lyberth - while ratting on them
in comments in the Esowatch blog at the same time.

Name: New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans

Datum: Dienstag, 13 April, 2010 um 10:30:21

Blogs owned by Jervis using NAFPS/newagefraud etc in misrepresentation/ identity theft:

This result came up as „“:

Text with faked apology of NAFPS to Jervis:

Fake NAFPS statement of support for Jervis:

Blogs with different titles but libeling NAFPS:

Site of regional TV programme of private TV station RTL – four of five comments by Jervis

Site of regional German newspaper advertising sweat with Jervis; he added a comment:

Wow   :o

I just checked out the "apology" on the fake nafps blog

--- Quote ---New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans supports turtle winds firewalker
Posted on July 2, 2010 by newagefraud
New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans

We all know what an apology IS New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans   have a difficult time making amends for mistakes or repairing the effects of angry words, here’s how to keep OUR dignity while being humble, and invite forgiveness with grace.

New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans asks  For  turtle winds firewalker to accept our   apology

for causeing  him harm

turtle winds firewalker is a cherokee medicineman

and we     give him  ARE   apology .

--- End quote ---

Does he seriously believe that anyone would think that is real?

You can't even spell simple words like "you" and "our" let alone words that are a bit more difficult for him like "causing".

On the bright side I think you know that you are doing a good job when frauds have to resort to desperate measures like these.

matt e:
I also immediately saw that it was fake, spelling errors and the way it was arranged jumped out at me.

 funny thing is, he has a working link to the main page. just a click on the forums button will reveal his attempt at deception.

Defend the Sacred:
Jervis/Burchett's thread, for background and further detail:

It would appear that he did all of these in July of 2010.  Nothing seems earlier or later.  Very strange no ranting after July, unless he has another blog somewhere.


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