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Of course there is nothing to stop anyone from making a facebook page with the name Little Grandmother and using it as a satirical page / critical page from which to warn people about this disgusting woman.

I was just wondering if this might be one possible way forward?

Of course she may contact facebook to say that she is being misrepresented and that our page is fake, but then people could do the same with her page and get it removed as she is misrepresenting herself and others.

Just thinking aloud really.

Crowther wouldn't have a leg to stand on. I think we should use the same tactics that were done against the fraud Suraj Holzwarth.

That includes facebook pages devoted todebunking her and organizing against her that dogged her every step.

And youtube videos spreading the word about her.

All the same can and should be done vs Crowther, IMO.

I am all for it - but would appreciate if a Native person would like to start a group.
I´ll be there...!

I'll be there too :)

I have been watching Kiesha Crowther's videos for a while, and am active on the forums on, but i've felt like things are not adding up for a while already. There's a few things i'd like to set straight so first i will quote some of the things discussed in this topic and share what i know about them. Then i will share some of my personal experience. I hope we can get to the bottom of this.


There's one thing about the website; It is not run by Kiesha Crowther, but made voluntarily by a European man who found her videos on the internet. I do not know if he asked permission to make it; however Kiesha agrees with it and every now and then, through Facebook she posts a link to this website.


--- Quote from: Kathryn on September 02, 2010, 04:34:17 am ---
She's clever enough to not post fees on her pages, but is asking for money on her Facebook Page.

Little Grandmother - "Dearest friends and family, members of the tribe of many colors.. Little Grandmother has fallen on very hard times, financially she has been grounded to a halt as she lives solely on the kindness of others and their donations. Please dear family if you can spare any offerings Little Grandmother is in need of the support. to send an offering send an email for more info."
May 2 at 6:29pm

--- End quote ---

The call for financial support on Facebook while she's supposed to be the woman from an age-old prophecy is strange indeed. I saw the post when she made it and at the time, it made me think her hardships might be some kind of test. An opportunity to strengthen the bond between her and her tribe or something. I have to say i have not seen her asking for money since or before. But yes it is strange. She is coming to speak in my country in a few weeks, very close to where i live, but i don't feel like paying anything, especially that much: 40 euros! (at this time, that's about 55 dollars).

I would like to quote this q/a from the FAQ on the website, a little food for thought:

--- Quote ---

Why aren’t your workshops and talks free?

Because this is such an important question, we'd like to take some time in answering it.
Little Grandmother is committed to making her message and any information she receives from the spirits and Mother Earth freely available to all through the release of videos on YouTube. She will continue to make these available as important information comes through that she is asked to share with humanity. Her primary way of communicating and sharing the message is through these freely given videos, which reach people all over the globe more efficiently and effectively than doing events can.

Therefore, her traveling to do talks and workshops is something "extra" which she does not have to do in order to reach hearts. Her message that each of us is the Great I AM should prevent the thinking that she or anyone else is closer to Spirit/Source/the Divine than someone else, and that being in her presence is somehow necessary to "getting it".

Yet there are many people who are inspired and touched by her talks and wish to connect with her, work with her in a deeper way, and who want to hear her speak in person. For this purpose, she is willing to travel to do public talks and workshops—but this is a lot of work and energy-output on her part, being a highly sensitive being.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: educatedindian on September 02, 2010, 07:59:35 pm ---
On this site, one person mentions seeing in her videos she believes China will destroy the US, and that it's a good thing too.

--- End quote ---

This is not true, she has said that the US will lose some of it's power and that it won't be the most powerful country in the world anymore in the future. Where the China part comes in: she has said that another country, perhaps China or another country, might 'buy' a small part of the US or get control of it through cooperation, to prevent the US from fully deteriorating. Not through violent takeover. But yes, according to her, it would be a blessing, in a spiritual sense.


--- Quote from: Ingeborg on September 03, 2010, 01:26:35 pm ---
Crowther's homepage is mentioned on lots of sites promoting the 2012 hoax. Both Crowther and Perez Oxlaj get mentioned on the site of a Barbara Svoboda from Germany who advertizes almost every person known in the 2012 movement. Svoboda's site mentions events with Tadeja Jere Lazanski, an associate professor of touristic studies from Slovenia – so this might be how Crowther came to plan events in that country: (for  texts in English language, pls scroll down). Lazanski in turn cooperates with Calleman, as one example.

--- End quote ---

I have never before heard of Barbara Svoboda, i don't think there's an affiliation between her and Kiesha Crowther. I have often heard of Perez Oxlaj, actually he recently said in a interview that nothing will happen in 2012. I haven't seen the interview but have read a review about it, which i think is good. You can find it here:
I have also heard of Calleman and all his Conscious Convergence stuff. There were posts about it on the forums (made by other forum members) but i never liked it. It didn't seem important to me.


--- Quote from: Freija on September 15, 2010, 04:17:33 pm ---
Was contacted today by someone saying that I must be happy about Arvol Looking Horse having a "representative" doing ceremonies in his spirit here in Sweden. I just asked "What??!" And got the reply that she was a Lakota named Little Grandmother.

Gaaaaah! I am trying to work out if SHE claims to be working with Arvol or if the organisers make that claim. But apparantly quite a few people think she is, so someone is promoting her with even more lies.

--- End quote ---

I have not heard of Arvol Looking Horse before or heard Kiesha Crowther speak about an affiliation with him. I will post a topic on the forums asking if anyone has heard anything about an affiliation.


--- Quote from: Ashla on September 16, 2010, 07:38:24 am ---My cousin and I have been quietly watching "little grandmother" for awhile on facebook. I signed up here to comment after seeing someone on facebook post that she had been mentioned on this forum. My cousin is pretty angry right now, trying to put word out about this woman. My family is Lakota. My cousin married a Salish and she and my grandmother live in the Flathead. She has shown pictures and video of this woman and her claims, and no one knows her or heard of her. Our family back in Lower Brule, do not know of her either except one who says she heard she was ordained by a new agey group in Colorado to go out and do these ceremonies with her crystals and that she has abandoned her children and husband to go and live this life. She is making other claims about how the Salish in the Flathead has made her a shaman over their people now. This is a lie as no one here hears of her.
I feel that all we can do is make demands for her to post pictures of her with family and elders to prove her claims. We do not know the entire story of what she is up to or why and trying to piece this together.

--- End quote ---

Now this is where it gets interesting. I also have never found any evidence, coming directly from a established indigenous tribe, that she's affiliated with them (so also not from Salish). I have never found any evidence of the supposed prophecy of a fair-haired girl coming to unite people, nor evidence of a prophecy about the Tribe of Many Colors. I have never found evidence that her mother is Salish, or evidence that these crystals which she is using for her ceremonies have indeed been safeguarded by indigenous tribes for many, many years. And i've seen every video, listened to every radio interview, and read every message that she's put out.

I remember that about a month ago, when i was already reading the forums, she made a Facebook post (which is now deleted) about how she felt really hurt, when she heard that there are people who believe the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders is fake. I don't remember exactly what she said but it comes down to something like: "I feel really hurt, these are some of the most beautiful indigenous elders/people on the planet, i am trying to change the channel (her way of saying: not giving energy to negativity) but having trouble with it". She still did not provide proof however. So today i have made a post on the forums, asking if anyone can shed a light on this Continental council of indigenous elders.

In one of her videos she also tells this story about befriending an owl, and when the owl was dieing, it flew into her, getting it's talon stuck in her chest, after which it died in her arms... she says she still has this scar, and the talon, but she's never shown them. I don't know if it's considered to be disrespectful or anything to show such a personal item? But again, another lack of proof!


Now for some other things i'd like to share...

First, what got me into this, was that a friend of mine was looking for information about shamans. I had been interested in reïncarnation, regression therapy and Buddhism for some time, but i was not very interested in shamanism before. I searched Youtube for the word 'shaman' and ended up at one of Kiesha Crowther's videos. It felt very uplifting. As she made so many references to indigenous tribes, it all seemed to be authentic. Quite a lot of the things she talked about, summed up a lot of stuff that i've read about before, and know to be true. I was touched by what she says about a difficult childhood: feeling very different, and finding refuge in nature when there was abuse going on in her home. I liked how her videos are free, how she remained humble by deliberately not wearing full regalia (While she had all the right to do this, right...?). I also believe that some of the things she says about communicating with animals are true.

I also liked how she says she is only a messenger, how she is not a guru or teacher, and all that. "This is only my task, everyone has another equal task". However... many of her followers (yes i do think some can be called followers) are very much focused on her, instead of the message. Just look at all the comments on her pictures on Facebook... her picture embedded in the website... i feel like many of her followers are making her into a guru, rather than that she's doing this (or her "affiliates", as people in this topic call them).

One of her 'urgent messages' (about the Gulf oil spill) contains information that i believe was shared with her by someone who i found out to be very mentally unstable and in a lot of trouble. I know for a fact that she invited him to write down his 'knowledge' and share links (derived from all kinds of conspiracy websites of which some are very questionable) on her Facebook wall, which he did a LOT for some time. This is one of the things that first made me question her claims: if she can 'sense energy' so well, she would know not to cooperate with someone who needs help badly.

What really got me disillusioned is: in one of her internet radio interviews, she says there will be a 'cleanse', related to 2012/ascension stuff. Something along the lines of: "People who are not living in the heart will not be able to cope with the new energies, i'm saying this with all of my knowing and every fiber of my being", "to fully enlightened beings, death does not seem like death... the world will be beautiful afterwards". A little blend of Hopi prophecy apparently? (Right now i'm wondering: is that really true about Hopi prophecy, or is it all new-age mumbo jumbo?) When she said this, it really did not feel right to me.


I always despised all this 'star child, crystal seed' stuff before, because it easily makes people think they're basically a superior race... but now i realize this tribe stuff is something similar. I like her message about being nice to each other, living in the heart, spending more time in nature. The world would be wonderful if many more people would do that. But there's a difference between living from the heart, being nice to people, following your intuition - and shutting down your mind.

I think Kiesha Crowther does have some good things to share, and that she believes in what she does. But possibly she is very much misguided, and i really would like to see either some proof, or some further debunking about her 'indigenous claims'. Perhaps i'll watch a new video when it comes out to see if she has anything new to share. Best thing for me to do anyhow, seems just to move on.

And finally, thank you people for this great website  :)


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