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NAFPS takes pride in being called "Enemy"

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--- Quote from: milehighsalute on March 14, 2016, 05:34:40 pm ---lol atehequa was banned from too

finally visited complaintsboard and left message

so thats where all the twinkies go lick their wounds?

--- End quote ---

John O'Brien, aka "Atehequa"... the nerve of a Wiccan white guy to come here and try to pretend he's a traditional Native. I guess he fooled the white people on the pagan boards, and actually thought it would fly here, too. He's also implicated in stalking a certain fantasy author. If he's who I think he is, he was thrown out of a SciFi convention by security, after allegedly sending threats to someone who was going to be appearing there. I'm not certain he's the same guy, but the people who were there think so.

after insulting natives here and on he is mirroring all of us in the ron paul forums haha

^Now THAT is comedy.

Likely, this article has been seen before by someone, but the fraudster William Jervis, under the new alias of "Eye Tuwe Slo Waya", recently attempted to post it at the Stop Misuse of Native Spirituality, etc. community on Facebook.
It is by Paul Runton, it is titled: "The Hate and Lies of NAFPS website".

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