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NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN Karen Bethann Farrington AKA Kasmira Ann McCann

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--- Quote from: emj023 on September 30, 2017, 12:52:54 pm ---Once again, someone claims shamanic (noaidi) knowledge of the Sámi in North America. This time, it is a woman who has been called out in the past. Her behavior is cult-like. Here is her FB page:

She has also started a "secret group" which she moderates and spreads disgusting lies and fantasy about the real, living, Sámi culture. Anyone who questions her is kicked out of the group and blocked.
--- End quote ---

The secret Facebook group has disappeared some months ago, I am told by FB friends who were members there. It was called "Indigenous Saami ? Our Cultures and Traditions".

So how Saami is Kasmira Ann McCann, then, to speak of "Our Cultures and Traditions"? This is her public announcement (screenshot included by Piff in the post previous to the one I quote):

--- Quote from: Piff on October 01, 2017, 10:29:13 pm ---
--- Quote ---Kasmira Ann McCann
September 13 [2017] at 9:33am ·

Dear Family & Friends...

I am coming out of the Lavvu Closet...

Yes, I drum. Yes, I Yoik. Yes, I practice Earth Medicine. It is in my Blood.

All these decades I have been called on. I know you don't know this, but I heard you. My Heart heard you.

So here it is.... It is in my Saami Blood to be who I am. No, you didn't know. I was told to keep it a secret by my Grandfather. No more. You judged me by your own standards. And look at the world now.

"Indigenous People are Awakening... Our Mother Earth is awakening all Indigenous People all over the Globe.... Much damage has been done.... Much is now needed to heal"

~ Kasmira
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

My bolding. (I also have a direct link to her Facebook profile where the post is still up.)

Now the same friends who informed me about the secret group also sent me screenshots from a North American Saami genealogy group where she was a member for some time. She gave lot of details about how DNA tests determined her as a Saami descendant, and was told by experts there that such tests are highly unreliable and that there is no test that can decide such a thing.

Now I will quote verbatim what she wrote in this connection, on December 1, 2016:

--- Quote ---I was shocked by my Saami DNA, especially since I never heard of the people until I received my DNA results. My Slav grandfather passed a lot of the more ancient knowledge [that I don't share as it is sacred] of our families connection with Nature. What he taught me isn't in books or on the internet as I know in my Heart that Saami's wouldn't do either. This is knowledge that can't be absolutely verified by text or science, but to me it is the way I connect to the world. Science and Linguistics is too young in its understanding of what our connection with Nature truly is.
--- End quote ---

My bolding. (I have screenshots from there, but I prefer not to publish them; they may contain metadata that identify the person(s) who sent them to me.)

So, compare this quote from December 1, 2016, about her never having heard of the Saami people until she received her DNA results, and identifying her grandfather as a Slav, to her statement of September 17, 2017, where she claims she was told by her Grandfather (the Slav one, I presume) to keep her Saami Blood secret. There is a discrepancy in her story, isn't there?


--- Quote from: educatedindian on September 30, 2017, 03:43:35 pm ---Her LinkedIn.
--- End quote ---

That profile has disappeared. There is another one with very little information:

--- Quote ---Dr. Kasmira McCann
Specializes in 'Integrative Medicine & Spiritual Development Counseling'

The White Lotus Seed Healing Center, LLC
Manchester, New Jersey, USA

Integrative Medicine and Healing Center
--- End quote ---

Of all the previous links in this topic, seems only her Facebook Profile is intact: [Kasmira Ann]

No activity since November 2021, and no wonder, because she passed away two years ago:

--- Quote ---Kasmira A. McCann, age 65, of Manchester, New Jersey passed away on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. Born in Paterson, NJ, Kasmira lived in Howell Township, Hillside and then Manchester for the past 36 years. She worked as an Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Shaman, Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, Accupressurist. Kasmira was always learning and always doing something and furthering herself. She taught classes in Herbology, Reiki and Journeying. As far as hobbies, Kasmira enjoyed a drum making drumming circles, looming, weaving, knitting and sewing; painting and drawing, reading wood carving, writing. Her activities she enjoyed included cycling, kayaking, backpacking and camping. Kasmira was very musical and creative.
--- End quote ---

I suggest this topic be moved to Archive No. 1, As "NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN".

I agree. I couldn't find any sign of abusers who were trained by her or claimed to be. The center seems gone. Seems much of the harm she did ended with her passing.


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