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International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers (aka the 13 Pay to Pray Old Ladies)

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The whole hotel/classes etc struck me as tourism. There are some sundances here that allow non-natives to come, but they don't have hotels anywhere close by. There is are communal kitchen, camping, portapotties because the national forest requires them and you bring your own water. That's it. I have not been, but friends have told me. As for myself, I have never been to a sundance because I would need a reason to go other than spiritual tourism. The reasons would have to be a friend or family member was dancing, it was a family dance (neither of the tribes I am descended from have sundance although one used to and my husband's family, the side that HAS sundance, doesn't have a family one) or I was asked to help in some way. The whole message just made me ill. Hotels, food, classes. For sundance? Ick.

Things with the Thirteen Grandmothers get curiouser and curiouser.
I am trying to take care of all our loose ends before leaving on our trip so just a quick note. The Center for Sacred Studies seems to be the sponsor for the Council Meeting at the Black Hills. If you go to their website and do some surfing you will see that for $4000.00 and a 2 year commitment plus various incidently charges you to can become a spiritual minister online. The Grandmothers are women gathered from around the world united to promote peace. There are references to native crafts and beliefs but nothing substantial. Anyway thats all I have time for. Someone else pick up the ball if you have time........toksa, Sapa

As a follow up there is a thread at that is discussing the events at the Black Hills this summer. At the bottom of that page is a link to a response from Arvol Looking Horse concerning the petition by Martina Looking Horse and others. Thought you might be interested. Am not computer smart so dont know how to do the link thing....sorry

Thanks for pointing this out, Sapa. For anyone interested, here is the link:

Don't know if this is the same ones or not or the other is a copy of this.   Gina Boltz, Director NativeVillage Publications, Director, Youth Forum for the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.      Sectretary LinkCenter Foundation    frederica


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