Author Topic: Organizations that Support Native people, which need Volunteers  (Read 7009 times)

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I was thinking it might be an idea to try and put together a list of organizations that give real support to indigenous peoples that people could volunteer with, together with an explaination of what sort of skills or contributions would be helpful.

That way people who want to be connected might find a real and constructive way to do so . I suppose this involvement could either be supporting the tribe from which they have some distant hetitage ,or supporting the indigenous peoples in their own area, or assisting whatever organization might be best supported through someones unique personal skills .

It might be an idea to ask the organization if it wants to be listed here first . Some groups may be doing work that is sensitive and needs only skilled people as supporters .

Even if what is posted here sounds good , it's probably wise to ask legitimate Native organizations about the group before getting involved.

A list of good organizations that could use volunteers or other support, could be a way to help people who want to be involved , and direct them to ways of doing this that does good rather than harm .

If people aren't sure if an organization should be listed here, it might be best to also post it in research need or to post it in research need first .

Probably many of the people who get involved with supporting frauds just are looking for a way to be connected with something good, and would be just as willing to support groups giving real support - if they knew who this was, and how to volunteer .
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