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Last night I had a long talk with our new member Red Wolf, a former member of H Storm's cult.

We've long known about Storm's false claims in his books, how he offends the Cheyenne, ceremony selling, and his front group NAMA. I always thought the worst thing he'd ever done was steal a medicine bundle, but now we know these:

- After the failure of his book Lightning Bolt, Storm gathered a small cult of his most dedicated believers. They numbered between 18 to 30 members plus their children. Sometimes visitors came to the cult compound in Mendocino County near Laytonville CA, but they were pretty isolated, even had to get the power company to instill a power line. There was an earlier cult site in Nevada City and Storm also had followers around him since his first book of Nuage falsehoods, Seven Arrows.

- Storm and his wife Swan raped at least one little girl about nine years old and tried to molest another.
-They raped at least two adult women.
-An unknown number of others were molested or raped, but likely includes many of the cult members' female children. For the male children, the case is less certain, nothing conclusive. Many of the children, now adults, refuse to talk. But the high number of psychological problems may be a sign of their abuse.
- They did all these molestations and rapes under the guise of it being a ceremony. Victims were told they had to pledge to Mother Earth to never reveal what happened.
- In describing what happened, one survivor tells a story of severe psychological manipulation and terror. She was taken to the woods, placed in a spot surrounded by tripwires with tin cans attached that would signal if she tried to leave. Then the Storms hid in the nearby woods and screamed for a long time, that someone was coming to kill her or kill all of them, with the Storms claiming they were fighting off the intruders. After being so terrified of leaving they had an easier time breaking down her resistance to rape.
- Some of the cult members may possibly have been manipulated into giving over their children to be molested or raped, and that may be what makes them reluctant to now come forward.
- Storm apparently has raped or molested others before this. This included Natives in British Columbia who took part in Sundances led by Tom Yellowtail.
-His record of molesting children even goes back to before he set himself up as spiritual leader. He worked in Los Angeles, and a co worker described Storm molesting his daughter.
-Whether Storm abused his own children isn't known, but they have virtually nothing to do with him. In the years he was out with his cult, only one of his children visitied a single time, and that was to sign legal papers.
- One of the girls he raped, now an adult, came forward 3-4 years ago. A lawyer and private investigator were hired to build a case.
- The compound was sold and people paid a share of it.
-The Storms are now in hiding, location unknown. Possibly New Mexico, possibly Texas. Whether they are still receiving help or shelter from other supporters in Europe isn't known.
-The status of the case isn't known. The FBI was supposed to be looking for them.

-Storm apparently trained Harley Reagan in ceremony, then split with him because of his drinking and drug use.
-He apparently also is an old friend of David Carson, alleged Choctaw and inventor of medicine cards with Jamie Samms.
-Storm only briefly knew Lynn Andrews, and dismissed most of what she claims in her books about him as false (as do many others about virtually every aspect of her books.)

RW will be asking other cult survivors to come forward and come here. I think it's incredibly important to try and track down the Storms, who likely are still looking for child victims.

Once we gather up the accounts, I think we should make a lot of noise to try and get the feds to catch them, go to NDN media, national media, cultwatch groups, America's Most Wanted even. And any other ideas for how to catch them or help the cult survivors, let's see what we can do.

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  My name is Jon Carson, and I am the oldest son of David Carson who is mentioned in this post. I also know Chuck Storm, who I guess now goes by the name Wolf Storm. When I was young, more than 35 years ago Storm and his then wife named Andrea Lynn Martin wrote to me often at a boys home I was stuck in through the state. I guess you could say I was a troubled teen, got into lots of trouble then, and Storm would write letters with his wife about how to turn my life around with ceremony. He talked about four directions medicine wheels and a bunch of stuff I didn't understand at the time and didn't care about......but it was okay because he and Andrea also set ciggarettes which I did care about. This was all before he met Swan.
  Over the years I continued to get in touble, get drunk and do whatever popped in my head to do. I lost touch with Storm and his activities as he and my Father had a falling out long before he met Swan. So for the record there is a few things I'd like to say. First, there is no supossed about it. My Father is Choctaw as I am Choctaw from my Fathers side. My Choctaw tribal ID # is 1020344838. I am also part Pawnee and Chickisaw Nation of Oklahoma from my Fathers side. Yes my Father knew Chuck, as did I, and neither one of us would be privy to any of his activities as a cult leader or took part in any cult ritual. 
  It pains me to see my Family name added into a post like this. For many years when I was a child, my Father traveled and spoke to many Native Spiritual elders. He truely wanted to learn the medicine way. After Medicine Cards was published and no longer poor, he had some money and he helped financially support many Native ceremonies, as well as native families in need.  No one ever writes about these things. I would also like to add that I grew up in a time when being Native American wasn't very popular, my Father grew up in a time even less so, and it has been a long road to this point in time when every yuppie wants to be native. It has been from movements in the most part, but a lot of popularity stems from books written like my Fathers,  Black Elk Speaks, and even books like Seven Arrows.
  Twelve years ago I took my last drink. I sobered up with the help of AA and Native Ceremony. A large part of my recovery is based on helping others with their drinking problems and I do alot of my recovery with Natives like me. My Father tried for many years to find help for me, but I had to find my own way. My point is is that my Father is a good man, and I am very proud to be his son. There are many Carsons in my Family that take part in ceremony. I and my two sisters took part in Sundances all over. I have two neices and one sister that commited to a four year commitment in a closed dance,( Natives Only ), in Wamblee SD. I have danced there too. My Father supported all these ceremonial dances.
  In closing I would like to say I am appalled that Storm may have done such a thing if the accusations are true. A few years ago out of the blue, Storm asked me to introduce him to a very spiritual Sundance leader and close friend of mine who I will not mention by name. Storm asked for his prayers and that is the last time I saw Wolf Storm. If any legal entities are looking for him and want to question me feel free to pass on my email. One thing I know for certain is that my Father isn't supporting or helping Storm. His name should not be connectected to such a posting.

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I'm not sure why you chose this thread of all of them to post on, since there are half a dozen other threads that go into far greater detail on your father's actions. He's only briefly mentioned on this one as a friend of fraud Charles Storm.

Since it seems understandably important to you, I hasten to point out there are no indications at all that David Carson took part in any of the abuse of children by the Storms. Or even knew about it. May I ask, did he or you ever visit the cult's compounds?

As to the other matter's, the thread that talks in greatest detail about your father's activities is this one.

And in that thread, your father describes himself to reporters as a white man with a little Indian in him. If you want to defend his fraud, his Nuage medicine cards, or work with other exploiters like Andrews, the place would be in those threads.

At the very least, you have our sympathy. We've spoke before with other offspring of exploiters, and it's never an easy thing to deal with. I imagine it would be much like growing up the son of an ex convict. We always hasten to say the crimes of the father should not be blamed on their children.

In a few cases, like the son of Mary Thunder and one of the sons of John Pope, their offspring have gone on to be abusers themselves. But in others they are entirely different people, the most famous case being all of Winona Laduke's good work, when her father was the exploiter Sun Bear.


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Has Storm and his wife yet done any prison time for their actions?

I hope everyone has gotten free of them and are able to recover from the abuse.

This looks to be Chuck Storm's brother's obituary . ( Also brief listing here ) If so, this gives info on Chuck's (Arthur Charles Storm) ancestry.

In 1934, 1936, 1937 found in census, 1/16 Cheyenne, tribe Northern Cheyenne, Tongue River Reservation. With his mother (she remarried) who in census is 1/8 Cheyenne.

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Just a little anecdote about Storm.  A fellow I met once told me about his quest to authenticate Chuck.  His research led him to the Flathead res in Montana and to the home of someone Chuck claimed to have been his spiritual mentor.  My friend knocked on the door and a woman answered.  "Do you know Hyemeyohsts Storm?" he asked.  "Who?" the woman answered.  "Hyemeyohsts Storm."  "Who?" she said again.  "Hyemeyohsts Storm.  The guy who wrote that book Seven Arrows."  " Oh you mean Rocky Storm - the medicine man" as she turned to some other ladies in her living room and they all started laughing.

But seriously - in '78 I was in Lame Deer and talked with a man who was in the Sacred Hat society.  He said that after Seven Arrows was published many Northern Cheyennes were outraged by the reference of incest between mother and son in the book - written as if this was acceptable in Cheyenne culture.  They contacted the editor of Harper and Roe's "American Indian" series (7 arrows was the first book published in the series - which claimed all Native American authors) and the editor came to Montana to meet with the Sacred Hat members.  The Cheyennes only requested that the incest material be removed and the editor agreed.  But it was never removed (to my knowledge.) Ah shucks - another broken treaty.

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I received a message very concerned that others might mistakenly think Rocky Storm and Tom Yellowtail took part in the abuse done by the Storms. Nowhere does anyone state that in these threads. But just to make it clear:

Rocky Storm is NOT accused of abuse, unlike Charles and Swan Storm.
Tom Yellowtail is NOT accused of abuse. It was at one of Yellowtail's gatherings where Charles Storm is claimed to have abused several girls, but Yellowtail did NOT do any of the abuse.

It seems that Charles Storm has a history of abuse going back to the 1950s, when he was 20. He and another man apparently were charged with statutory rape of a 15 year old.

Notice both abusers are called hillbilly musicians. Seemingly neither the paper nor Storm IDd as NDN at the time.

Hardin men held on morals charge

Morals charges were filed in he district court of Judge Ben Harwood Saturday morning against two Hardin hillbilly musicians.

The men Don L Standish 25 and Arthur Charles Storm 20 are accused of having an affair with a 15 year old Hardin girl they took to a Parkman WY dance on April 10.

Deputy Don Davidson said the men signed statements admitting they spent the night of April 10 with the girl in Sheridan WY and the following two nights in Billings.

Davidson said the girl returned to Hardin Tuesday. The musicians were arrested Wednesday. Both are to enter a plea in district court Monday morning. Bond was set at $2500.

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This is an account from a former associate of Storm's, sent to me about a week ago and reposted with permission. It details a long history of abuse of children, even worse than we've heard before.

Bolding within the email is mine. As you can see it was Ms. Harper who was concerned Rocky Storm and Tom Yellowtail might be getting falsely accused, but we made it clear neither man is accused.

I've just finished reading post on the Educated Indian forum regarding the individual referenced above.  I'm sorry to say that I did publicity work for this man and his wife for a number of years (1995-2001). I stopped helping them after becoming very concerned about behaviors I noticed during my 3 or 4 visits to their compound in Mendocino County and background material I began to uncover doing research after he asked me to write his biography.  Shortly after I stopped working with the Storms, many of the events, incidents and crimes were reported directly to me by victims and their parents. Another woman who helped with promoting his seminars reported everything we'd been told to authorities in California.  I was told that arrest warrants were issued around the same time that the Supreme Court ruled that there be a time limit on the filing of sexual abuse cases.  The primary complaint was based on an incident that was outside of the time limit and the warrant could not be executed.

I have spoken directly to at least six people who all confirm the allegations described in the forum post.  This included two victims and two parents, one of whom admitted giving permission to the Storms to rape her daughter as a ceremonial initiation.  These things were also described to the man who had been arranging the Storm's European events.  That man notified everyone who had been involved in the events and I notified everyone who attended the American seminars and other events.

Many years ago I wrote a letter defending Wolf Storm and I have been literally sick since finding out the truth about this man and woman who, at one time, I thought of as people of integrity.  I have come to terms with the fact that I was a fool and I've been trying to find a way to retract the letter I wrote in his defense and warn people about his and his wife's horrific problems.  I'm glad Red Wolf spoke out and I'm also glad I just happened to find the posts tonight.

First of all, after offering my sincere apologies for having such bad judgement at the time to involve myself with these people, I like to correct two things in the thread.  Rocky Storm is Wolf's son and not (as far as I know) involved in any of the sexual crimes.  I also have traveled to Lame Deer and spoken directly with tribal officials there and on the Crow Reservation where Wolf Storm lived for periods during his childhood and young adulthood.  I became friends with Wolf's brothers and was in touch with Everett until a few months before his death.  On the Cheyenne Rez, Wolf was known as Artie or Junior.  At Crow he was known as Chuck and Doc. Rocky is a different person from his father and I hate to see his name mixed up in all this.

Tonight, as I continued my Internet research, I found an article in the Billings Gazette from 1954 saying that Arthur Charles Storm, 20, and another man were arrested on morals charges for "having an affair" with a 15 year old girl in Hardin.  When I interviewed people on the Crow Rez they alluded to molesting young girls being a problem of long-standing with Mr. Storm but no one was really willing to talk about it.  I was told that Chuck Storm and his entourage were thrown off their compound in Grass Valley, Ca. because he was molesting the owner's 16 year old daughter.

I would have posted all this to the forum thread but I'm not registered on the site or with a tribe.
I also heard a few years ago that authorities were looking for Mr. Storm but I don't think it's true. He has had more of his teaching events in California, Georgia and Europe over the past two years or so.

The last thing I'd like to say is that I knew Tom Yellowtail and have spent time with his family.  I find the story of Tom raping women in a Sundance along with Wolf/Chuck very hard to believe and I never heard such a thing from any of the people I've interviewed.

If you would like to know more about this or hear from primary sources (I was never approached by either of the Storms in a sexual way but I'm way out of their age range), please feel free to contact me.  Mary Harper

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Interesting.  I've always thought "Rocky" was Chuck Storm's nickname or something.  Thanks for pointing out the others.

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Re: Charles Storm/Wolf Storm/H Storm Hiding Out From Child Molesting Charges
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Swan has family in Texas her maiden name was Stephanie Leonard.


For over a decade I have traveled extensively with my partner in writing and medicine, my wife, Swan Storm (Stephanie Leonard-Storm). She has also devoted many years of her life, supporting and contributing much to this endeavor.


STEPHANIE LEONARD-STORM was initially approved for PPP Loan of amount $7,839, the current approved amount is $7,839.
The loan was approved on 02/18/2021 by First Southern Bank, AL. STEPHANIE LEONARD-STORM reported 1 jobs and $7,837 was used to fund payroll.

STEPHANIE LEONARD-STORM is Sole Proprietorship business based in 73 White Bridge Pike Ste 103-205, Nashville, TN 37205-1444

That address is a UPS store.