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HealthFreedom.Info and Sacred Tree Society
« on: April 11, 2011, 01:49:29 pm »
Not certain if this is the Pembinas militia or a splinter group. Numerous health scams and conspiracy theories mixed in with claims of being an Anishaabe elders group. I don't doubt this group is a fraud, but we need to do more research to pin down who they are. Webmaster is listed as Eric Frei, but no other names on the site except the alleged elders Eagle Man and Bear Woman and this supposed sachem Grey Squirrel.

Welcome to the Sacred Tree Society of the Little Shell Pembina Anishinabe

The Sacred Tree Society (STS) is a spiritual branch of the Little Shell Pembina Band, which is a sovereign Native American nation recognized under the October 2, 1863 Treaty with the United States of America.  The Sacred Tree Society is based upon spiritual precepts, native law and customs of the 4-pole longhouse tribal structure.

Unlike most Native American tribes, the Sacred Tree Society of the Little Shell Pembina Nation has retained its full sovereignty under the aforesaid 1863 Treaty, which is recognized by the United States Supreme Court.  It is therefore NOT under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, U.S.C. Title 25 or any other acts of the United States Congress.

The Sacred Tree Society exists as a path given by the Creator to assist in the birth of the Seventh Fire prophecy.  The members of the Sacred Tree Society practice their native laws, customs and traditions under the Natural Right of religious and spiritual freedom...
We choose to call ourselves Little Shell Pembina, after our great Chief Little Shell (Ais-sance)...
We therefore extend an open invitation to all Little Shell Pembina tribal members and encourage them to join the Sacred Tree Society to more firmly establish our laws, customs and religious freedoms as practiced by our ancestors. 

Sacred Tree Society; PO Box 852; Tonasket, Washington [98855]

Sacred Tree Society:  
Who are we?
This is not a tale from the mists of the past.  This is a story of who we are now, and what we have done for ourselves for the dignity and in the memory of our ancestors who would for the most part probably would have liked to get along better with your ancestors.  This story grows every day.

I am not going to try to appear wise and give responsibility up to commonly shared ideas of correctness, seeking to gain your sympathy.  If you did something to us we probably deserved it, and in the antithesis, you probably did also.  So for a moment let us drop the illusion of the need for apology, guilt, revenge and pride.

         Am I a native aboriginal?  Yes,  from the beginning of first agreement, when my little brown first ancestors danced and sang.  My father was Tsalagi, and Scot; my mother was Muskogee and Scot, more recently.  Do I have my blood quantum?  Yep, every bit I need to stay alive.  Am I an Indian? Well, you probably do not realize that is a racial slur if you felt compelled to ask, nor would you mean it as such in good spirit with what you have been taught, so my ego is not crushed, nor am I offended, no I am not, I am a human.  The concept of “Indian” was given to common knowledge by education of a false history that was built upon lies and the blood of our people, postulated by a conquering nation rationalizing its genocide upon us.  The aboriginal people of this continent who had a great civilized culture that “needed” to be destroyed because it was inconvenient, heathen, savage, and godless was sacrificed to the great plan of conquest.  We never called ourselves Indian. This is the same conqueror that also tells you that you are free, see the problem?

            I am a child of our mother riding on the back of the great spiritual continent Turtle Island.  Am I Anishinabe?  Be my judge cousin; perhaps for your own edification remember the Creator’s instructions of the great hoop of life; it is simpler than argument.  Am I First Fire agreement?  I believe that we should spill no more blood upon the ground; it is already sacred with our ancestors’ bones, and blessed with their memory.  I remember the tree when it was but a seed, and the agreement there of our ancestors under the great spirit of HE WHO CAN NOT BE CREATED; I am verifiably a product of 500 years or so of assimilation, cousin.  Can you disagree?

The Sacred Tree Clan is about people like us, the mongrels of the world.  No pedigrees, no great authorities are we, willing to tell you who you are and what you should do.  We understand the need and responsibility of each of us to listen to the Creator and pursue the gift as we are able.  It is incorrect in our culture to call another wrong and punish them for not doing as we see fit.  We are nothing more than being part of the great human life that the Creator has given us all, a full time responsibility to people like us.  

Instructions, traditions, who is right, who is wrong, who is a wannabe, who is a 4/4, who owns what, who is going to a better home awaiting past the clouds--it’s your life, if you choose to polarize, that is your business.  We agree that agreement is much simpler than strife, and far more the Creator’s plan.  I don’t feel like fighting anymore; life has given ample opportunity for that.  If you can’t get along in this heaven where we get to practice the easy challenges, good luck in the next one; it might not be that simple when your responsibility grows in understanding, and you neglect to heed it.  Practice the virtues of harmony and balance here now. This is wisdom we strive for.  Don’t trash us with this “one life” theory; you leave your waste for my babies, this is our home.  Be responsible for your path and what you leave in passing; you will find heaven sooner than you expect.  

This is why the Sacred Tree Clan was brought forth from the archives of forever, we need a place to agree to empower ourselves, to feel good about what creator has given to us all to come home to the Seventh Fire.

We who are 7th fire generation and have worked this and other lifetimes to bring the prophecies to fulfillment for the evolvement of our relations to the place of harmony and balance, we will always have a home here on this planet.  Why would we want it otherwise?

And so, cousin, here is the story old as tomorrow of the real people who sit now in the longhouse of the Little Shell Pembina Sacred Tree Clan, and how we learn to agree.  You are invited to come share our fire with us; it is no farther away then the light of the Creator in each heart.

Be blessed in the Creator’s Gift shared by all,
Misajidamoo (Grey Squirrel),
Sachem of the Sacred Tree Longhouse of the Little Shell Pembina Nation.

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Re: HealthFreedom.Info and Sacred Tree Society
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2011, 02:46:08 pm » is run by Sovereigns Health Freedom Network. The name that keeps popping up in connection with SHFN is Lanny Messinger. More on him. Apparently he claims aliens kidnapped him and spoke to him in German (?!) telling him that he was "the chosen one."

He also claims he was a free floating being of light until about 12000 years ago. Then an "implant station" snagged him with a tractor beam. ::)

And here's his involvement with a secession/militia group.

From the July 2003 Idaho Observer:


IO withdraws from Free State Project

by Don Harkins

A series of events have taken place which has caused The Idaho Observer to adopt a fall-back position regarding its endorsement of and pledge to participate in the Free State Project (FSP).

The FSP is the brainchild of Jason Sorens, who recently earned a Ph.D in political science at Yale and is will be a lecturer for Yale's Political Science Department this coming school year.

The IO has been in support of the FSP since learning of it last fall. Staff writer Hari Heath dedicated his monthly column to an analysis of why the FSP ought to pick Idaho from among the 10 states in the running for being chosen as the first “free state” (The IO, Nov., 2002). The IO also attended the Libertarian Party of Montana's Grand Western Conference last Memorial Day weekend because the conference was centered around discussion about the FSP.

Sorens attended the Missoula conference, as did Sierra Times Editor J.J. Johnson and his wife Nancy Lord Johnson, Las Vegas Review-Journal Editorial Page Editor Vin Suprynowicz and author Clair Wolfe.

The conference was excellent (as reported last month by Richard Rieben). Sorens was also a very nice person whose interest in the FSP was supported by the thesis he wrote to earn his Ph.D -- secession movements in the 20th century.

Issues began to arise when Lanny Messinger, a close friend of us here at The IO, began to question some things regarding the inner workings of FSP. He determined that it is a foregone conclusion New Hampshire will be the free state chosen. He also discovered that the FSP will make the decision internally.

Messinger was appalled. The FSP email discussion group got quite heated and resulted in Messinger proposing that there be an FSP east and an FSP west. Additional chat room discussion illuminated an interesting dilemma: Free staters east and free staters out west have significantly different concepts of freedom.

Messinger seceded from the FSP and is proposing a free county project with a motto, “Liberty after the next election,” as opposed to “Liberty in our lifetime.” ...


Also part of the Liberty Dollars scam.
....Lanny Messinger is putting together a merchant site called the Real Money Network, which is devoted
to the explanation of the circulation of Liberty Dollars. Any Liberty Merchant can request a listing on
The Real Money Network if they will agree 1) to ship their products and 2) to accept 100% of the
purchase price in Liberty Dollars for one or more of their products (including the S & H charge, if
Simply send your contact information and list of product(s) to Lanny....


And this....Starts on page 32 where he goes into more detail about past lives, beings of light, Atlantis, ETs trying to enslave humans etc.