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Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:00:32 am »
Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring, born 1942, no sign of any actual Native ancestry.

We have threads on the militia group he’s a leading member of, the Little Shell Pembinas.

And related groups

But I decided to start a new thread on him because I’ve gotten lots of new information from many sources.

What I've found is that Becker has ties to and works with a long list of extremists in not just the US, but Canada, Europe and esp Australia. So I hope our Canadian, European, and Australian members will help out here since there may be some background I don't know about these groups Becker is tied to.

(And I'm reluctant to use wikipedia as a source, so if you have better ones, please post them.)

Becker also has a long ugly history of using elderly women for their money, basically being a confidence man living off of them. He seems to be targeting women who are polio survivors esp.

But first, to his extremist ties.

In the US. of course he's part of the Pembinas. One account puts him as a supporter of

Here's an article from the forum's founder, John de Nugent.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
The Jew-murdered LIBERTY FORUM and a John de Nugent speech
By John de Nugent

My biggest thread was at liberty forum.

Jewish cyberterrorists were so infuriated, apparently, at this thread that they crashed the entire forum to get at it, annihilating thereby hundreds of other threads in the process.

My thread, called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” at started off with my major movie review of Mel Gibson's film “Apocalypto” – about the psychopathic ruling class of he ancient Mayas. I also portrayed Mel and his pliticaly very incorrect father Hudson,and the truth about the Mayans – whose descendants are now flooding illegally into our America.

The thread then took off, and soared to eighty-seven thousand views. I was exposing there the role of literal psychopaths in society, both the Jewish and non-Jewish villains among us, the FACT of ritual murder of white children by certain Jewish sects. I was exposing the Jewish role in 9/11. I was exposing the Jewish role in communism's mass murders. I was ripping the Jewish leaders to shreds as the psychopaths they were and are.

Three times the Jew cyberterrorists crashed this seven-year-old forum used and enjoyed by thousands of concerned American citizens and others worldwide, most likely over my gigantic thread. Among other things, I miss “Sushi Girl's Joke thread.” ;-) : For three days in November 2007 they crashed it when I began homing in on Jewish ritual blood-draining murder of our kidnapped white children.

Theyh assaulted and shut down for one solid week in late December 2007 right after my detailed analysis of why the truth about Jewish blood-draining child murders would prove a catastrophe to world Jewry. ( pointed out, among other things, that even hardened felons in prison loathe child murderers and molesters. When they are imprisoned, they often have to be put in isolation.)

And now it has been completely offline – the entire website, for weeks. By coincidence, it was right after I announced for president and was about to begin serious fundraising efforts.

Thank you, Jews, for murdering that wonderful free speech website, LIBERTY FORUM.ORG. Thank you for showing your true colors once again – as liberticides.


Becker lived in Australia for awhile, and while there worked with, met with, or endorsed many fellow Holocaust Deniers and anti Semites like himself. He also seems to have ties to groups that appear to be Australia's versions of the militia movement.

Adelaide Institute, run by Frederick Toben.

Established in 1994, the Adelaide Institute was formed from the former Truth Mission that was established in 1993 by Dr. Gerald Fredrick Töben. The Adelaide Institute is a Holocaust denial group in Australia and is considered to be anti-Semitic by Australian [1] and international human rights groups. The group also advocates AIDS denialism.[2] An off shoot organisation named HHT is gaining popularity with its violent acts and racial intolerance within Adelaide.


Becker has reposted a lot of articles from Henry Makow of Save the Males. Here's one of Becker's one emails.


From: allen heart <>
Subject: Extension of Permission to Republish Your Work.
Received: Friday, 25 January, 2008, 12:28 PM
Since The Seventh Fire at was stolen from me by the current webmistress, I have begun to rebuild with a cluster of websites. Real Debt Elimination at has risen to the top .05% out of 4.14 million for its category, "debt elimination." I'd like you to extend your permission for me to republish your writings on the new websites. Soon I will launch, and and would republish on those websites as appropriate.
In 2001 I launched The Seventh Fire with the help of Kay Ekwall. She surprised me five years later when told she was displeased with the "unspiritual" character it had taken with content about 9-11, the New World Order and the Illuminati, and that therefore she was going to shift ownership of the domain name to me! I had understood that she had originally put it in BOTH of our names. Betrayed! She then reneged on this promise and I was blocked from the website. All of the work that I had done to build its popularity was stolen. That's why The Seventh Fire is in such a terrible condition at this time, dropping from PR 5 to PR 4 and contaminated with her New Age "spirituality."
If you would withdraw your permission from the use of your material on The Seventh Fire, it would help my drive to try to regain what was mine. I have registered most of my copyrights and forced her to remove them but still other work of mine remains.
I had published these writings of yours on The Seventh Fire:
•   Illuminati Defector reveals Satanic Conspiracy
•   Terminated! Freemasonry's Final Revelation
•   Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews
•   Michael Moore Shills for Illuminati Bankers
•   "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
•   Proof World Gov't is a Banker Ruse
•   Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern Culture
•   Lesbian Muslim Reformer Is a NWOrderly
•   Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture
•   Hitler Didn't Want World War
•   Is the Pope a Catholic?
•   The Protocols of Zion Updated
•   Protocols Forgery Argument is Flawed
•   Protocols of Zion is the NWO Blueprint
•   Elders of Zion Shape Our Culture
•   Did Rothschild Write The Protocols of Zion?
•   Is the New World Order 'Jewish'?


Here's Makow's own description of his work: "Exposing Feminism and the New World Order".

Articles at his website.

Rothschild Conducts Red Symphony
· The Devil's Work: Feminism and the Elite Depopulation Agenda
· Be Afraid: The New World 0rder's Fascist Pedigree
· Banking Cartel is the Cause of Humanity's Woes
· Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy
· Does a Satanic Cult Rule the World?
· Bush, Bin Laden Serve the Same Masters

More Recent and Notable:
· The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
· Is the New World Order "Jewish"?
· Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men
· Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture
· Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

NWO Booklist in Reference
The Pathology of Single Mother Family
Must Listen! Svali MP3 Interview on the Illuminati
Swindler's List
 Myron Fagan on the Illuminati
Jewish culture a dead-end?
Zionist occupied Canada
More anti heterosexual propaganda
Texe Marrs- Pyramids and Penises of the Elite
MTV's Satanic Christmas Commercial
Torah Jews (Vs. Zionism)
Canadian Gov't. in Zionist pocket
Homosexuality is a Disorder
Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines by Robin de Ruiter
Not Holier Than Thou
Homosexuality & Corruption in US Politics
The Pink Swastika
Build Yourself an Ark
Eight 45-minute talks by an Irish Priest. Deep understanding of the New World Order conspiracy.


Becker also was in contact with CENTRAL QUEENSLAND CHRISTIAN FREE STATE and Citizens Electoral Council of Australia. CQCFS was apparently a Christian Australians only would be independent state. No non Christians, no immigrants, and probably no nonwhites.

Here's part of their would be constitution.

   Central Queensland Free-State is formally consecrated to, and under the protection of the Most Holy Trinity, that is, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and under the Kingship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, King of all nations, King of Kings, and King of the Universe.

The reasons for this are twofold, and quite simple.

(1) Every nation on earth is thrashing around at the human level, to survive, and is failing as a civilisation. This is because, they are trying to do it without God, whereas Our Lord taught us, "Without Me you can do nothing." In other words,  "Unless the Lord Build the house, they labour in vain who build it."

(2) Note that we are being specific here, and not just using the term "God". The reason for this is quite clear, and that is, the term "God" can mean different  things to different people, and  that it is doctrine of, and belief in the Blessed Trinity which is today most under attack, from many quarters, and many countries in the world today, including certain communities in Australia. Central Queensland Free State is therefore, very specifically, a traditional Christian State....

(4) Because we are a traditional Christian State, we point out below some of the activities and institutions which are illegal in our Free State, and therefore disallowed:


The following is a list of just some of the institutions and activities which are illegal and therefore prohibited in the People's Central Queensland Free State:

(a) Political Parties;

(b) Secret societies, and "societies with secrets";

(c) Private Banks; Usury of any kind;

(d) Monopolies of any kind;

(e) Gambling institutions; Poker machines;

(f) Sale of alcohol after 10.00 p.m., & at any time on Sundays;

(g) Sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 years;

(h) Any trial without a jury;

(i) Divorce;

(j) Civil marriage celebrants; Marriage is not the business of governments.

(k) Immigration of non-Australians, and/or non Christians;

(l) Any organisation whose activities and objectives are considered by the Electors to be contrary to our Constitution.

(m) Secular humanism, and anti-Christian education.

(n) GST; Sales tax;

(o) Speculation, and speculative investment;

(p) Humanistic republicanism;

(this section to be continued.)


It is the policy of Central Queensland Free State to foster and encourage the following:

(a) The Commandments of God, traditional Christian worship, and mode of living....

(k) A Christian Monarchical system of government;

(l) Christian families;

(m) British Common Law;

(this section to be continued.)


There are two levels of membership in Central Queensland Free State: (1) Ordinary Members, and (2) Electors.

(1) Ordinary Members: A Christian person (or married couple) may make an application to become a member of Central Queensland Free State. (It should be noted here that a person who claims to be "Christian," but who does not acknowledge the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, is not considered to be a Christian, and therefore will not qualify for membership.) An Ordinary Member  need not live in Central Queensland Free State....


Citizens Electoral Council of Australia is part of the LaRouche movement. If you don't know who these far right extremist conspiracy theorists are...


The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC) is a minor nationalist[1] political party in Australia affiliated with the international LaRouche Movement, led by American political activist and conspiracy theorist[2] Lyndon LaRouche. It reported having 549 members in 2007.[3] They have been described as "far right"[4] and "lunar right,"[5] as well as "ideologues on the economic Left."[6]

The original CEC was established by members of the Australian League of Rights, an extreme right-wing group led by Eric Butler, in the 1980s in Queensland.... By 1989, the CEC leadership was under the influence of the Lyndon LaRouche movement.[7] By 1992, the LaRouche movement had taken full control, renaming the organizational newsletter and moving the headquarters from rural Queensland to a Melbourne suburb, with direct communications links to LaRouche's US headquarters established.[8]

League of Rights publications now warn their readers to avoid the CEC, citing attacks on the British Royal Family for supposed drug connections and LaRouche's criminal convictions. They warn that the LaRouche movement is "strongly pro-republican" and that they have received reports that LaRouche's organization is being used by the Zionists

....The Anti-Defamation Commission of the Australian branch of B'nai B'rith (a body similar to the Anti-Defamation League in the United States) has published a Briefing Paper with details of the CEC's alleged anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-Aboriginal and racist underpinnings....

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2009, 11:40:26 am »
This guy is a real piece of work. He has many enemies and as such, they don't have to be united and organized to bring him down. With this many enemies, they can hit and miss but with so many, sooner or later he is going to land in serious trouble with that many after him.

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2009, 10:56:32 pm »
 Well done, hope that there will be more people coming forward.The likes of him are the bottom of the barrel of the human race, he can certainly crawl under a snakes belly and so do the others he is associated with.  Hoping  that he will be caught sooner than later.

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2009, 01:45:20 am »
This is his former business partner's account of being conned and deceived by Becker, as well as his history of doing this to many other women.


Dear GoDaddy,

My name is Kay Ekwall, and I own the domain and hosting account of I purchased this initially back in 2001-2002. I have been the owner of the domain and hosting account ever since then. You have my name and address on file as well as my credit card information. I want to put in a complaint against Allen Aslan Heart, who has registered the domain of with you. He has created a page that is slanderous and offensive to me, as well as to other women in his life. The information is found on this page: The information he has posted is as follows which concerns me personally:

[I've removed Becker's possible defamation of Ecker, but it's available on the website above.]

The true story behind this, as you can see on the whole page, that he is a con-man and a psychopath or a cyberpathic personality. This person has been involved in contacting women for 10-15 years, while he is with another woman. He does this behind 'our' backs, and lures us into his life, thinking that he loves us and wants to create a business and a future with us. I was just one of the many, which is stretching across at least three continents and attempts on other continents. We have discovered that he is mentally unstable, uses women to jump to each one, using their facilities, their homes, their food, their support, until the women get wise to him and his ways, then he jumps to the next one and then slanders the last ones..we have found information on this website that fits him perfectly:

He contacted me while he was in Europe, having been found out by his second wife, an Austrian woman who he romanced. Then he was with other women, and he contacted me, among others here in the states. He came back, as his father was sick, and then he went onto checking out which of the women he contacted would take him in and help him in what he wanted to do. He jumped from one, to the next, then the next until he ran out of women and contacted me and gave me a sob story and I bought him a plane ticket to visit me.

Once he got there, I took him in, fed and clothed him, helped purchase computers, and taught him how to make a website, made his dreamcatchers and contacted many people to help him get back on his feet. I finally was able to purchase the domain and hosting for the website, We both worked together to build the business, make the dreamcatchers as I still supported him. I even supplied the use of my car to take him across country for 3 months, teaching classes with him and making and selling dreamcatchers. It was a very unprofitable trip and horribly stressful. I had planned to ask him to leave my home when we got back at that time. However when we got back, he had an offer to fly to Illinois to make a giant dreamcatcher for a woman's garden, and he did. When  he got back we patched things up and tried to continue and incorporating other products and programs into the website. I worked hand in hand with him as a partner on the website for 5 and a half years.

In 2006, he got into a business with a man who had been certified incompetent by the state of California, and put in the care of his mother. This was an older man, and now on the loose. I am not going into the whole story, but he moved this man and his trailor and dog onto our property and into our house in the prospects of making milllions of dollars through collections on liens, etc. This was simply insane and our life became hell. I finally left with my son , July 16th 2006. I was taking care of the dreamcatcher business, the books, the banking, the corrections and care of the website, as well as everything else while he pursued the other avenue. I warned him again and again that this was crazy. He did things like invite people into my home to stay, without even asking me. He had people coming and going and had all kinds of things, even illegal things going on that were not discussed with me. Meanwhile the website had gotten badly broken, the navigation bars missing, and since it was built page by page and over 2500 pages long, it was a nightmare to fix.

Due to his lack of dililgence and caring, the website was not user friendly, nor webmaster friendly. To make it worse, it had been hacked in and the server (Infinology) were not answering us, nor helping us at all. I had to take over more and more, and pleaded with him to re-do the whole website properly. He didn't want to spend the time on that endeavor.

After I left him, as i was still handling everything, I discovered that he had been searching for other women behind my back for years, and even romancing other women at the same time that he had been romancing me and planning to go see me. It was discovered that not only was he on 'nice' singles sites, but on 'naughty' ones, even advertising himself and the website in his attempt at gorilla advertising. It was discovered that he uses his websites to lure innocent women into his web of deceit, and also to lure businesses and products from people so that he can make them think he is on the up and up and an all around 'good' guy. I saw him personally promise millions to this and that person, promise to buy homes for other women, and his children, promises he never could keep. He, through slandering other persons, got us into a lawsuit that has gone against us, and I was innocent, as I didn't know what he was doing, but it was too late.

I took over the website completely, as my name was still on it. I wrote to him a certified legal letter, informing him, that since he had gone behind my back since the first, and had never intended any committment to me personally, nor professionally and was simply using me good graces, good home and intentions to further his agenda, that any 'partnership' spoken,or implied was simply null and void. I had bought the website to begin with, and he didn't even have a bank account and when he got one, he even talked the bank person to make his checking account to have a business name of 'white eagle soaring', because he had it on his booklets. He never has gone to the trouble to legally register this as a business name or a trademark. I actually have the DBA on it in the state of Oregon. Mr. Heart blames me, but it was his lack of due diligence in taking care of the business end of the domain and hosting and registering, that he never did put it in his name and it remained in my name. This is standard operation of his, not taking care of business. He nearly lost the whole domain name one year because he ignored the notices from Godaddy about his need to pay for the domain name again. A friend called and said a friend of hers was going to purchase it, and it was only an hour away from being expired and available. This is also an example of how careless he is.

When he went to Australia, he made no business arrangements for the website with Infinology, which I had to drop after paying for it and registered the hosting with Godaddy instead. He never offered to help pay for that at all. I was going to drop the website completely after I found out he was using the name to further his own 'womanizing' agenda, it was not to make a life for him in the future, just to use women and men. He jumps from one person to another, from one project to another, from one promise of lots of money to another. He has no concept of how much time and energy it takes to do all the things he wants to do. At one point I was getting very sick with high blood pressure and heart things from trying to take care of all that he wasn't doing.  As I said, I was going to take the website down as I knew how broken it was and how impossible it was to work on it. I was convinced by him and an associate to keep it up, since it was helping people.

At that time I was continuing my part of the 'partnership' and posting his articles, working on the website, etc. Meanwhile he had been romancing other women and found one in australia to jump to. He informed her he was going to visit her. She did not ask him to go, in fact she had other company coming but he wanted to go anyway. He had been saying for years to me that he wanted to leave this country, that was his intention. So he did this and when he left, he convinced our associates to not communicate with me about moneys that came into his accounts. He didn't let me know until he had to, then I found out that much had happened and he had not let me know and had not paid me,nor the associate. I made arrangements to collect the money myself and paid off the associate and cut allen off the website completely, now knowing him for a liar, a thief, a con-man, and a psychpath. He has been attacking me ever since then. He now has misused the woman in austraila, living off of her, in her home, her food, clothes for him, trips for him, and much more ....mounting into the 30 thousands. He even conned her out of her inheritance.

Now, after she got wise to him, he has jumped ship to this one mentioned, Shari, who is his latest victim. Meanwhile, he is going behind her back contacting other women (we know this for a fact) trying to find the next one to jump to.

After I took over the 7thfire completely, I had to hire professional webmasters to re-format the whole website. It cost me about $4,000.00 and took 7 months and I am still trying to fix things. This website, as you can imagine is overwheming for one person to take care of and post and fix. He accuses me that I did it for the money, while that was the furtherest from my mind, as it has cost me time/money/energy/ and eats up my life that I would much rather be doing something else with. My health has suffered greatly because of this too.

Another website he has registered with you, is . The people who own Sonic Bloom, the trademark, and the products are most unhappy. He is not selling their products, he is even advertising a different product but using their trademark to get himself ratings.  This also is illegal and I am sure someday he will have legal actions against him for that.

So, this man also has . On this website he has copied information, offered products which he cannot even sell. He is trying to build mega=sites so he can built his ranking up. He goes onto forums and online news and e.mails people, slandering myself and others so that he can build himself up to make people trust him.

On his dreamcatcher site, he has designs that were mine specifically, renaming them, as some designs he stole from his Austrian wife also. And yet he has the brass to accuse and slander us.

I, and the other women are hoping that somehow you can stop this criminal. For he is a criminal. He has taken money from people, taken over women's homes, their lives and used them. He has been involved in illegal activities with Mr. Alvin Hansen, who is in jail right now. Mr. Heart is one person who should not even be allowed to have a computer, let alone be near one.

I would ask that you do what you need to do, to make him stop the slander of myself and the other women, and misuse of the internet in this way for his own purposes. He claims he is native american. The only thing that even comes close, is someone in his family made a comment that in making his dream catchers, he was like his great-grandmother who was native. He does not even know what group or tribe as she always looked and dressed and acted white. He joined a bogus thing with the "little Shell Pembina Tribe" so he could claim his dreamcatchers are made by native americans. The truth is that he always gets his 'women' or others to make them for him as soon as he can, so he doesn't have to make them. He doesn't care if they are made well, or made by people that are not natives. He has left that business in the hands of persons who were of ill repute, careless, druggies, and not quality at all. He didn't care if people got their orders nor if they received quality work. I ran the business for years, trying to make it reputable, reliabel and quality. He has un-done all of that again.

I do not know if this is more then you need to know, or if it is any help, but he has to be stopped. He is a predator and even a viewer of pornograpy and sick sex sites, and who knows what else. If you want to see his face, here is a webpage with pictures:

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Kay Ekwall

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2009, 11:51:05 am »
It restores ones faith to know that there are still people with decent principle and morals, who have the conviction of not just sitting back and doing nothing about some one like this despicable creature, but is actually exposing him.
A.Heart/Becker has been getting away with his dishonest scams and lies for to many years, and has been doing all of this claiming to be am Ojibwa Indian and a shaman, a story teller and the list goes on and on. It is sad to think that he uses the American Indian for that ,and denigrates there believes and culture, that is a very beautiful one.He makes decent white Americans, Australians, Germans,Austrians,Canadians angry they can not believe that he has never been caught, for his dishonest debt elimination scams, and other scams, antisemitic writings he has on his websites.Any one that has been had by his scams,hopefully will come forward  as they are victims and do not have to be ashamed  they are not guilty of any wrong doing.He and his associates have no concision and do not care taking very desperate good peoples money with there debt elimination scams, that they will not back up, he does not think how many of those desperate people have taken there lives, as he was there last hope only to find out they have been dubbed. 
Congratulation  to educatedindian for this posting and previous ones, on this person and the "Little Shell Pembina Band, a Treaty  Tribe of the Ojibwe Nation"that is a very scary group.
There is nothing spiritual about Whiteaglsoaring/Heartsoaring/Heart/Becker other than spreading his hatred and scamming at any one he can find that is vulnerable , for his own creed.He is very good at what he does he is even able to fool even law enforcement people that are highly trained for many years.

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2009, 12:04:14 pm »
Letter that Becker sent to one of the women he cheated. This is Becker's bizarre claim of proof of how he's supposedly Ojibwe or Abenaki, an alleged great great grandmother who was mixedblood (tribe never named) and a dream. If true, that'd make Becker 1/32 or less by blood quantum.

I bolded his admission he has no proof at all. The letter was confusedly writtien as one long paragraph so I had to break it up to make any sense. And it was part of a longer story about selling alternative medicine cures and how Ojibwe supposedly love him as a Great White Savior.

Only the year before, i had taken my dream catchers to the family reunion. An hour after i had arrived, my mother came to tell me that the elder brothers and sisters were saying that i was doing this indian "stuff" because i had a little bit of indian in me......Great Grandma Bertha was the daughter of a white man and an indian woman.

When i took my inquiry about my indian origins to the internet, one woman told me that she thought i must be Ojibwe. In fact, i found out that she came from Vermont in the mid-1800's. It would be highly unlikely that she would be Ojibwe, more likely Abenaki.

Then i found in the Mishomis book about the Seven Fires, that the Ojibwe, along with the Ottawa and Potowatomi, had come from the Atlantic shores in a migration that started in about 900 following a visit from 7 prophets. The first prophet said that they must leave their homes and migrate inland along the Great River to the setting sun until they would find an island in the shape of a turtle and food that grows on water. If they would not leave there would be much suffering. After much discussion, a group of this great nation chose to leave the peace and abundance of their homes and follow the megis (the cowry shell that symbolized for them the voice and breath of the Creator).

The people who supported this migration by remaining behind in the east were called the Waubanakeeg, the People of the Dawn. Today they are called the Abenaki. Nearly 150 years ago, my great-great grandmother and her white husband set out from Vermont along the Great River to the setting sun, into Wisconsin, and then into Minnesota--where the food that grows on water can be found. i hold no papers to prove my origins and i know that i am Ojibwe/Abenaki and my work in life is to dance a new dream as told by the Seventh Prophet. This i was told by the voice of spirit in a most mundane way. Still, i had learned to listen to the sissagwad. Then i learned of the tradition of "manidoog'" in which one learns directly from spirit instead of the more common way of learning from an elder or the Mdewiwin. Then i learned that the Ojibwe have an old tradition of Dream Dancer. i was astounded at the confirmation of what i had been told previously.

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #6 on: May 03, 2009, 12:27:01 pm »
Two more letters by Becker. First he's describing how he runs his altmedicine business.

Then in the second he's trying to talk his way out of being caught chasing other women by one of the women he conned. Normally I would not care (and I doubt anyone else at NAFPS cares) about personal infidelities. But in this case Becker has a pattern of abusing and conning women for their money. Amazingly, after a long string of pseudo-spiritual bull he then gets angry at the woman for not giving him money, then ends by asking to remain friends.

And yes, the all caps in the 2nd letter was how Becker originally wote it.

1st letter.
There are many supportive friends here and this will be a powerful base from which we can expand our work on web sites, Full Circle technologies, our shared businesses and the vision of the Seventh Fire.  [Name withheld] full of love and joy, light-hearted and yet clear and in service to help others, modest and yet clear WHO she is.  We are truly mates and are planning our lives and businesses together.  [Name withheld] has the personal, spiritual, and intellectual capacity to be a wonderful and effective partner in life as well as in business. 

i hope that you and i can continue to be friends and grow stronger in our friendship.  i would still like meet you and you are welcome to visit us in Mt. Shasta.  My pledge to repay the $700 you loaned me (and more) remains. Perhaps there is much more to our friendship.  You've already played a very important role in promoting the vision of the Seventh Fire. You may be one of the Ogichidaag' who will discover their own power and wisdom and use their strength and magic to help others.  We have a whole world that needs to know a new way.  Now is the time.

So who shows up here at Mt. Shasta one week after i arrive? Perfect Science and Full Circle Technologies for a Weekend Wellness Conference with Jim Trider and Dr. Doug Leber.  They are establishing a clinic here at Mt. Shasta! We attended a complimentary introduction (7-10am)for health professionals workshop on the Friday evening before the conference.  i found out/verified  several key things:

1. the PS "water" IS super-ionized and therefore a super free-radical quencher.  This means that it is an excellent therapy for all the 82 chronic disorders caused by free-radicals.

2. it is the ONLY source of STABILIZED saponins and therefore can be used for all the disorders for which saponins have been found effective.

3. the PS technology is not a replacement for other therapies such as dental amalgam replacement, homeopathies, herbal remedies, chiropractic subluxation, nutrition counseling, surgery, or even standard pharmaceuticals.  It is a beginning point for all medical therapies, a foundation upon which all other therapies can be effective.  Without dealing with the hidden toxins, parasites, heavy metals, etc. there can be no real healing and wellness.

4. the market is wide open. No area is closed.  Bring in health care professionals who are licensed to diagnose and prescribe therapy and they are our customers as long as we service their account.

i'm doing Florida and Europe with Elisabeth, my Austrian friend in Florida, Pennsylvania with [Name withheld], and, if you wish, LA with you. i'll put together a packet to give to licensed health care professionals and i'll provide a list of naturopaths, chiropractors, and physicians of alternative/complementary medicine in LA area. We'll invite them to contact the Sarasota clinic for more information.  They become our customers, which means that we service their needs to resupply and to put out information to bring them clients.  For this we earn 10% commission on all supplies and equipment which Jim Trider has estimated would yield an income of over $4,000/year/Aquatron being used by a trained tester at 5 tests/day.  Fifty such accounts is $200,000. We are not limited to one region or continent!  Wherever we have people who can give us prospective doctors we will bring them in as our customers. i welcome you as a business partner as well as a dear friend.

We will also arrange a series of conferences in CA.  Just need a place to hold 20-30 people comfortably, perhaps an advertisement or story in a local health and wellness or new age mag, and someone who can accept registrations by phone or mail.  They generally charge $35/registrant for a two day conference with demonstrations of the testing.  The people being tested pay $35 for a $250 test.  We get paid 10% on any sales.

Full Circle has added an electronic detoxifying foot-bath that they call Aqua Ener-chi.  With the Perfect Science formula in the footbath they can remove large quantities of chemical and heavy metal toxins without challenging the body's ability to flush the toxins.  They are also using minerals and vitamins derived from plant humus that provides highly effective organic/colloidal supplementation. The whole package of Aquatron AD 2000, Aqua Ener-Chi, an assortment of Nanomin and Perfect Science AD formulas plus training for $29,000.  Just one medical professional buying the start up, turn-key Full Circle package would yield $2,900 commission immediately.  They also have purchase/lease alternatives for as little as $1900/month.

i'm getting my dream catcher business running again for some basic income and beginning to set up conferences with friends in other parts of the USA and world. i've begun gathering information for a conference in MN the first weekend in April. i'll go back to get my car, handle the final arrangements for the conference....We will probably return in the end of March to prepare for the Perfect Science/Full Circle Technology conference and get the Explorer fixed or something. 

Oceans of love and galaxies of clear light,








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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2009, 05:51:32 am »
Here are some pictures of that predator, in case some one knows him or is wondering what some one like him looks like,

His English must be very limited, as he always uses the same words and almost the same sentences when he is been caught out or is moved on to his next victim, yet he always  betrays himself always as the innocent victim.

In his own words: I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND THEY ARE TO BE DONE WITH A MATE WHO IS CLEAR AND LOVING AND LIVING IN HER HEART.  EGO-MIND HAS LITTLE TO OFFER IN THIS CONTRACT. We all know the things he has to do, that is scamming innocent people, rewriting the 2nd world war according to him, spreading his antisemitic hatred where ever possible, hoping to create unrest and disunity.
Stating and selling and promoting the illegal Norfed Dollar as real money on his website, knowing that it is not legal currency of the US, claiming to be American Indian
The United States Mint Pressroom
14 Sep 2006 ... Prosecutors with the Department of Justice have determined that the use of these gold and silver NORFED "Liberty Dollar" medallions as ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages -
'Liberty Dollars' Can Buy Users A Prison Term, U.S. Mint Warns ...
Liberty Dollars were coined by von NotHaus and an Evansville, Ind.-based group called Norfed, which stands for (sort of) the National Organization for the ...

this is also quiet informative about the Norfed liberty Dollar and Bernard von NotHouse
It appears that he has found in laughing bird [Shari] the same as he is, she is working with him on his antisemitic website,

In her own words, Allen and I are indeed working together now that he is here, on building up his website..  If that is a crime, I guess breathing is too!

It would be interesting why he never worked again as a teacher since the age of 47 years,
he tells a "story " that gave up his job as a teacher as he could not have it on his concision teaching history that was not true,

Below is what he says about the women that he could not scam, make no mistake it is not just women he scams it is any one that is vulnerable.
I’d see some evidence among women I met along the way, but usually their ego was simply too embedded and their programming too thorough. Sometimes that distance would diminish but they could not, would not open to the shamanic dream dance 

In his own words on his website,
Laughing Bird is very much like Kokopelli's  Ice Flower. The true Ice Flower intuited our connection to the Kokopelli legend that I had not yet discovered. Like the true Ice Flower in the Kokopelli legend she knew who I was before I arrived. Shortly after, Laughing Bird intuited the password to the storage facility where my storage locker was, she told me the number, and when I punched in the number the gate to my belongings opened. In her presence other doors have opened and the future has opened to us. She is learning to accept and acknowledge her intuitive gifts and she recognizes my gifts and our purpose together. [there purpose together is quiet an interesting comment, as we know what his purpose is]

Laughing Bird has Native American roots as I do, she values the Native American way, and draws from the same source of in-spiration. She know who we are together, who I am, and who she is.

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #8 on: June 01, 2009, 07:26:28 am »
Heart was named in a lawsuit involving another dubious altmedicine character, Ralph Suddath. It's pretty bizarre.

Civil Action No. 06cv00812LTBMEH
VIBE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, a Colorado limited liability company,

This is an action for trademark infringement, which was filed by the Plaintiff on April 27, 2006
(Docket #1). Plaintiff alleges that Defendants’ website contains materials that infringes Plaintiff’s
copyrighted works, content and format, and violates the Plaintiff’s rights under applicable trademark
statutes and violates the Lanham Act.
...on May 26, 2006, Alvin Joseph Hansen, who is not named as a Defendant in this action and from the attorney roles of this Court does not appear to be an attorney admitted to practice before this Court, filed a document entitled “Hansen, Ekwall & Heart’s
Demurrer and Transfer to Courts of Open Criminal Contempt Proceedings, and Open Arrest
Warrants Conspiracy to Evade Debt Hobbs Act
18 USC 1951,” together with 121 pages of
attachments (Docket #9).
....Additionally, there is no evidence that Mr. Hansen is an attorney who is seeking to appear on
behalf of the Defendants in this action, and the Court takes judicial notice that he is not an attorney
admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado2. By federal
statute, nonattorney pro se litigants cannot represent other pro se parties. See 28 U.S.C. § 1654.
Finally, under Rule 12(f), the materials submitted by Mr. Hansen are not only immaterial and
impertinent, but also scandalous. Allegations are considered scandalous if they degrade a party’s
moral character, contain repulsive language, or detract from the dignity of the court. See WRIGHT
& MILLER, CIVIL 3D § 1382 at 465; see, also, Sierra Club, 173 F.R.D. at 285. As noted by the
Hansen’s filing also includes outrageous allegations, including statements that
plaintiff’s counsel “kidnapped, tortured, terrorized, falsely imprisoned and violently
made many attempts on my life, and murdered beneficiaries raped and controlled my
wife Jacqueline and murdered my canine Companion Penni.”

....It is difficult to imagine filings less concise, and more immaterial and impertinent than those
made by Defendant Suddath and Mr. Hansen. It is also difficult to imagine a less prejudicial or more
burdensome task than to require the Plaintiff to attempt to determine which facts have been admitted
or denied, evaluate settlement possibilities, or prepare for trial in light of the filings that have been
9 repeatedly made.


Another site describes in more detail what the two loons filed.

On August 4, 2006, Defendant Allen Heart filed a letter and
133 pages of attachments consisting of various documents
and other information (Docket # 17). The
filing was cross-referenced in the text of the docketing
notes as being filed in response to the
Amended Complaint, but a review of the materials
demonstrated that the purpose of the filing was not
clearly discernable from the materials. The Court
struck the filing from the record as nonresponsive
(Docket # 18).FN1 Defendant Heart has made no
attempt to clarify the matter. On August 15, 2006,
Defendant Suddath made two separate filings, one
of 20 pages in length (Docket # 19) and another of
almost identical materials which is 18 pages in
length (Docket # 20).
....One of the documents filed in response states
that “a declaration of war has been levied,”and asks
plaintiff's counsel, “Do I know you and are you representing
me without my license?”
See For The Record;
At Law, at 1. The Response also includes an
“Invoice for Labor,” which “bills” plaintiff for Suddath's
time and effort in answering the Complaint,
and comments that “$25,000.00 is a bargain for you
in responding with my labor to you .”
See Invoice
for Labor, at 1. This document also states, “due to
the sensitive nature by your position, I recommend
we communicate in code.”


Just one of the weird sites Suddath is on. There are many more. He's one of the Tesla conspiracy theory-his-machines-cure-everything-but-modern-science-is-conspiring-to-hide-it people.

This is how the two are tied together.
"Allen Heart:
The vibrational healing that I am describing is NOT solely vibrational. I am reporting a proton-photon protocol to health and longevity. The Mystery of Death written by Dr. Vladimir Volkov and published in English, in part, of The Seventh Fire, explains the cause of the problems of chronic, degenerative diseases and disorders is a loss of the capacity to absorb light....

Ralph Suddath, in communication with Dr. Volkov, has developed a superb proton supplement called H+ and then brought together the two independent lines of inquiry: Tesla-Lakhovsky-Reich joined with Volkov..."

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #9 on: August 01, 2009, 01:20:29 am »
Just a bit more information on A. A. Heart  aka A. H. Becker aka Whiteaglesoaring,

and one of his associates, he and his associates have one big disease hatred and greed.

Liberty Dollar vs Federal Reserve Notes
Bernard von NotHaus is a friend of mine. He has been a guest in my home. .... 2007, Allen Aslan Heart / White Eagle Soaring of the Little Shell Pembina Band ... -


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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #10 on: August 04, 2009, 03:11:24 pm »
- been away quite a while, this is a good piece of work done here on this crook - the Feds probably don't have all they could use against him, lots of stuff here

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #11 on: August 09, 2009, 11:13:38 pm »
 good to see you back. Hopefully people will come forward and speak out about this unconscionable predator, who scams unsuspecting victims out of there money,  with  his  so called "business associates" on his websites.

Apparently he is still acting out to be a OJIBWA Indian, he recently was seen in Oregon at a "pow wow" where he was trying to attract people to his stand.
Obviously trying to fool the public about him being Indian and that every design of his dream catchers has an ancient story that goes with it.

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #12 on: January 13, 2010, 05:18:14 am »
I just  like to make people aware of the latest, in relation to Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring, it is on his Amazon

"SELLER SCAM! "White Eagles Soaring" tried to sell the "free" promotional version of this tax program. It had NO registration/activation code included, requiring a purchase of the program online. They said it was "properly described and fit the description of that product page". This is pure "B-S". BUYER BEWARE!!! "
Date: January 12, 2010     Rated by Buyer: hartjrg
Seller Response: "I had offered to refund this order but the product detail page, which I have to go by, did not refer to an activation code. Buyer's expectations exceeded the product detail description which I did not create. I not only have no interest in "scamming", it is always counter-productive in any business. I still have not had a reply from the buyer about the refund that I offered."     Date: January 12, 2010

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #13 on: March 21, 2010, 10:26:59 pm »
This is a very interesting article to read,for any one contemplating to use A. A. Heart's real-debt-elimination or any one like him.
A.A. Heart and his Associates ask for a large amount of CASH only payment in advance, yet do not take any responsibility.

Debt Elimination Laws

The rate of indebtedness has reached more than alarming peaks with the present financial crisis as more and more families struggle with expensive car loans, credit card debt and house mortgages. Debt elimination laws are speculated by many scam artists and crooks that take advantage of families in dire need. There are no real debt elimination laws that can wipe your credit record free, because the debts you make are usually an overextension of consume.

Normally, there are some government programs that now support families who cannot pay their monthly rates. The aid comes either in the possibility to have the interest covered by the government for a determined period of time or in a reduction of the interest, also for a specific time interval. However, it is usually through loan consolidation that you can take advantage of debt elimination laws, or you can benefit from more indulging conditions depending on the contract you have signed with the lender.
Keep in mind that such programs will only be accessed directly and not through intermediaries. Therefore, scammers will try to persuade you that there are solid legal arguments on the basis of which you can wipe your debts out. The only condition to actually solve your problems is to pay an upfront fee of $2,000 or $3,000, which is the worst thing you could do. Never pay a company in advance before actually having access to a service. Such pseudo-programs are most certainly scams and you’ll be robbed of even more money.

There have been cases when starting from presumably real debt elimination laws, people faced identity theft. This problem usually occurs because the victim usually provides all the personal details to the intermediary or negotiator. Therefore, before you believe in the debt elimination laws that scammers try to convince you with, do a bit of research and check those laws yourself. Moreover, check the company for history, authenticity and record with the Better Business Bureau.

Experts recommend that you do not turn to agencies or companies and try to solve your problems individually. There are always solutions and you can find them by working with trustworthy financial lenders or with the banks where you have borrowed money from. These are the real authorities that act on the basis of debt elimination laws, and they have all the support from the lawmakers and law enforcers. Keep your eyes and mind open and you have all the chances of finding the right solutions to any financial problem!

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Re: Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring
« Reply #14 on: March 23, 2010, 07:28:39 am »
Wow..  all I can say after reading all this is that this dude sounds like a total nut job!  I don't think he would know what reality was if it came up and spit in his eye!  And where do they come up with these names?  "White Eagle Soaring"?  My favorite was a guy who obviously named himself "Running Snail"!  LOL  Anyway, I don't know if the term "fraud" is big enough to define this dude.  How bout "exploiting, fraudulent, psycho-billy, loony tune"??  Wow............