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Two men plead guilty to selling Tribal Memberships
« on: April 23, 2008, 07:51:43 pm »
Two North County residents who sold bogus Indian tribe "memberships"
to illegal immigrants, supposedly allowing them free access across
the U.S.-Mexico border, pleaded guilty Tuesday to grand theft.

Victor Granados of San Marcos and Kim Thomas Johnson of Oceanside
won't face additional jail time if $9,000 in restitution is paid by
Aug. 11, said prosecuting attorney Gina Darvas.

Granados, 57, and Johnson, 47, entered their guilty pleas before
Judge Charles Rogers on the day their preliminary hearing was
scheduled to take place.

Deputy District Attorney Tricia Pummill told a judge last year that
the defendants lied to illegal immigrants by telling them they could
purchase identification for the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band of
North America for $1,500 cash, which would allow them to stay in the
United States legally.

Each victim received a packet that included identification cards and
license plates, authorities said.

One victim lost $4,500 and three others lost $1,500 each, Darvas said.

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