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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #15 on: July 21, 2006, 06:31:05 pm »
PS. What's a "traitionally trained" Cherokee "Sham man" doing selling sweats? If he was traditional, I would think sweats wouldn't be on his agenda. He and Scarlet deserve each other. Two scammers trying to make bucks off the gullible and needy.

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
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I believe this is a link to the ofical website of the federally recognized Taleqhah Cherokee of Oklahoma .

Within this website is a link which explains about Cherokee Medicine men and women ? ;

Part of this reads ;

"Traditional Cherokees consult with medicine people for help with medical problems, dilemmas in their lives, or other problems. There are fewer of them alive and practicing today, but are still well known by traditionals and in the Cherokee communities. It is not accepted for these medicine people to advertise or make their services known in other ways. The proper way to find a medicine person is to be part of a Cherokee community, ceremonial ground, or family, and come to know this person through those connections. (As a tribal government, we are not at liberty to disclose the names of these persons.)"

I would imagine , the official website created by the federally recognized Cherokee Nation , of Oklahoma , would be a reliable source of information about what is acceptable in Cherokee culture and the behavior of Cherokee Medicine people .

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Re: "Chief" Weylin Lighteagle AKA Bearpriest7
« Reply #17 on: September 12, 2006, 03:28:54 pm »
The latest hangout for Weylin Wiles, Mixed Blood Natives. I remember the club as mostly PODIAs who often didn't know any better, not bad people except for one thing, a passionate distrust of enrolled or fullbloods.

And Weylin is filling their heads with quite a few bizarre lies.
"The fact is the only tribes who have any soverign rights at all are the very few who fought for the Southern States during the Civil War and afterwards had a war treaty signed by the Congress
itself and subject only to the laws passed by a majority of Senators and Congressmen and not the BIA , or State or executive branch of the US Government.
The Southern Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is the only tribe I know in this kind of legal position, and is not to give up an inch of its rights when Federal Recognition is given, and has already been told they will be a War Treaty Tribe subject only to the Congress of the US and not the BIA or State Authorities. I
see now our ancestors like Chief STand Watie were no fools and did not jump in 1866 to sign up for a fast carrot gift and held off and suffered and done without to make sure future decendants would one day
inherit that gift of rights they refused to sign away for any deal or price.... Chief Weylin

The Southern Cherokees? They're not recognized, only been around a few years when they tried to set up riverboat casinos.

And here comes the bigotry of Wiles once again.
"Today she knows nothing about her own tribe or people, does not even know what a sweat lodge is and her life consists and revolves around white teenagers and young 20ish white kids following gangster rap music scenes which some people these days call them the white wiggars crowd...."

"I moved from Oklahoma here to the panhandle of Florida back 5 years ago this May. There are probably a dozen mixed bloods around here of Creek or Choctaw or Cherokee decent, and also a couple
yankton sioux off the res lived about 30 miles from me been here 4 years. The mixed bloods that do not know their heritage and say they want to learn on ocasins want to come to my sweat lodge vent about once maybe every 3 or 4 months. They want to learn they say , but they do not want to pitch in to help
do a damn thing! They want to come after all the wood is chopped up and the stones are already cooked up and ready to be taken in the sweat lodge. After it is over with you do not hear from them again for
months later. I have to do some extensive repairs now on it to replace timber braces under the roof as mine is about 4 feet below ground and extends about 3 feet above ground. Not a one of them has offered to help me repair it or donate a dime to get some help to fix it....Once in a while they may stop by for a ten minute talk when they got family problems involving fussing over money or so and so's
will. Since I hope to move from here by no later than NOV 2007 I sincerely doubt if I will go to the backbreaking trouble of rebuilding the Sweat Lodge by myself or skimping on things for my own family to pay to fix it for the benefit of those that say they want to learn about their culture they been robbed of .
Support and working together? The only two groups I see doing that is the CIA and Jewish MOSSAUD dealing cocaine out of South America...
Chief Weylin Lighteagle"

Wait, here's more.
"The big banks ! Who are owned by who? If I answered that I would for sure be called an anti-semite....
the Jewish establishment and power circle forbad the young black man to be buried in the same cemetary with the two Jew white boys....the Creator is coming with his answer and not long off, and I just wonder how many on this site has ever read the Hopi Indian Prophecies about the Blue Star Kachina or the Red STar Kachina, or the Mayan prophecies about 2012? Chief Weylin Lighteagle"

Get this.
"anger over a certain temperature is not good for the health of the body, and too much heavy energy- dark sami- hucha- ,what ever your lingo is will disrrupt ones spiritual power , and balance and
must be refined to good light energy in a Shamanic way, or another way.
 Good wishes, Chief Weylin Lighteagle"

And this.
"had a lot of spiritual work to do with sweat lodge ceremonies. I resigned from secular tribal positons almost 6 years ago , not wanting to get bogged down with a lot of secular things or political squabbles any longer, whether they be state or Federal or tribal issues. I teach Cherokee Bear Medicine and I am the keeper of the Ancient Cherokee Bear Clan's Tribal Medicine Bear Stone. I am willing to teach some basic Indian spiritual ways to anyone who wishes to email me personally at bearpriest7@....
However I do not teach Cherokee Bear Medicine to any non Cherokee blood Indians and I make sure that if I teach Bear Medicine that that person male or female has some proof of blood. I teach it on a one on one basis not on any open forums but by combination of private emails and one on one personal instructions through actual visits between us.
Basic Indian spiritual things and ways and non in depth spiritual medicine I can and would be willing to discuss and help out with any questions some may have. Good wishes Chief Weylin Lighteagle"
"Any mixed blood or full blood today that thinks the white man and his central Jewish bankers are
gonna let his tribe establish his own independent banking system or Tribal Bank is a wishful dreamer
Chief Lighteagle"

Here's something funny and ironic. He said this to Sonier.
"I have witnessed alot of what Arthur has said on being careful of who you seek out if you are trying to seek the spirituality of the American Indian. I ran into all kinds of nonsense groups and would be shake and bake medicine men and women. When I was active with A.IM. we shut down several groups
out to make a buck offering sweat lodge and vision quest events for 385 bucks a head....I am
certainly not trying to pound myself in the chest or pat myself on the head but I have been thru it and it is not all Hollywoood or glamor either! Try going without food or water for 7 to 12 days during periods of fasting times- or being taken by and elder Shaman to a remote mountain and having to
live off the land for a year...
Like Arthur and Redbird have stated there are a whole lotta fake Medicine people out and about after one
thing or maybe two- and they all are out for money and to feed their ego's and like to use and prey on the unaware -especially those just seeking to find or know their heritage. Not long ago I read about 15 diffferent tribal statements concerning the so called Manataka Indian Council in Hot Springs Arkansas stating basically they are all a bunch of fakes lead by white business men seeking either money or some kind of land rights based on phoney historical rhetoric! It seems to be more prevalent that their are more fake Cherokee tribes than any other in this country! I know personally a good widow
women who was 1/32nd Cherokee who bought 13 acres of land for a Cherokee group in Cape Girdeau Mo. She got swindled out of the land not for the so called tribe but the crooks running a store, others got bilked as well....
It is a favorite ploy for some Cherokee groups to say they have sent a letter of intent to apply for Federal Recogniton and been giving such and such a number in line- such as the self professed
Cherokee Bear Clan Tribe-Amonsoquath in Missouri.... there is a Echota Cherokee Tribe in Florida today with one family ruling the roost controlling all the funds"