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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I just found something really, really terrible.

This is a highly disturbing and upsetting account of elder abuse and child sexual abuse from the earlier days of this network. 

Sensitive people may not wish to read this post.

The below text in Russian (translated via google translate) is from the 6th page of a long document detailing the origins of the network as a spiritual cult and focussing on the personal relationships of Konstantin Rudnev (referred to in the text by the nicknames Kostya, Coste and "bones") the man who appears to have originally founded this network and who is currently in jail in Russia facing charges of rape and drug offenses.  Rudnev featured in all the network's original videos and promotional material but is not mentioned in any of the recent material.   As Rudnev was very close to Biven Mamonta (apparently they shared women together) and were both involved in group sex and ran the network together I think it is important to include the below material.

Soon, the home of Irene, he introduced an even more cruel orders. He even installed iron bars on the door of the room Irinin mother, on which hung the door. Now the old woman could only occasionally crawl out of the room toward the kitchen, that would be there in the kitchen doorway, take your teeth standing on the floor, food dish and crawl to her back.

Present at this Irina and Lena, it seemed very funny. Especially funny it was when an old woman pushing a bowl of his nose, that would have to drag her to her room. But such handouts she was getting smaller. In fact, it starved.

Five-year Sasha was forced to do all the household chores: cleaning, washing dishes, take out the garbage on the street. But this was not enough for Coste. He figured out that Sasha has to sit on the toilet and flush water from the barrel after each visitor. Because the child is not allowed to sleep on duty , he often fell asleep in the toilet. This greatly angered Kostya. Therefore, whenever he found him asleep, physically punished him.

He decided that little Sasha has the night sitting in yogic posture, and that he would not fall asleep, his head, put a cup of cold water. In the eyes of Sasha committed sexual orgies, involving his mother. It is difficult to imagine how we can further traumatize the child's psyche. All this destruction of the bone are called templates and proper upbringing. Irina down with it. She even resigned to the fact that her son had to lick their genitals.

Initially, Sasha was sick and even vomit from this. But then his child's body somehow adapted to such early sexual experience. According to the laws: criminal, religious, universal, and even thieves that Kostya did with the child as outrage over which should severely punish. But Kostya was sure that it all is permitted, it is all the laws that he higher karma - the law of eternal retribution.

But why Kostya was drawn into the sphere of the demonic manifestations? For him it was something new, not available before. Perhaps it was the sphere of its total affirmation. Kostya deliberately evoked in its students the negative emotions such as fear, anger, lust, jealousy, vanity, for that would be pulling them over the levers, they were easy to manage. It is known that much easier to control by a person in the power of negative emotions. In many religious treatises say that this technique used by the demons controlling the lower nature of man. Maybe it's some mythological description of life processes. But if you look closely, that led many people have many questions. Why do people make a very strange actions, especially after taking alcohol or drugs? Why there are maniacs and serial killers? Maybe there are forces interested in such a senseless behavior of some people who are on an unconscious level, act as agents of these forces. In a sense, being thin plans energize tortured victims. In ancient times, for all the action is a hidden meaning. People with a modern mentality nothing can explain the actions of a maniac, but to the fact that he departed from the standards of conduct normal person. But in everyone's life there are moments when, in varying degrees, they take possession of the lower strength. As, however, is the fact that higher forces are at work for different people, regardless of whether they consider themselves teachers or not.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On his integrity in tantra Costa said quite a few big words. Yet constantly monitor themselves he could not. Since the time of Marianne was not enough time, and apparently, he began to forget why he was beaten in the groin. The lessons were forgotten. And in the end life he has presented yet another lesson - we need to use condoms.

Irina once realized that she was pregnant from the bones. She did not rush to tell him the news. First, she did not know how he will treat it. Secondly, she has long thought that the baby - it's a secret trump card in its hand in winning future husband. It seems that the story of the birth of her first child learned nothing. Irina hid her pregnancy for as long as it does not become apparent. Kostya, of course, insisted on an abortion. She also claimed that he was afraid to have an abortion, because it can damage health.

While Irina could still argue with him. Unlike Lena, she never missed an opportunity to argue with him. Because Irene was a man more intelligent, she loved to ask tough questions. But the bones were always answered. This is the property of the cunning mind. A man identifying himself as a teacher, simply must be tricky. However, in case of pregnancy, Costa failed to persuade Irina to have an abortion.

At the same time he had a different problem. Neighbors on the entrance, where she was Irina often heard the noise, loud music and swearing coming from the apartment. In addition, they noticed that her mother Irina has stopped going outside, and little Sasha was often depressed. Its not often seen sitting on the stairs in the entryway. Then the neighbors noticed that after the noisy gulyanok held in a suspicious apartment on the morning of Sasha endured great packages with empty bottles from which they concluded that there are organized drinking parties.

The most active of the neighbors decided to bring it to public attention. They wrote a collective letter to the district administration. Began the proceedings with a view to finding out what is happening there.

For Sasha's worst period, it became the residence time mother in the hospital when she gave birth to her second child. Left alone in an apartment with Kostya and Lena, he was in an atmosphere of blatant hatred. Kostya Lena even stopped calling him by name, and called a bitch. Irina's mother was dying of starvation. Irina, finally losing all illusions about the fact that Kostya will take your child, like her own, decided to leave him in the hospital. Soon after the child has adopted another couple, and he gained the fate it deserves.

When Irina came home, her son attacked her with a knife. During her absence he had suffered so much abuse that I hated her mother for what she had to leave him at home. Kostya has managed to convince him that it was she to blame for their suffering. Embroil children with parents has always been a favorite pastime of Constantine. For Irene, it was another blow. But she agreed to such a life. Hence, something she is attracted to her.

Mother's death is not much knocked it out of a rut. To her it is treated almost casually. Kostya was not indifferent. He decided to make the funeral. For this purpose, Irina went to the factory, and wept there, she had no money to his mother's funeral. Kostya told her that for her it's just a role as in the theater. Apparently her performance of someone touched. The plant has allocated money for the funeral. But the money went entirely to other purposes.

In the day of the funeral Kostya decided to make a practice of his two disciples. He told them that this practice will help them make significant progress in spiritual attainment. Two young guys, not so long ago came to the first session, had not the slightest idea of what will be the practice. When they came into the apartment of Irina, saw a body of an old woman. Kostya told them to wrap it in a sheet and make out. On the question of children - "Why do not tomb," Costa said all Jews are buried in a shroud.

At the entrance troupes were loaded into a car and driven to the cemetery. Found there some kind of "pests" who dug a hole for a bottle. In the pit dropped troupes, and did not even really burying, and only covered with earth, and went to celebrate. On the way home, that would be even more shocking his students, Kostya sang songs of the thieves. At home, he invited all to drink and celebrate successfully carried out the practice. He had reason to celebrate - the apartment was free.

But here's disciples, who saw a mentor in his new role, not very happy, and soon stopped going to the section. From this Kostya concluded that such practices students need to prepare gradually.

The story of the funeral was noticed neighbors. On this, there was talk that once again attracted the attention of the public. Irina soon summoned to court. The court considered the case of deprivation of her maternal rights to the child. Before the trial, Costa said Irina: "That's fine. Let the bitch is taken to the orphanage. There's a man of him will make. Difficulties always good. "

At trial, Irina shamelessly declared that the son she does not need that she once engaged in his upbringing and that she has nothing against the deprivation of her parental rights. The court so decided to do. However, those present at the meeting of people, it was too shocked to Irina.

They understood that this is not a typical case where alcoholic mother abandons the child due to illness. Irina was in good health and well-dressed. All this led to their resentment. Not by chance shortly articles have appeared in local newspapers about the horrible dead woman, who gave away all her children, and freezing to death by his mother. Irina began to point the finger at the street. The whole house now know this story.

But while no one knew that the leading role in all these events played a young man with a mind, an ordinary guy named Kostya. He was glad the simple fact that the apartment was still available. He told Irina that she would not worry about what they say about it are fools. He convinced her that now she will have a new, happy life. But that would not be subject to discussion, he invited her to do an exchange of apartments. So she did it. She moved into a five story building on the street rail, located quite close to the 74th school. It was a convenient place. What would come to a section, you had just come out of the house.


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Something interesting has happened

this is an old video of Rudnev that has obviously been tidied up and remastered

this is a completely new video from the same youtube channel

Could it be that Rudnev might be getting out of jail soon and is being promoted again?

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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according to a very interesting article in Russian

this man

who bears some resemblance to Perun, only with longer hair (same person?) is one of the senior members of the cult his name is

Shudnev Konstantin Leonidovich (name of the sect - Shiva Acharya), busy with organizational issues, possibly with real estate fraud

More text from the page
Shambhala School (Sotidanandana Yoga Center) <H>
     Other names: Esoteric Ashram Shambala, "" Siberian Association of Yoga, "" Academy of occult sciences, "Company" Olirna "Center" Belovodye "," School of Spiritual Healing Academy Guru Sotinandany "headquarters" Everest ", School of Yoga, Rajneesh- Center, School of Avicenna, "Esoteric core business", "Alataysky Ashram Shambala," "esoteric schools Agharti" in Moscow "Russian Tantric School, Russian Esoteric Center, International" Academy of Happiness, "The International Academy The Way to Happiness" "The Path to Belovodye.

     Printed publications: Newspapers "Healer," "Rainbow lotus" and "Newspaper for fools." All newspapers come to "sadhaka" (the adherents) in the mail. At the newspapers themselves do not output data (ie, printing houses, the city, ordering, etc.). It is through their publication "School" is trying to bring their "Light of Truth" and gives some advice, "circles of interest" on the ground in other cities.

     Feature: a dangerous criminal organizations, whose leaders are passionate about oriental and occult practices. Puts adherents in terms of slave existence. Uses elements of violence.
     In Novosibirsk, the sect had several apartments for the cohabitation of adherents - ashrams, the total number of core "devotees" - a few dozen people.

HEADS OF CULT - "Master" (Rudnev Konstantin Dmitrievich) the name of the sect - Sri Jnana Avatar Muni, calling himself an enlightened teacher, God, Home, "a priestess" - Sri Lakshmi Devi Subhi (Zakharova Elena Vladimirovna), "Chief Mentor" - Sri Ganesh - (HANDOZHKO Paul V.); Shudnev Konstantin Leonidovich (name of the sect - Shiva Acharya), busy with organizational issues, possibly with real estate fraud, and several other young people who are divided into older "mentors" (wear a black tunic) and junior "trainers " (wear a white tunic).
 Nestle lectures on the study of yoga, "eternal truths", which made the selection of prospective adopters, ie, people with high suggestibility, supple psyche. Seminars, participation costs - about 6 million rubles. Going about 60-70 people. Classes - spontaneous impromptu lecture manager or his students. Are held in rented houses of culture, sometimes in the ashram. Rudnev likes to interpret the various parables, show off your erudition, but in "my circle" recognizes that it is only for external, that it is not so, as he says so publicly. In addition to lectures - collective meditation, dance and yoga exercises. Mentors are often involved with adeptkami so-called tantra-yoga, ie, sexual magical practices.
The most "loyal" settled in an ashram, where supposedly there are "special" conditions for "spiritual growth". For ordinary members of the ashram dream - 3 hours, meager vegetarian food, continuous work, frequent physical violence, sometimes sadistic forms for women - "Tantra practitioners. At this time, "mentors" carefully monitor the adepts, without losing the slightest infraction, deliver impromptu lectures (for "spiritual perfection"). Practices of collective meditation - a curse on the enemies, for example, to annoy the neighbors, but especially - for those who left the sect. Several people stand in a circle, imagining that in the heart of the enemy is, and throws out his anger on him, swearing, cursing at him, imagining that they beat him.

     In a more narrow range Rudnev teaches the need to get rid of the power of parents who are only able to take money from them and bring in the sect. External to the sect of people called "mice", in relation to them is permissible theft, fraud and abuse. At one meeting there was much talk about Hitler, about the need to destroy all the old and weak.

     In general, a "school" gives the impression of the criminal group, whose leaders are passionate about yoga and occult practices.
     Doctrine: has a distinct impression of dilettantism. Published several brochures for internal use to set out the views of leaders, consisting mainly of excerpts of popular books containing the most controversial elements of oriental studies. Style of the authors own views rather vulgar shows their lack of any real knowledge of Eastern religions. Rites group - theatrical, designed to produce an effect on the uninitiated, his "elevation", actually contains some simple elements of primitive occult practices. Popular with the leaders of the book Averyanov Castaneda, "Astral Karate", "Karma yoga", etc.

     Criminal acts: Known cases of sale of the adepts of all his property, flats to transfer all the money mentors.

     There is physical violence against adherents of the mentors, or at their direction.

     01/26/1999 Prosecutor of Novosibirsk region instituted criminal proceedings under Article 239 of the Criminal Code, the United encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens. "

    The basis for a criminal case was the application of desperate parents whose children have become easy prey to "insiders" rogues.

    Since the beginning of the investigation turned cult activities in Novosibirsk and moved the main centers in Moscow and Saratov. The leaders went into hiding. K. Rudnev, declared himself the mentally ill, and some time in a psychiatric hospital, then disappeared from the city.

    Recently, a sect active in the guise of public educational institutions International Academy "The Way to Happiness," which promise to teach:

"Like to call light the soul of the child;

how to achieve attainment of the transcendental mysteries of sex;

as experience the bliss that is available only to the gods;

secret rituals of consecration of the house, turning your home into the temple of happiness;

attract good fortune in life;

fill the house like a bowl of plenty. "

"Academy" predlaet "experience unforgettable moments of the flight of a free soul, to plunge into the world, filled with fragrance of love and harmony." What are these "points" can be seen on the proposed cutscenes.

     I Rudnev a new nickname "The Big God-enlightened Shaman Altai Altai Kagan.


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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This is a current website promoting Rudnev and the woman who is described as 2nd in command on the stopfools Russian website


It includes colour photos of them looking ridiculous dressed in fake shaman costumes

Also an interesting Russian news item from 2008
The text here is via google translate (emphasis mine)

On Thursday, Oct. 23 , at 7:00  in the village of Kirov District Soviet police department staff has been discovered, "the headquarters of the sect" Ashram Shambala, one of the most dangerous totalitarian sectarian organizations in the world, originated in 1991, the year in Akademgorodok. On the same day investigators stormed the villa in the village Plotnikovo Novosibirsk region, which was discovered and the leader of the sect - 41-year-old Konstantin Rudnev , known sektanstkih circles under the name of Sri Jnana Avatar Muni.

As a result of operational activities in the two cottages belonging to the sect were found eight girls who were on the federal wanted list as a missing persons (including under-age resident in Belarus - a schoolgirl from Minsk). In addition, investigators seized 23 laptops, a large number of occult literature, video and audio. Both cottages have been discovered objects of sexual entertainment and video products, and distortions of pornographic content.

It is known that the sect "Ashram Shambala" is based on the renunciation of conventional morality and deviant sexual behavior: free sexual relationships, orgies involving animals, the moral, physical and sexual violence, etc. The sect has been around for 18 years, was born in Akademgorodok where its inhabitants, Konstantin Rudnev, born in 1967, he began to lecture on esoteric, yoga, alternative medicine and psychology (lectures conducted including the NSU, while Konstantin Rudnev himself never went to university, he graduated from college).

" I once got a lecture Konstantin Rudnev - told korrekspondentu Vadim Alexeev , in those years - a student at NSU - because he was fond of India, spirituality, etc. By the way, then it was very popular, probably because Rudnev managed to create such a big totalitarian sects. But I was lucky: I could not sit on it and 20 minutes away. But one of my best friends came under the influence of the sect, which then led to the collapse of his family: he is abused his wife, forcing her to participate in orgies with his mistress. However, he later changed his mind, he headed to the Orthodox Church and now has a new family. "

Then, when the sect gained a sufficiently large number of students, classes were held in the basement of a secondary school for street Rail in Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk. For the best "promotion" of the sect Konstantin Rudnev, first called himself Guru Sotidanandana, then was invented the legend that in Tibet, home to the sage, who is his teacher, etc.

Special recognition to Mr. Rudnev brought the book "The Way of the fool," in which author appears under the pseudonym of a roll and, in some publications - under the name Sotilian Sikoriysky. Book and to this day is freely available, in addition, there is publicly available on the Internet. Despite the fact that it is written very poor language, in a circle of adherents of the sect considered to be a revelation Teachers. In the book are denied family values, the joy of fatherhood and motherhood, popagandiruyutsya indiscriminate sexual relations and regular sexual practices, which should deal exclusively with the young and beautiful girls.

According to the results of the international scientific-practical conference "Totalitarian Sects - the threat of the twenty-first century", held in Nizhny Novgorod, April 23-25, 2001, sect Rudnev is listed as "most famous and dangerous modern destructive cults." By debilitating hunger, constant and indiscriminate sex, violence, persuasion using the techniques of hypnosis and NLP Rudnev and his followers were people tied to the sect. Adherents of the sect, as a rule, they became totally dependent on it, donated his property sect, and themselves moved to live in a dormitory of the sect. According to the website, by 2004 the leader of the sect's adherents to the sale of the property, video occult and pornographic content, lectures and seminars to earn about $ 10 million.

Even during his military service (1986) Konstantin Rudnev, tried to convince his commanders to refuse alcohol, tobacco and meat and to transform the military into the likeness of the Shaolin Temple, where the officers would become "teachers" and the soldiers' day and night would be trained in martial arts and serve God. "

Then Rudnev was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Samara. In 1989 he returned to Novosibirsk and with the help  of Elena Zakharova established wellness company "Caravan", which promoted alternative medicine with the eastern slope. After the company was transformed into "Siberian Association of Yoga" (the officially registered name), also known as the "Academy of occult sciences," it also "Ashram Shambala," it also "Belovodye. There also were Company Olirna "," Sotitanandana Yoga Center, School of Esoteric core business "and" School of Avicenna. Around Novosibirsk in houses of culture, cinema and even a children's summer camps cultists have begun paid seminars, which teach "yoga", "the teachings of Shambhala", "Reiki healing," "astral karate and remove damage. One of the most popular among girls has become a "geisha school," where advocated complete sexual freedom, emancipation, etc. It is known that one of the leaders of the sect, Paul Handozhko , a surgeon from the Pskov region, regularly conducts workshops on "Tantra" ("do tantra" - in the language of the sect stands for "sex"), in 2004, was wanted on suspicion of spreading AIDS (there is every reason to believe that he is HIV-infected and caused the illness of several dozen people all over Russia).

According to operative data, by 2000 the number of adherents of the sect had grown to 20,000 throughout Russia. Rudnev tried to detain two times - in 1999 and in 2004, once he was placed on involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital in Novosibirsk, but escaped and continued his activities.

The complexity of the situation is, explain the investigators that all followers of the sect do not consider themselves victims, and so long as Konstantin Rudnev still at large. Female found in cottages near Novosibirsk, unwilling to return to his native, and require that they have returned to a "teacher" where they "rest." The exact number of adherents of the sect known, and only a few independently, without serious material and moral damages could be free from the influence of the sect.

As says one of the former adherents of the sect, she came under the influence of one of the middle managers of the sect, which was fascinated by the mythology, magic and healing. " By healing has led me to the need to - my mother was ill with cancer, and I was 16 years old and I vserez hoped to cure such an extraordinary way, as official medicine does not believe it. Of course, my children's hope was not destined to come true, my mother died, and I am in deep depression even more began to study magic books. And here I came across an advertisement in the newspaper - "courses of practical astrology." Unaware bad, I have come to these courses, which led a young man named Vladimir ... He forced me to come to class every day, looked into the eyes without blinking, turn the music on which I had goose bumps running along the skin, he said that I was special, that I have a great destiny, etc. A few days later he began to study with me "Tantra," and why I still did not burst and ran away - for me to this day a mystery. I just could not resist him, the whole force will go away, as in the sand under his gaze. I remember every time I was terribly afraid go to class, just bend my knees in fear, and yet I was. And I began to vary greatly. I began to lie to the Pope, the day could not appear at home. For me, loving and obedient to my father's daughter, it was quite abnormal behavior, but dad cheated on is the shock of losing his mother. Soon the Pope went to another country for work, and Vladimir moved to live in my apartment and the father's money as it had neither work nor own home. And still proud that he will live with me because I believed that he is a god, apostle, the great shaman, etc. Living with them was terrible. He almost did not feed me, made a long time to sit on a cold, bothered, and sometimes Tapping - though seldom, in comparison with the fact that I've heard of other mentors, this was still a Quiet Man "- she publishes her story online.

Law enforcement agencies are hoping that Konstantin Rudnev could be mobilized for the articles "corruption of minors" and "possession of narcotic substances."


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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This recent news item in Russian may explain why the new videos of Rudnev have appeared on youtube

It seems that there is a possibility that he may be released on bail on 8th January of this year

The court refused to release the leader of the sect "Ashram Shambala" bail

15:32 11/25/2010
NOVOSIBIRSK, November 25 - RIA Novosti. Novosibirsk Central District Court on Wednesday refused to release from custody on bail of 2 million rubles, the head of the sect "Ashram Shambala" by Konstantin Rudnev, who was detained on September 30, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the court.
According to him, the lawyer Rudnev asked to release his client under the cash collateral, but the court dismissed the petition and upheld the position of the investigating authorities, insisted that the detention of the accused during the investigation. The term of his arrest by the court extended until January 8, 2011.
Law enforcement authorities previously tried three times to bring to justice Rudnev - in 1999, 2004 and 2008. However, the case never reached court. This was due in particular to the fact that sect members refused to testify against his "spiritual mentor", claiming that they had joined the organization voluntarily and do not want to leave her.
Once again, the 43-year old head of the sect detained in his cottage near Novosibirsk on September 30 this year. Later, an investigator for investigation of particularly important cases investigation department of the Russian Federation on the UK region indicted him on part 1 of article 239 (establishment of a religious association, whose activities involve violence against citizens and motivation of citizens to refuse to fulfill their civic duties) and Article 131 (rape ) and article 132 of the Criminal Code (sexual assault) committed against 27-year member of the sect. Articles provide for sanctions of up to six years imprisonment.
Investigative Department of Insurance of the Russian Federation on the field on Thursday reported on its website that "continue to be many of the investigative and operational activities aimed at the establishment of sects." Currently, investigators determined 15 people from among former members of the sect, living in neighboring regions, they are all recognized as victims, said the agency.
According to police, the sect "Ashram Shambala" was established in 1989 in Novosibirsk, and now has branches in many cities of Russia. As reported previously director of the Center for sectarianism in Novosibirsk Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Oleg Zayev, in 1999 approximately 10 thousand people were in correspondence with her leadership. What is the number of sects today, is unknown.
Their organization Rudnev previously also called the Academy of occult sciences, the Russian tantric school, the School of geishas. According to police, many of the adherents of the sect "bring a gift" of its leadership to their apartments and savings. Then they all be removed from contact with relatives and friends. Members of the sect promotes sexual orgies, found law enforcement.

source in Russian

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Interesting news story that questions whether Rudnev is really the head of this network

For what it's worth, while it seems like he was the founder of the network, it seems to me that it has grown into a huge criminal network - a Mafia type group - and as such will have cooperative business association with other criminal networks, corrupt police and state officials, etc.  It seems to me that it would be a mistake to concentrate to much on the danger posed by Rudnev as if he died or spent the rest of his life in jail the network would continue to operate as it is anyway.

Anyway, here's the news story

Sex is not a sect led Rudnev?

The investigation believes that the "guru" "Ashram Shambala" was just a "manager"
Komsomolskaya Pravda has already told me that two weeks ago at seven operatives Novosibirsk and Berdsk covered the head of one of the most dangerous sects of Russia "Ashram Shambala" Konstantin Rudnev. However, the same day, after raids on two cottages belonging to the sect, the "guru" was released. Operatives could not find evidence against Konstantin Rudnev, and examination of seized things in cottages is not yet ready (for more details - on our site

So far, in fact there are more and more details. For example, as it became known "KP", the investigation seriously is considering a version that the founder of a sex cult Rudnev was just a dummy figure. A guided it a completely different person. And - quite famous.

- Ore - this is not a key figure in the sect, - says Alexey DYATCHIN, a senior investigator Iskitimsky interdistrict Management IC for RF Prosecutor's Office for the NSO. - Most likely, he headed the only branch of this sect in Novosibirsk. The leader was also Avtandil Lomsadze. The cottages, which were searched, we found lot of portraits and books Avtandil. Rudnev is clearly mentally deranged man, he simply could not undertake such an extensive structure!

Now the identity of Avtandil Lomsadze vengeance study detectives - although so remote. 70-year-old Georgian clairvoyant repeatedly flashed in the newspapers and TV. Resemblance to Rudnev definitely have: Avtandil also proclaims itself "high" teacher "and" Raja Yogi ".

- Even in the videos that we have withdrawn from the Ashram, Rudnev read on a couple of Lomsadze, - says Alexei Dyatchin. - While we have no information where it can be that person. But the consequences to him many questions.

As a final argument, people in uniform give the following argument: Rudnev took his cottage on 23 October. A 26-s have been appointed as the first lecture Lomsadze in Novosibirsk, which he planned to spend on tour in our city. But neither the appointed day, nor later, Avtandil in Siberia does not appear ...

A year ago, Avtandil Lomsadze already arrived in Novosibirsk to demonstrate their "superpowers". Correspondent "KP" personally communicate with that person. Alas, nothing supernatural "visionary" we have not demonstrated. Even thought to read, as promised at first, Avtandil refused. Referring to the fact that the mood is not the head and splits. When the "visionary" to come again, nobody knows. But Lomsadze in Siberia are now expected not only to fans but also people in uniform. In the meantime, investigators are scratching their heads, for what you can bring to justice Konstantin Rudnev.

- Between you and me, in this sect that kind of money spinning ... in a good, Rudnev could be a long time to throw behind bars for the most simple - tax evasion. After all, "Ashram Shambala is conducting training sessions and lectures without a license!

And owes "Ashram" State not a penny, and millions ... Only now would have to figure out - in whose pocket was running fabulous profits ...

Komsomolskaya Pravda is following developments.

Another view

"U" Ashram "one founder, and it Rudnev!"

A new version of a corollary, we have voiced Oleg Zaev, the head of the Center for sectarianism at the Novosibirsk Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

- Initially, a sect "Ashram Shambala" founded Konstantin Rudnev and Lomsadze direct relationship to it had not, - says Oleg Zaev. - Although they both speculated on yoga, but the organization they were different. Presumably, by 2005, against the backdrop of weakening the authority of Rudnev formalized an alliance with Avtandil Lomsadze against the background of general interest, as reported by former members to antirudnevskom site. This version was confirmed by the mother of one of the oldest members of the "Ashram", which indicates the appearance of images Lomsadze her son in 2006, he was revered as an icon visible for the fact that he had received from him a sort of "healing" effect. In any case, be more precise it is not possible because of the deep conspiracy of the sect, where children are taught to speak in front of the camera deliberately false information about their leaders. But what Rudnev is the one and only founder of a totalitarian sect "Ashram Shambala" - this is probably a fact.

- In 1980 Rudnev once came to the lecture Lomsadze and inspired - the second Zaev former assistant Rudnev, A. (girl asked to say her name for security purposes.. - Ed.). - Often went to his seminars. Then he created the "Ashram". Somewhere in 2005, Rudnev decided to find inspired him Avtandil. With Lomsadze, they met in St. Petersburg. Rudnev did offer to cooperate Lomsadze, but he refused and cursed Rudnev, for his teachings. Like, in the "Ashram" a lot is built on hatred of the mother, children ... Lomsadze like how it does not accept.

Dossier "KP"

Avtandil Lomsadze was born in Tbilisi in 1938. In 1960 he played for Georgia's basketball team. In 1971, as he tells Avtandil, participated in the American experiment on telepathy Space - Earth, took the idea astronaut Edgar Mitchell on board the spacecraft from space in a specially designed experiments than allegedly caused an unprecedented sensation in the USA. However, confirmation of this information is not available. Avtandil toured throughout Russia and the CIS, showing his "incredible abilities".

source in Russian

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Another very disturbing news story telling of suicides and other deaths linked to this criminal network

Sectarians driven to suicide at least three people

Girls who had fled from the sect "Ashram Shambala, talk about souls shattered by Konstantin Rudnev [video]
Komsomolskaya Pravda has already told us that after a series of materials about the most dangerous sects of Russia Konstantin Rudnev, the editors began receiving letters from escaped from the sect girls. Of those stories that tell our readers, the hair stand on end. It turns out Rudnev attributed not only to corruption of minors, the involvement of the sect, the extortion, but the more serious sins (although it would seem much more). Girls accuse Rudnev's death three of his adherents of the sect:

"We still have Rudnev peccadillo - his one aide because he hanged himself - wrote to us by - This is Vlad Bolshakov, the name of the sect Nandi. This boy had hanged himself somewhere in 2002 to the year, do not remember exactly. In the sect, he served as caregivers: Wash, wash the dishes, take out the garbage ... Nandy had a penchant for sadism. Often it was used as a man who mocked the delinquent mentors (eg, beating them with a stick). He also liked to make fun of your pets. He once shot a cat from a homemade crossbow ... And then Rudnev drove him "to stick", and he hanged himself. This guy buried in the nearby plantations near the cottage in Rudnev Plotnikovo ...

Another "guru" brought to the madness of a boy from Tuva, a boy named Ivar. Rudnev, drove him into the woods, which next to the cottage, there is a boy bitten mosquitoes to death - three days he Pomaia in the woods and then, when he returned to Rudnev, he was not allowed into the house, and gave money - they say, come here. But the boy was already at the time insane, and his fate is unknown ... By the way, the money that gave him Rudnev, then found scattered throughout this forest. "

"Because of the offspring Rudnev, died in Kiev girl - already wrote VA - The catch is that I remember only that this girl in the" Ashram "was named Rada. Her name is actually, I can not remember. It was 2002, when I'm not mistaken. I saw her just a few days in Moscow. Apartment in Kiev, was shot on the street Novomarinskoy. In Moscow, the conditions could be remotely described as "aimed at the development of spirituality." People still fed, even as the dogs. The fact that mentors at that time were people like Rudnev, in a society have not achieved much success, some behind crime, drugs, or simply bad luck. Rudnev raised these people, put at the head of the Ashrams, they believed that they are motivated by God's hand and after some time just turned into despots ....

... In Moscow, people illuminates a certain "Leo" (real name Catherine). People were fed once a day, while the mentors themselves, who usually just ate myself with meats, which were bought with the money of the most "enlightening". In Kiev, the same is happening total outrage. "Ashram" there was in charge of some Larisa, last flew out of my head at all ... a long time she was in charge there, she would not let people in the toilets, did not provide meals. "Rada" on the basis of early malnutrition has gone mad, and then just died. Rudnev gave the command to disperse and leave the body. I do not know, whether taken by his parents, or did not know what happened to their child. She was about 16 ... "

Another tragedy took place in Voronezh. In this city, Rudnev followers spent three years, then they were a gang of covered operations. About this on their page back in 2005 told the KP-Voronezh. Then, after their publication, the editor called and told the girl's tragic history. It turned out that dragged into a sectarian nightmare turned out to be her lover Egor. Once he went to "Main Ashram" in Novosibirsk, Russia, and returned from there, he committed suicide.

"Yegor jumped from the sixth floor, but survived - no fracture! - Told the girl .- Even in the hospital, doctors discovered the strongest of heart and lung contusions. A week later he died. He was not yet 30 years ... "

And despite all this, Rudnev, who recently was detained at the Novosibirsk Opera and leave on the loose!

- At the moment a criminal case against Konstantin Rudnev has not yet opened - officially comment on the "KP" in the police department to the NSO. - The fact that it is not completed examination of the seized at the cabin materials and objects. That their results may affect the sanction against the head of the sect. In addition, while not found 15-year-old girl, because of the disappearance of that and deployed the event.

However, what kind of expertise in question, when in custody at Rudnev was found marijuana (this is officially the deputy head of the NSO OCD Igor Stepanchenko) ... C Rudnev, for unknown reasons, did not even take on his own recognizance ...


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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another disturbing news story (there are so many) this one describing the "pimping " of young girls

text translated via google translate and emphasis is mine

Siberian law enforcement officers are searching for girls who have suffered from orgies in a totalitarian sect
 Victoria Minaev ,  - 14/09/2009

About totalitarian sect "Ashram Shambyly" Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote for two years. Last cultists attracted attention a year ago - also in autumn. Residence "Ashram", which is located on the outskirts of Novosibirsk, was taken by storm SOBRovtsy. They searched for the missing schoolgirl Lena Kuznetsova, suspecting that the "loss" could be in the house of Konstantin Rudnev, leader of sectarians. The girl did not find, but found eight women on the federal wanted list, among them was even a minor girl from Belarus.

Then investigators collected several buckets of dildos, as well as taking the drug, but the latter has not reached the weight for a criminal case.

- Sect members who were in the criminal investigation, we have sent to their homes, but as far as I know, they are back to the lair of "the Ashram", - told the Komsomolskaya Pravda Pavel Zolotukhin, deputy head of the Centre to combat extremism in the police field. - Remember that for a guy especially from Krasnodar mother came, took him on a plane home, but he was just a few days again fled ...

According to investigators, the ringleader of the sect Konstantin Rudnev - the same roll, it is the same teacher, who is also Sri Jnana Avatar Muni and the messenger of God as their "approximate" zapudril brains, that they simply do not give a report for their actions. However, operatives managed to find five girls who were fortunate enough to go sane in this obscurantism. It is based on their statements to law enforcement and recently launched a criminal case against the "Ashram".

- The case initiated on the establishment of a religious association, whose activities involve violence and injury to health - Paul says Zolotukhin. - Now we are looking for more victims of this sect, and ask them to respond by calling (383) 232-74-97, 232-71-96 or 232-71-14. Rudnev himself is still at large.

- Paul V., and how sane leader of this sect? After all, Constantine's unreal the number of inquiries from mental hospitals ...

- It is absolutely reasonable, - said the militiaman. - But often simply built from a madman. Such behavior from his childhood. I Rudnev aunt, indeed, lay in a psychiatric hospital, he had her at an early age came to visit and remember how to behave insane.

Rudnev simply copy their model of behavior. At what it did many years ago, for example, when he was drafted into the army. According to the memoirs colleagues, Konstantin Rudnev, standing on guard, suddenly could begin to shoot into the air from the machine, saying that so it heats up ...

Law enforcement authorities have already tried three times to bring to justice Rudnev in 1999, 2004 and 2008. However, until the court case was not reached. Sectarians idolized her "teacher" and refused to testify against him, declared that involved group orgies "to open the third eye, and on a voluntary basis.

As told Komsomolskaya Pravda earlier Oleg Zayev, Head of Information Centre on sectarianism at the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, many of those who joined the sect were deprived of apartments, cars and all their savings.

- Integral Yoga, which teaches Rudnev his concubines, involves "improving" after tantric sex - says Oleg. - Inexperienced girls are taught that their partner will refrain from ejaculation, and thus they will reach harmony, enlightenment and perfection. In fact orgy filmed on video, and - according to the testimony of people who came out of the sect - were sold abroad. Thus, we have a modern form of pimping in which girls trade body, not for money but for the idea. They can come to a solid and rich like how to self-improvement, which lobbied for their interests, and partly logistical help to the sect.

By the way what Rudnev, under the guise of his doctrine holds regular brothel, and investigators have begun to understand. Sektantok simply prepared in such a peculiar method of prostitutes:

- Mass Sabbath, called a special training conducted in special apartments. There, they practice a separate pronunciation of the word "Ha!" On the exhale, which is very similar to the Holotropic Breathwork - continues Oleg Zaev. - As a result, the body oversaturated with oxygen, which leads to a narrowing of cerebral blood vessels, weakening a critical understanding of what is happening and the subjugation of the psyche. After that, during the dance they started to undress. One, two ... and vulgar imitation of the herd. Ends, as a rule, svalnym sin. But they do not transgress the law. All everyone is doing volunteer ...


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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it just gets worse and worse :(

The leader of the sect "Ashram Shambala" Konstantin Rudnev, which has recently been detained in Novosibirsk, stuffed with his "spiritual children" of strong synthetic drugs.

Today it became known the outcome examination revealed a cottage sectarian substances.

- Sectarians stuffed each other cocaine, marijuana, and two kinds of complex potent synthetic chemicals - say the operatives. - They provided formidable destructive effects on the central nervous system. Now it is clear that attracted people to this cult, and why they behaved so poorly.

During their get-togethers organized sectarian real orgy in which participated not only adults but also children.

- According to the criminal procedure law we have decided on the allocation of new materials and sending them to the territorial bodies of internal affairs, - says Sergey Kopylin investigator. - Since the storage and use of drugs specifically target them consequently in.

All the material collected from the Investigations Division will be transferred to the police tomorrow. And have the organs of the Interior will issue a decision to institute criminal proceedings against Rudnev, which for all 10 years of existence distruktivnoy sects have never been able to prosecute.  

Oleg Pletuhin ,

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Another, older, news story, this one from 2004

Please note that the reported enforced manual labour, the deprivation of human rights, the sexual abuses and, interestingly, the network owning its own travel agency are all indicators of trafficking in human beings (THB), especially when considered in relation to  each other.  The refusal of victims to give testimony against their oppressor/s is also a common feature of victims of THB where it is understood to be indicative of the Stockholm Syndrome

From the founder of the sect "Ashram Shambala" in Novosibirsk are fighting a long time. According to law enforcement agencies, to preach and collect money from the population Konstantin Rudnev and his comrades began in the late 80's. In the field of view of Information and Advisory Centre on sectarianism (he works at the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky) shambalisty "caught somewhere in the mid-90's. Priests began to write and call people whose children have left the family in the so-called ashrams.

"Please help return her daughter - starts one of the letters that came from Kuzbass. - She lives somewhere Novosibirsk. Voluntarily, forced starvation and prolonged meditation brought to a complete degeneration, both physical and mental ... She and other girls are forced into hard work - they wash clothes intact bales, while the men are building someone a house .. The daughter of the sect are constantly donating money - believe that this organization does to us moral and material damage. "

... Starting with "harmless" section of yoga under one of the universities of Novosibirsk, Konstantin Rudnev gradually turned into "a great and enlightened teachers." Mixing in a lot of teachings of Castaneda and other foreign authors, a graduate engineering college "begat" the book "The Way of the fool." Experts call it the content of total nonsense, but nevertheless see it as signs of a policy document of the new religion. It is curious that a book published in Moscow, is freely available on the shelves of bookstores, and now came out the seventh part of it - "The Way of the fool" short can not be called. Specialists believe that this is now Novosibirsk "bible" is no longer appends itself Rudnev, and his entourage. In addition, the new religion was generously seasoned shamanic paraphernalia, sweet Siberian heart.

Simultaneously, Rudnev and his "colleagues" have begun a series of lectures in Novosibirsk houses of culture: he was promised to everyone whether yogis, or shamans, or even some sort of "superman". According to the orthodox center, with similar offers members of the sect Rudnev and traveled to the villages. Like, here we have a shaman, magician and wizard Sri Jnana Avatar Muni - if you send him their children to study, he and they can easily open the possibility of the supernatural. Was adjusted trading book, as well as the magical gizmos. For example, fiat pyataks - the usual "Soviet" nickels coin sold in the mid-90 for 250 rubles at the end - for 500, but now worth $ 20 According to the fighters with the sects, the daily revenue of Ashram Shambala "by postal order is not less than 20 thousand rubles. And with each workshop - on a tantric sex, or by "Esoteric business fundamentals," or for "spiritual healing" sect had ten thousand dollars.

By the end of 90 the number of adherents' Ashram Shambala "grew up to 15-20 thousand in the whole of Russia. And these people really believed Rudnev as God: "I was left a wife and daughter, missing money and lodging. Teacher Help me find my money - because you're the most powerful on Earth, and you all know ..." "Ashrams", where prospective followers were engaged in ritual dances, meditation and tantric sex, appeared almost in every major city in Russia and CIS countries. In Novosibirsk, where she lived the "tip", there were more than ten apartments, each of whom lived adherents of different cities. Many of them were listed on the federal wanted list.

Now trade shaman trinkets and unchanging fiat pyataks is still on. Sect Rudnev only changed its name - it is now called the Academy, "The Path to Belovodye" and has a website with a catalog of products. Seminars are the same, except that are often from abroad: from Rudnev many followers in Western Europe and the USA. According to Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the sect has another business. The Ust-Ilim brewery produced beer Siberian shaman, "the guru on the label, in the Altai working travel agency, through a network of adherents realized Canadian Supplements.

Experts in the ideology of totalitarian sects have recognized "the Ashram Shambala," "antisocial, anti-family, deliberately opposing itself to society in general and to specific people in particular." In 1999, Konstantin Rudnev was suspected of "forming a religious association, whose activities involve violence against citizens", 239 th article of the Criminal Code. He then disappeared for five years from Novosibirsk, and the case postponed. Now under investigation again.

As with any sect, followers of the teachings Rudnev tear all social ties, they are fully subordinated to the will of the mentors. "My heart hurts to see this abomination!" - Said the rector of the cathedral Alexander Nevski Alexander Novopashin. On internal video - lessons tantric sex (and easier - hours of orgies with dildos, including conventional or candles, which, according to a savage ritual is also set on fire). On these tapes - the face of the guru, which is difficult to distinguish from ordinary mental hospital patient.

Delay, "the elusive guru" law enforcement agencies recently succeeded in the village Plotnikovo. Together with him at the cottage were eight girls, the youngest of whom are under eighteen and. To write statements about mental impact of the harem has refused, although the girls admitted that they were allowed to sleep only three hours a day, and so on.

Meanwhile, the regional prosecutor's office is still hoping that they will be able to give Konstantin Rudnev trial. In April 2004, the investigating authorities asked the man from Bryansk, searching for her daughter, which fell into the sect Rudnev. The girl was actually found in Novosibirsk, the seat of the sect. The father wrote a statement saying that his daughter was subjected to psychological violence. Now the victim is undergoing treatment at a psychiatric clinic in the community - possibly after amendment of mental health she will testify against Konstantin Rudnev in court.


the comments are also interesting
Father Alexander Novopashin, dean of the cathedral of Alexander Nevsky:

- In 1999, I served as a consultant to the investigation team, which was engaged in business Rudnev. With my own eyes have seen thousands of photos, videos that were confiscated on the flats - it's a real pornography, and, in my opinion, the evidence collected was enough to attract Rudnev to criminal liability. We are still ringing from different Russian cities and asked to find girls who have left in Novosibirsk in the "Academy of happiness." That has recently been called back from Belgorod, Bryansk.

Catherine Nosyreva-Grishina, an investigator of the investigation of particularly important cases the prosecutor's office of Novosibirsk region:

- Reasons for delaying Konstantin Rudnev, we have not. The prosecutor's office has only three statements, which indicated that the organization Rudnev on people is the mental impact - and these statements are not from the victims themselves and from their parents. Evidence that the sect of withdrawing property of citizens, either.

Now with Rudnev is an obligation to report to the prosecutor's office for questioning - if it breaks, then you can talk to him about choosing a preventive measure. There are currently assigned to a new religious examination, which must determine whether the association Rudnev sect and how it is dangerous for society. If the case Rudnev will be considered in court and the court declares him guilty on the 239-th article of the Criminal Code, he faces penalties of up to three years imprisonment.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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A cringeworthy display of a plastic shaman impressing some naive newagers here

This video says
Ohin Hara since childhood has the talent to communicate with the spirits of nature. She sings and dance and nature answer to her call. Through her rituals people feel divine joy and empowerment. Her beautiful smile and shinning eyes say more than 100 words and stories that we can tell about her.


So they are happy to tell stories of this shameon communicating with spirits and dancing to nature, but conveniently fail to mention that she is a recruiter for an evil network of organised criminals who like to force under-age girls and even young children to have sex with adults. 

In the video above this monster is called "Ohin Hara" however her other aliases include "Hohin Hara" and "Lada".

Her real name is anyone's guess. 

You can also see her on one of the network's Brazilian sites here:

where there is the following text (translation via google translate)
Ohin Hara , born in the east, from small showed an innate wisdom and a great love for all beings. She then made his life an act of donation to the development of human beings. Ohin Hara devoted himself for many years to research the knowledge that would help her help, psychology, traditional systems of healing, meditation, yoga, astrology. Directly studied the great traditions in places like India, Egypt, Russia, and great masters alive today.

Seeing the leadership role that the woman had been achieving in the world, while it has become more and more required, both within and outside the home, Ohin Hara was a founder of the School of Feminino.Suas classes are famous for all countries which has passed through the contagious joy at the recovery of self-esteem and confidence, helping women in inner healing and the beginning of a full life.

When she is in Brazil can be scheduled consultations and individual works.

This evil child abusing criminal also turns up in France, Norway, Chile and Mexico.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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This monster was recruiting in Brazil as recently as December 2010

The Priestess and international lecturer Hohin Hara will be in St. Louis between 16 and 20 December. Ohin Hara is in Raja Yoga Teacher, Healer and started on Shamanism of Central Asia. Since childhood she had the gift of vision and talent to heal people with the touch of hands and prayers. In St. Louis, will be teaching an open lecture "How to be a creator in your life, create happiness, success and prosperity" on Thursday night. After the speech the Priestess Hohin Hara will hold an Energy Practice "Creation of intent," special moment to wipe the past year, clean 2011.

On days 17, 18 and 19 December will be ministering Hohin Hara Seminar Secrets of the Orient.

Hohin Hara is Russian and travels with a translator to communicate with the talks, seminars and attending the press.

More information - Carla Fiquene 8867-9846

Lecture - How to be a creator in your life by creating happiness

Location: Shotokay - Center Street and the Ecology of Being Sucupira, block 41, house 30, a Renaissance.

Day: 16/12 (Friday)

Time: 20hrs

Then we have the energy practice of Intent Creation

Seminar Secrets of the Orient

Location: Beach Panaquatira No 85, San Jose de Ribamar. Landmark, arrived at the beach turn left, one of the last houses from the beach.

Days: 17, 18 and 19 December

Schedule : Begins on Friday night

Seminar program:

Raising my personal power: To achieve positive results, stop to realize our dreams we need to have personal power. But in any school they taught us how to increase personal power. When you have personal power, our projects are undertaken, the results of our actions are faster, we can find fulfillment in love and easily overcame the difficulties.

Healthy Living: Nothing is more expensive than the disease. Ohin Hara forward practices that give us health, longevity and vitality. Yoga, pranayama, meditation.

Tantra and romantic relationships: The sacred and ancient knowledge of Tantra teaches us to live a stable and passionate relationship with your partner. It teaches us to choose, and attract a partner. Teaches us to be happy even without a partner.

Special: Ritual of protection for your family for the year 2011

More about the Priestess Hohin Hara, since children had the gift of vision and talent to heal people with the touch of your hands and prayers he learned from his grandmother. His search led her to be initiated in a select lineage of Raja Yoga and the scientific studies, but not abandoned shamanic knowledge inherited from his ancestors, but they improved it in the light of the new teachings. It is a bridge between cultures, traditions, people, between the visible and invisible. You have a talent for healing of body and soul, extraordinary. Being with her is the opportunity to receive a great strength and help in the way of happiness.


Please, please people, be extremely careful of this woman.  She may look like a deluded hippy / plastic shaman (and maybe she is those things?) but whatever else she it she is a senior member of a very dangerous criminal network of human traffickers.  

Her fake martial arts may be completely useless but people like her always have very dangerous criminal contacts so please do not approach this woman in person.

Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Geez. This is really disturbing thread. These people need to be arrested and jailed.
Sorry, I didn't read thru all of the links or posts as it is rather disturbing, but enough
to get the gist of this. Seems Interpol ? or someone should be following them, human
trafficking is horrendous. And even that's an understatement.
press the little black on silver arrow Music, 1) Bob Pietkivitch Buddha Feet

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Yes critter.

It is extremely concerning. 

FWIW I have held back posting some of the most disturbing things here.

If ever anyone wanted proof that the newage movement is being used as camouflage by serious organised criminals, or that very serious crimes are being committed under the guide of "shamanism" (fake / plastic shamanism) and other newage nonsense then this thread should do the trick in terms on convincing them.

If anyone is interested in how I started to understand the MO of this network in relation to THB, I was already researching the MO of another huge sex / labour trafficking network operating under the disguise of a Romanian tantric yoga school that has startlingly similar modus operandi to this Russian network.

There is a critical Finnish documentary that network here (English subtitles - some disturbing scenes, some nudity, no explicit scenes)

I really hope that this thread helps law enforcement and the intelligence services (the non -corrupt ones anyway) in various territories to wake up to the threat to national security posed by these extremely dangerous groups.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Another name to be aware of in relation to this network of pimps, child abusers and human traffickers

Tizhi Ayu

This would appear to be a female plastic shaman, possibly one of the females already mentioned only with a different name, possibly a new person.

Use a proxy folks


meetup profile

http://www.meetup   .com/Shamanism-in-the-Age-of-Technology-Soul-Memories/members/13194095/

Organizer of "Shamanism in the Age of Technology: Soul Memories" meetups

meetup in new York

http://eventful  .com/newyorkcity/events/shamanic-traditions-/E0-001-035626186-6

also meetups in Philadelphia

http://eventful   .com/philadelphia/events/shamanic-traditions-wealth-happiness-power-2-/E0-001-035493816-8

Photo of this woman on this page, you have to scroll down

http://www.tizhiayu.blogspot   .com/

Definitely the same network

I would be here all day if I listed all the meetups that this network has organised in the US recently

To say that this group is highly active in terms of recruitment right now is a huge understatement

Be afraid, be very afraid, this is extremely serious.

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