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Robert Franzone AKA "Ghostwolf"
« on: November 15, 2004, 04:32:46 am »
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Subject: [newagefraudsplastichshamans] Re: Here's a couple more Franzone links
Please use tinyurl or makeashorterlink.
Either way, here's Mike's post to Bob's fan froups:

Subject: Robert Franzone History
Date: 1999/02/11
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Robert Franzone:  Thief, liar, abuser of women and children, con man,etc., etc., etc.  Here's a timeline:

Sometime prior to the late 70s, Robert Franzone assumes the name of Robert Parry, who he confides later to a girlfriend is a dead person.
This name change is due to some action on Robert's part which probably does not carry a statute of limitations.  Fear not, though, justice is
served: in a 1986 New York Supreme Court case in Nassau County, NY, Robert's name and his alias are linked in court documents; Robert and
his mother, Frances, are sued by a law firm for contractual breach and Robert is listed on the filing as "Robert Franzone A/K/A Robert Parry.
The "Parry" identity is linked to Robert's fraudulent claim of Indianness as "Ghost Wolf" by the Washington state bail documents onwhich "Wolf Lodge," Robert's current scam, is listed.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves:
Late 80s:  Robert takes $38,000 from a woman in Santa Clara County, California, to remodel her house and leaves town.  Robert is later arrested in Barstow, California, and is returned to San Jose, stands trial and is convicted of a felony.  He serves six months, and is required to pay restitution, which he fails to do.
However, while in Barstow, he has been involved in a real estate scam with his friend John Bowen; after abandoning the house involved in the
scam, Robert cleans the house out, removing even the appliances.
More on this later.
Robert becomes involved with a plumbing contractor from LA named Nello Olivo, convincing Nello to become involved in a currency commodities
plan with another bad actor named Stafford Mew, currently serving time in Washington for the $250,000 ripoff that results.  Robert lives with
Olivo and his wife, Danica, for a time, even moving with them to Lake Tahoe.  As the currency conspiracy nears its end, Robert begins to
realize that he is going to take the heat for it and forges documents linking him to Olivo's company, documents that allow him to obtain a $30,000 loan for a new pickup truck from First Interstate Bank and to obtain a corporate American Express card on Olivo's corporate account.
He never makes a single payment on the truck; he then splits for Yelm, Washington.
Once in Yelm, Robert begins to associate with a group called the "Thunder Family," a group of Wanabis that help set him on his way into
the "Wolf Lodge" scam.  Even this group of knuckleheads realizes that he's a bad apple, and he's sent scurrying off to Spokane to seek the
protection of another woman...
...oh, by the way, did I mention?  Robert believes that he draws his power from women, needing approximately twelve of them more or less in
service to him at a time.  His treatment of them is something else, though...
He's introduced to an Indian woman in Spokane, who he winds up living with until she brings the Marshals back to her house to remove him
after he beats her.
From Spokane, he latches on to another woman, this time on Orcas Island, Washington, where the "Wolf Lodge" scam begins to run full tilt.  I
should mention that this is where I first met Robert; curious about what I had heard about his scam, I showed up at one of his little medicine
shows with two other Indian people.  When we asked Bob some pointed questions about his background, we were asked to leave...I guess we
didn't have the right kind of energy.
At any rate, while Robert is with the woman on Orcas, he is arrested on the California and Nevada warrants and is extradited back to Santa Clara
County to face the music for not paying the restitution.  He spends another six months in the slammer, and then is extradited to Nevada.
However, the Nevada charge falls apart because his lawyer successfully argues that the fraud occurred in California, not much for

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Re: Robert Franzone AKA "Ghostwolf"
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2004, 04:34:05 am »
Part 2

Robert's legal troubles continue, however: he is extradited to Barstow to face charges of grand larceny...remember the house-cleaning in
Barstow.  However, the evidence is circumstantial, and he gets out of this one as well.
Needless to say, all these legal troubles cost somebody some money, right?  Right you are...his girlfriend on Orcas winds up paying out about $75,000 to end Robert's legal problems.  They remain together for a bit longer, but she has had some problems of her own with Bob:  
Robert has beaten her and both of her teenaged daughters repeatedly during his tenure with them.  She has had enough, and gives Bob the heave-ho.
Bob, true to form, cleans out two of her bank accounts, runs up $20,000 on her credit cards, vandalizes the house they share, and splits
(again) for Spokane, where he immediately takes up with Laura Lee Mistycah (does the name "Mistyc House" ring any bells?) and brings the "Wolf Lodge"
scam online there.  That's his present base of operations.
In the time since he's been in Spokane, I've received e-mail and other communications from Indian people who have been treated in exactly the
same way as I and my friends were on Orcas:  when he's questioned by skins, the skins get shown the door.  He's also pulled another heinous
trick:  by visiting Arvol Looking Horse at Cheyenne River, he's associated himself with Mr. Looking Horse.  In the material he now sends out, he uses Looking Horse's name freely to grant himself authority.
Josh says he doesn't care about Robert Franzone's past, only his present?
Fine:  Josh, Robert Franzone-Parry-"Ghost Wolf" in the present tense is the same scheming, lying thief he's been from the time he began his scamming.  Such a person has no business whatever near a sacred site, nor has he any business with Indian people (except perhaps to apologize profusely for his scamming carried out in our names).
He is in the present what he's been in the past, and that's the reason he should be run out of Miami on a rail.  He's not doing good, he's doing for himself, as he always has.
I have court records, bail records, taped interviews, and other material to back up everything I've said above.  On that note, I should also add that I'm in contact with the New York, Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau County District Attorneys to establish what bad act prompted the
initial name change and to help them to build the connection between the names necessary to bring this criminal to justice.
You also might like to know that there are Miami television reporters looking into his criminal record.
One more note:  Robert's mother, Frances, and his brother, Ron, both live in Florida near Miami.  Robert is persona non grata with them,
for reasons which I can only guess (educatedly, however) at, and he has not been in contact with them.  Considering Robert's record, I can imagine
that the estrangement is due to something on his part; as discussed above, there was a lawsuit in New York in which his mom was named as a
co-defendant, so I would guess that she had to pay for something he pulled.  Not the way I'd treat my parents.
If you still think Bob's a good guy, well, everyone's entitled to their opinion...but in the face of this kind of evidence?  C'mon...
Mike Two Horses

In article <79b4gq$fln$>, says...
>I don't care about any of this.
>If everything you say is true, he is still doing the right thing now.
>My best,

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Re: Robert Franzone AKA "Ghostwolf"
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2004, 04:34:42 am »
Part 3

>In article <>,
>Beau Bowen  <> wrote:
>>Robert Franzone, who bills himself as 'Ghostwolf' is NOT Native
American.>>He's an Italian American faking being a Native American. He is also faking>>being a Ghostdance prophet. He is NOT a medicine person, he is a shyster.
>>He has been charged with credit card fraud in California. He allegedly has a >>criminal record and outstanding warrants in other states. He may
have a >>record in Louisianna; I called New Orleans Central Lockup myself and they >>confirmed that a person with his name (one of his early aliases) was >>arrested in 1984. I provided further details to try and verify
whether it >>was him or not, but they declined to answer. They wouldn't even tell me>>what he had been arrested for. Rumors allege possession and use of heroin.
>>I was not able to track down the origin of the heroin rumor.
>>I wouldn't trust him to empty my chamberpot.
>>JRP wrote:
>>> Tonight, Tue Feb 2, Ghost Wolf, a Native American medicine person who has>>> been influential in restoring and preserving many sacred sites, will be at >>> the circle at 1459 Brickell in Miami, to make offerings and prayers.
He>>> will also most likely have opportunities to speak with the local people, >>> directly and also via the local media.
>>>>>> I asked about joining in prayer and the person I spoke with said, yes, all>>> are definitely welcome to join in prayer tonight.  I asked if a
person's>>> tradition is from the other side of the water, would it be ok for them to>> join in prayer in their own way. The spokesperson said yes, all
prayers>>> are welcome regardless of the form they take, as long as the prayer is>>> made with good intent.  For this is the main thing that the
Spirits look>> at, is intent.
>>> I will offer song and smoke tonight, for this is my way.  Others may do>>> things other ways.  Whatever way is good for you, if you want to
help pray>>> for the circle in Miami, tonight is a good time to do it. Also prayers are>>> requested that his speaking with the people there, goes well.
>>> Sorry I do not have the exact time that the prayers at the circle will be>> made. But a web search should turn this up.
>>> Thanks --
>>> Dee
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Re: Robert Franzone AKA "Ghostwolf"
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2004, 08:36:09 pm »
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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 21:56:08 -0000
Subject: [newagefraudsplastichshamans] Here's a couple more Franzone links

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Re: Robert Franzone AKA "Ghostwolf"
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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 13:22:23 -0000
Subject: [newagefraudsplastichshamans] Re: Robert Ghost Wolf to speak on Mother Goddess

In addition to what Debbie said, let me add that Franzone seems to be moving on to his latest scam, "hidden archaeology" or pseudo

He's ignorant about the subject, frankly. His claimed evidence looks like some pretty obviously faked photos, and the only thing "startling" is that he knows so little about NDN beliefs or
archaeology. Feminist scholars have been researching goddess images non patriarchal beliefs among NDNs for decades.

--- In, "Bryant"
<bryanth@p...> wrote:
> Hi Al,
> What to you think of this?
> "Dr. Ghost Wolf explodes the myth that no "Mother Goddess" was ever revered here in the Americas...
> Startling new archaeological evidences are discussed... "