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Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« on: May 19, 2005, 04:09:31 pm »
The next couple posts are information gathered from German websites and the hard work of our newest member Ingeborg. We need further
information on any of the fraud leaders, or critiques. Some of the ? stuff Ingeborg found is pretty sickening, be warned.

Net Research 4
Deer Tribe -- sites from Germany
search resulted in 78 entries

The dtmms-sites for Europe and Grrmoney give only vary vague info re locations, like e.g. Black Forest area, or 'near...'. However, they
are near Hamburg and near Berlin, and near Frankfurt.
The search also produced something interesting, though it will be very hard to get a copy:
A list of Mainz University, college of anthropology, with exam papers for several years, among them:

Yvonne Eichler: The Deer Tribe. Archaic Rituals in a post-modern Society. On Neo-Shamanism in the Federal Republic of Germany.

There were also 'exotic' entries like for a service taking care of old/sick persons where they have an entry for every employee. One of them, a doctor, writes she has done a healing training with the Deer Tribe from 96-2000. This is in the city of Mannheim.

The persons from DTMMS doing seminars here are:
---- Batty Thunder Bear Gold
---- Rose Thunder Eagle Fink
who e.g. ofer seminars on "Indian-shamanic world view". Fink is an Austrian who says she lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She calls Harvey SD Reagan her teacher. Fink also does sweats at Belzig; I
found this info on a different site, but Gold was not mentioned as a sweat leader.

Both Gold and Fink offer part of their seminars (or maybe all, this couldn't be verified as no locations were mentioned explicitely) in the small town of Belzig near Berlin. Belzig is situated in the East,
and the premises there were acquired from the government authority established to help the East get on its feet but turned out a sell-out company.

The Belzig premises were bought by a project called ZEGG = Centre for Experimental Shaping of Society (I wrote an info text on them about
2 years ago, but have no access to that computer any longer --- long story
---- I sent copies to certain and to Khola project in Belgium were someone may have kept a copy).

As an aside: two more persons appearing at ZEGG seminars are: --- Peter Caddy from Findhorn community; follower of H. Blavatsky's
theosophical "root races theory" which says that so-called lower races ("Redskins, Eskimos, Papua, Australians etc.") must die to make way for higher races.
---- Manintonquat, whi is introduced as a storyteller from the Wampanoag tribe.

Apart from the premises in Belzig, ZEGG maintains several smaller projects and houses throughout Germany, with Belzig being their German centre. These premises were bought with about DM 2.1 million, further DM 2.2 million were spent on repair work. A substantial part of these sums was raised by ZEGG membership.

ZEGG is no sect or political cult, but resembles both as its members also tend to eventually drop all outside contacts and even live in ZEGG run projects or houses. ZEGG means to create a free society and includes the theories of Wilhelm Reich in their ideological framework. The main way to achieve a free society for ZEGG is free sex, and the topmost
characteristic of a liberated individual to them is uninhibited sex.
The ideology is sexist in several respects: they claim that a free woman wants even more sex than men, and that a really liberated woman of course never denies sex to any man. To this end, they even draw up so-called "f*ck lists", during the early years in handwriting, nowadays computerized, to achieve at a situation where everybody does it with everybody. Or almost: homosexuality for them is a mark of an oppressed personality, and e.g. male homosexuals are subjected to healing
processes during which they are made to have sex with women.
Sickness of any kind, by the way, is no reason at all to deny sex, and if you do, you aren't liberated enough.
ZEGG has its roots in a predecessing organisation called AAO = Action Analytic Org. founded in 1972/73 by Vienna artist Otto Muehl. This
existed until 91, when Muehl was sent to prison for raping minors who were in his custody. The story behind this is that Muehl "reserved" the sexual initiation (read: rape) of girls aged 13 or 14 to himself. These girls were daughters of members of his organisation. Teens refusing to be raped by Muehl were put under constant group pressure until they gave up resistance.
Although ZEGG claims they haven't got anything to do with AAO, ZEGG leadership were either members of AAO or (frequent) visitors at AAO
premises. ZEGG leader Dieter Duhm even admits that the framework of ZEGG was written in 1977 at the AAO premises. ZEGG definitely takes care
of keeping in a safe distance from crimes like chicken hawking, but they have links to projects advertising 'consenting' sex between adults
and minors and also cooperate with them, although not quite openly. One example is the socalled "Stamm Fuessen" (Stamm means tribe, and Fuessen is the town where they're located).

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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2005, 04:26:49 pm »
Wow, what a load of entries.....
The top 3 entries here were the ones promoting ndn sweat leaders resp teachers of the persons doing the sweats. I put them in at the top
because you will be able to look into their sites, or have probably already heard from them, or....

Net Research 1----- sweatlodge (in Grrman)

subtitle: "Hokahe - Let's go"
situated near Berlin Project run by a certain Ralf Daniel who also sings with a rock'n roll band
Claims to have done gig in Pine Ridge Rez at the music festival "Mitakuye Oyasin" in 1998, where he took part in a healing sweat with medicine man Rick Two-Dogs. Further claims to have participated in 3 seminars done by Chief and Sundance Leader Archie Fire Lame Deer.
Fees: € 70 plus 15,- for accom per night
day visitors: € 3 per day
accept no women on her moons, no alc/drugs 4 days prior

Sundance Leaders:
-- Sundance Chief Morris Crow Last Tail Feathers. He is said to have brought back the sundance to his tribe. M.C. has been world champion of
Native American Dance Contest several times. He is also said to be the highest elder of the "Bloodtribe Blackfoot Confederacy".
-- Pablo Russell Shooting In The Air from the "Blackfood [sic!] - Bloodtribe in Alberta, Canada" who is said to be one of the 29 Sundance
leaders of the Blood tribe

run by Umane Institute
subtitle of site: "Pilamayaye wakan tanka nici un ake u wo, ahoe!" leader: appears as "JCS Grey Owl", a further subpage explains JCS as
"Joerg Christian Sievers" who says he is a shaman, initiated by Teton-Lakota and Mexican shamans.
He claims to be in shaman brotherhood with:
- Xokonoschtletl, an Aztec chief, site: [DE???], and
- David Swallow jr. from Pine Ridge, site:

do sweats with 2 persons calling themselves WindEagle and RainbowHawk, an American couple of Indian descent. WindRiver is said to have had a
Mahigan great-grandmother, her husband RainbowHawk a Lene Lenape grandmother.
They founded the *Ehama Institute* in California in 1995

run by an association called: Association for the Support of Indian and Shaman Knowledge
located in a town called Extertal [famous esoteric ground]prez: Hermann Strohmeier
doing sweats in various locations, like Bremen, Bielefeld Have contacts to the Grrman version of Bear Tribe = Baerenstamm e.V.

claim to be held in the tradition of Sun Bear
sweat leader: Wolfgang Lamek Calls the People [in English]his teacher is said to be Martin Adam Lightning True Voice

subtitle: Spirituality in Nature
claims to follow Inian Hokshi, first Lakota medicine man they do sweats, vision quests, school of shamanic healing arts Their events take place in Munich ("Freiraum", Pestalozzistrasse)
sweat leader: Christian Vogel claims to work in the tradition of Lakota, Druidic and Peruvian shamans

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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2005, 04:27:42 pm »
Pt 2
run by Helmut Boljahn, Munich
claims his teachers were both Eurpeans and Lakota, among them Wallace Black Elk and David Swallow jr. does sweats and vision quests

(English version available) claim to work in the tradition of Sun Bear

works as the therapist, says he doesn't do traditional sweats. Accepts women on moon if they want to participate. Fee: € 145
mix offered: chakra, Bach Blossoms, shamanistic healing example: 2 seminars: Discovering the wildernis in us, for € 130 each contents: Lighting a fire, Cooking without a pot, Making plates, Making
Shelters, Extended Reality, Camouflage & Mission [?????]; seminars to teach Indian philosophy, survival and scouting abilities

situated near Berlin, run by association "Netzwege e.V." (netways) sweat leader: Elaf Jo (funny name, sounds like an aka) mix offered: Indian medicine wheel, Chakra, shamanistic ceremonies,
vision quest Sweats are said to be taken from the myths of the Algonkin tribe. Their site quotes a sweat prayer of the Crow Indians.

subtitle: "welcome to the waters of Cocopeli"
English version available

among their offers are sweats, no details in which tradition etc. Fees: € 175 plus € 92 and more for accom

subtitle: "Sweats for men and other rituals to be a man" Sweat leader: Karl-Holger Meyer, born 1955, teacher for handicapped  children. Meyer describes his qualifications as follows: "... trained in men's therapy groups and by participating in various shamanistic ceremonies" [we're impressed]

call sweats 'Inipi' and claim to follow Lakota tradition acording to the teachings of Archie Fire Lame Deer. Accept no woman on moon

sweat leader: Michael Raja Fode
mix offers e.g. running across fire, 'Shamanisms' [was a bit hard to translate - the German word used indicates they use a mix of different
shamanistic traditions from all over the world]
Fees: € 150 plus 70 for accom
Seminar: Initiation Process
Fees: 375 plus 125 for accom

1.16 -- for a
site offnet for reconstruction, found through link
They explain a sweatlodge as: "An igloo built of twigs" ;)))))

sweats between € 145-170
mix offered: talking stick, wheel of life, universal sweat lodge, Growing together - creative relationship, totem power

Not all of the sites are explicit about fees charged for sweats etc, many of them just give an e-mail, or ask for forms to be filled in on-line, or give phone numbers to contact for further details. As you
see from the above examples, not all 'sweat leaders' give credentials as to where they learned what, and many offer a mix of esoteric miscellania.

Re Bear Tribe: I did a netsearch on the person from this Peoples Close to Nature show some years ago and found links to Bear Tribe sites on chicken hawking organization's sites and vice versa (if you pardon me using this _expression for a shorter way to put forward they demand and most probably practice free and uninhibited sex between children and adults).

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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2005, 04:29:18 pm »
S****** <emailremoved> wrote: Netsearch 2
Names of shame-ons mentioned on "websites from Germany" (search criterium)

Brooke Medicine Eagle --- 157 entries
Robert "Ghost Wolf" ---- 65 entries
Lynda Yraceburu --- 4 entries
Harley Reagan Swift Deer --- 57 entries
There's further catchwords for HR: Celtsun, Seadancer
Nicholas Spence "Noble Wolf" --- 26 entries

Hyemeyohsts Storm --- 266 entries
Sun Bear --- 1,690 entries
Rolling Thunder --- 96 entries
Xokonoschtletl --- 1,140 entries

The latter person claims he is Aztec, a descendant of Montezuma, and has
come to Europe 25 years ago to bring back Montezuma's crown to Mexico.
He gives his name as Xokonoschtletl Gomora and lives in Bavaria. His page is in German language and he claims he taught himself German,
Italian, and French language while living in Europe, but I didn't see respective translations of his texts. The wording/grammer/orthography etc on his site to me looked and sounded like the texts were written by a native speaker of German, but of course someone may have corrected his
texts for him. Oh, and apart from being from noblest Aztec descent, he also happens to be a shaman.

I found no entries on sites from Germany for the following names:
Martin Prechtl
Arthur Sonier
Carole Eagleheart
Roy Wilson
Maria Naylin
Don Waterhawk
Jade Wahoo

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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2005, 04:39:27 pm »
S******* wrote: Net Research 3for the names that showed up in websites during Net Research 1, David
Swallow Jr., Wind Eagle and Rainbow Hawk, Morris Crow Last Tail Feathers, Pablo Russell

3.1 David Swallow Jr. - 6 entries,
among them the site of Freundschafstkreis Lakota (Friendship Circle Lakota), maintained and run by Evelin Cervenkova. (I came across her before, she seems to come from the East German hobbyist scene - which differed greatly from the West German one - and seems to be serious.)
Her project is said to plan founding an association which aims at creating jobs for Indians and East Germans. Their calendar badly needs an update; the latest activities listed were in Sep 2003. Cervenkova has contacts to German LPSD, but also Xokonoschtletl whom she met twice during Karl-May-Festival in 2000 and 2001. Among the events listed on this site is:
Sep 16, 2000: Speech by Brigitte Schiel re: Spiritual Exploitation. She is from an association called Eagle Path e.V. (which I forgot to look up, as I notice writing this).

Swallow turns up at some more pages from Germany:

1.2 Wind Eagle and Rainbow Hawk
45 entries for sites from Germany and
Ehama Institute
31440 Loma Prieta Way
Los Gatos
California 95033
contact USA: Jeri Thornsberry
phone: + 1 775-824-0893
+ 1 775-824-0894

One of the entries was on the site of an Hamburg esoteric bookshop called Wrage (in fact, they used to be real good during the 70ies/80ies when they had people working there who took an interest in SF and on the other hand books on Indian culture, history and such. Esoteric books then were only a tiny shelf. The shop was run by a collective, and
eventually the persons interested in esoteric stuff got rid of the others.) To my great surprise, Wrage advertised a seminar with Wind Eagle and Rainbow Hawk: "Solving conflicts - also for couples - on an
Indian background" on Jan 16, 2002, entry € 10, in St. Petri Church in Hamburg!

1.3 Morris Crow Last Tail Feather, or: Crow Spreads His Wings
only few entries, he seems to be active in Denmark, too:
mail: mail€
located in Skarup on Fyn island

1.4 Pablo Russell
more entries than M.C., both German pages and web (171 entries here).
Own site:
One site he shows up is, a biodynamic farm south of Hamburg, where he did sweats for which they demand a donation of € 60
per person, plus a "giveaway" for the firekeepers and please bring along food. They want participants to take no drugs/alc 4 days prior to the
sweat, no mention of women on moons.
Other web entries:-- Iktaya calendrier from France, seems to take up events all over Europe (the one re P.R. was in Danish)
-- Norway: Stang bibliotek, where he gave a speech on Indian traditions on Nov 25, 2003

Without a close look at their respective homepages, I suspect that Wind Eagle & husband are exploiters, but I'm not certain about the others,
with a strong suspicion that someone running a "com" site like Russell may fall into that category, too. I give the benefit of doubt because it
is as difficult for North Am citizens to judge who is serious here as it is the other way round. So e.g. if Swallow Jr is not exploiting traditional values, he definitely teams up with the wrong kind of
persons over here (cf and whom I'd both take for German exploiters of indigenous spirituality).

However, these names showing up on German sites mean that they will ring bells with a German audience as far as it's people 'into' sweats and
stuff and the hobbyist scene as well. It might be an idea to have a look into what they do and who they are from your angle.

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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2005, 10:35:38 pm »
one of the names is familiar to me, Martin Pretchel. Several years ago I met this man, after reading his first book. He came to the UK and although he performed a ceremony here he didn't sell it as such and kept parts of it secret so that nobody could copy it.
I got the opinion he is sincere and respectful. Reading his books although he mentions ceremony he doesn't reveal them nor would he discuss them when I met him.
He is coming to the UK again in 2006.
Having praised him, I also have read somewhere on the web that a report from 2 people claiming to be the authors of some work that Martin claimed credit for and they were denouncing him.


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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2005, 03:01:12 pm »
Usually we'd want to start a new thread, since this is just the archive section. We have a warning on Prechtel at from his former colleagues in anthropology. I also have an email passed along to me, with his name removed. that goes into more detail.

Let me first outline my relationship with Martin. He and I had a close> collaboration for five or six years. The most enduring aspect of that
> relationship is in the realm of publications, [deleted]. It was right > around> the time of that publication that Martin and I went our separate
ways. The> primary reason for that split was Martin's very bitter divorce from his> Mayan wife Dolores, who remains a close friend of mine, and his > financially> driven decision to move in an increasingly New Age direction. As a result,
> he and I have not communicated directly for some ten years.
> And, all of that said, Martin's autobiographical accounts (the Talking> Jaguar series) is a mix of fact and fiction. He did go to Santiago > Atitlan.
> He did study under a shaman of renown named Nicolas Chiviliu. He did hold > a> position of some importance in the local civil-religious hierarchy.
> However,> these facts are presented in inaccurate ways. He lived in Atitlan for > three> years, not the twelve to fifteen that he claims. He was not guided to the> town in any direct sort of way by a mystical series of dreams. In fact,
> prior to going to Atitlan, he was in Guatemala long enough to marry, > father> a son, divorce, establish a career as a latino/rock musician, record
five> albums, etc. Moreover, he was never "Chief of the Tz'utujil tribe." There > is> no such thing as a Tz'tutjil tribe and no such position as "chief."

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Re: Frauds (Deer Tribe, Bear Tribe) in Germany
« Reply #7 on: May 20, 2005, 08:54:16 pm »
(Maybe this reply should be moved to another section...?)

"1.4 Pablo Russell
more entries than M.C., both German pages and web (171 entries here).
Own site:"

Ahaaa, familiar name! This is the guy we tried to stop from coming to Sweden. We were contacted by a Danish organisation saying Pablo had got a vision up Rocky Mountains that he had to go to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland to do sweatlodges. And if we didn´t help out something terrible would happen (don´t ask me what...). He was selling sweats in bulk in Denmark, like three sweats for the price of two.

I checked out his site, the Danes are still advertising about sweats for 50 USD. When Pablo can´t do them, a Swiss guy claiming to be a Lakota Sun Dancer and "an adopted brother of Pablo" is conducting them.  And Pablo has suddenly become a medicine man! Well, he wasn´t a couple of years ago....

I was in contact with friends from the Siksika reserve in Alberta who knew Pablo and his family. It would be an understatement to say that they were pretty upset and angry about what he was doing!!

Quote one of the many emails I got: " is individuals like him who continue to perpetuate stereotypes and prostitute our culture for their own personal gain and at a great expense and loss to our culture and ceremonies. The Europeans have been lost for quite some time and are grasping at anything to believe in and research."

Also, he sweats with women which is, as I gather, not a Blackfoot tradition.

Oh well, at least we seemed to keep him away from Sweden...:)