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Brooke Edwards AKA "Medicine Eagle"
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Subject: [nafps_again] Re: Proof of Shameons
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> > > Home made ID, home made letter...note that the TE card has an issue date of 9/10/02, while the letter was 'notarized' by someone whose  commission expired May 30, 1991.  There's also no notary stamp on the letter.
The logos are on the Crow Tribe's website.  I can make some of the same documents to prove that I'm a member of the Crow Tribe as well (though being Lakota and Dakota, I probably wouldn't even
to prove a point...) that would stand up to scrutiny better than the crap she posted...

> > Well, with a really good printer and a pro design program, I could probably make up just about credentials that I wished.

> Yeah. I've always thought that with a good graphic design software like Quark, Illustrator
> and some creative doctoring with Photoshop, I could make some very sophisticated certifices or
> dimplolas if I chose to fool people or to get hired for a job for which I'm not qualified.  Scary huh?
> Once some people at Kinkos refused to believe I really was doing homework because my work looked so professional.
> Once, I saw a photo that was clearly faked on Weekly World and it took me only minutes to reproduce the effect. I sent it to my ex-boyfriend just for laughs.
He told me I had too much time on my hands.
> > What I'm curious about, is why Brook hasnt found herself in jail.
> > Seems a pretty clear cut case of fraud to me. She solicites funds using an identity that is made-up. And all the proof is right on her own website.