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Title: Success in Italy
Post by: educatedindian on March 06, 2005, 11:42:10 pm
Alessandro " <>  
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 09:54:53 -0000
Subject: [nafps_again] Another good news from Italy!

The Italian Newspaper "Hunkapi" has published on my request these articles (see album "Hunkapi" on this group) against the abuses on the Spirituality of the N.A. The editorial is written from Gilbert Douville, Lakota, he lives in Italy. I have known Gilbert in the meeting in Genoa some month
ago ...Gilbert it declares itself decidedly against the exploiters and the plastic shamans and against all the abuse of N.A. Spirituality...
The comment of another writer supports the words of Gilbert and it are against all the fraud and all the ceremonies to payment...
Moreover they have published the articles of Al Carroll and Tim Giaco...
This newspaper is distributed to all the associates of the "Hunkapi" Association...
This good news follows the warning that the association "Hunkapi" has published on the her web site...
I am sorry but I not have the time to translate this can however consult them or make you translate them download the file " Hunkapi Italian Newspaper.doc" attachment on this Newsgroup (see Files)..
Title: Re: Success in Italy
Post by: educatedindian on April 10, 2005, 11:48:05 pm
Alessandro " <>  
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 07:57:37 -0000
Subject: [nafps_again] Natives Vs. Exploiters: positive outcomes on the Italian front
Hello everybody.
> Ale wanted you all to learn about the most recent
> developements in the twinkie-situation down here in> Italy, but because of his limited English skills asked> me if I could do that instead, and I was glad to> oblige.
> Greetings
> Maxmaran
> Natives Vs. Exploiters: positive outcomes on the
> Italian front.
> As we all know, exploiters of Indian sacred
> spirituality are active all over Europe, but at least
> in Italy life has become much harder for them lately.
> A few weeks ago the founder/moderator of a very
> popular MSN community in Italian language devoted to First Nation has banned all advertisement of "Indian spirituality events" from the board.
> Recently Hunkapi, an Italian based association
> promoting cultural exchange with American Indians, has> taken a formal stance against this kind of phenomena and published, both on their website and on their> official magazine, the translation into Italian language of many documents written by American Indians
> to denounce the New Age rip-off of Indian
> spirituality. Among which Al Carroll's by now famous> warning originally published on the NAFPS website.
> The same documents were also published on many local websites and forums devoted to American Indian> culture.
> Many Italian websites offering "Indian shamanic
> experiences" and the like have disappeared after
> having been exposed, the most glamorous example of> them all probably being the "Golden Horse" website, manned by Italian associates of Harley "Swiftdeer" Reagan.
> Of course plastic shamans are still active on the
> Italian soil, but it is safe to say that Italian
> people are better informed about them now than it was two years or so ago. And the exploiters' business activities surely feel the difference.
> Even more remarkable is the fact that all this was
> achieved without mounting some huge campaign of activism involving thousend of people, but mostly with the work of individuals, like Alessandro Profeti of> the Wayaka website, that has been working on it harder than anybody else, and small groups of people like the Hunkapi Association.
> And of course nothing would have been possible without> the knowledge and help of all people at nafps_again Yahoo! newsgroup.
> I say this because I think there is a big lesson in
> it. If in each and every country of Europe a few
> individuals, coordinating via the web with Indians on> the other side of the Ocean, had to do the same...