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I guess I should intorduce myself


jim tree:
I have been around for awhile so i guess I ought to introduce myself. My name is Jim Tree and I am Cherokee on both sides of my well as some irish but I can't prove it.
I live in NW Montana and am active with the local folks here. {Blackfoot, etc.} I have some limited knowledge of traditional ways but seem to have a largly disproportionate exposer to frauds...I must attracted them like beas to honey...or flys to ...well, you know. I do what I can to open folks eyes to what they are not and because of this, I am grateful for this site and those who work hard on it.
Blue sky, Tree

There is a separate thread about Jim Tree:
[James/Jim Medicine Tree aka Jim Tree aka James/Jim Tree-Gilmore]

(I found the present thread in a link there, so now there are cross-references.)


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