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Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but my smilies aren't working.  :-[

Yep, didn't work this time either. Little red x with Embarrassed beside it.

Please help.

Hi, mine have never worked either, are they disabled or am i just dumb....wait....don't answer that....:)

I've gone back to my profile and tried setting it at different options, 'default', 'classic', etc. Nothing works. I've got all the emotions right up there when I'm writing my post; I can click on them, thinking they'll work, but they do not work. 

Edit for typo

If I remember correctly, the smilies somehow got lost during the last change of server and never got back to work since. Must be on strike, the little so-and-sos. No need to feel technically challenged :grin:

Thank you, Ingeborg. Was starting to feel like an idiot. Guess we are able to use our own smilies from photobucket or wherever; have seen some used in posts. Thanks again.


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