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Arkansas Event: Sequoyah Research Center Symposium
« on: September 23, 2006, 09:08:01 pm »
2006 Sequoyah Research Center Symposium
Voices from the Past, Education for the Future
October 19-21, 2006

Further Information for time and location:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

J.W. Wiggins Native American Art Collection opens for viewing

Arthur Amiotte (Lakota) “Talk on Native American Art???

Friday, October 20, 2006

Paul DeMain (Oneida) “How To Get Sued For Telling The Truth -- Sources of Information, Oral Credibility and Vine Deloria Jr.???

Serle Chapman (Cheyenne) “Whining Cheyenne Racists and Why Native People ‘Have No Understanding’ of their Noble Ancestors.???

Warren Petoskey (Waganakising Odawa) Presentation on “Danland???

Bill Wiggins, Mary Jo Watson (Seminole) and Arthur Amiotte (Lakota) “J. W. Wiggins Native American Art Collection: Artist, Curator, and Collector Perspectives???

Dustin Tahmahkera (Comanche) Custer’s Last Sitcom: Decolonizing the American Situation Comedy’s “Indians???

Tom Strawman A Native Critique of Western Warfare in Silko’s “Ceremony???

Heid E. Erdrich (Turtle Mountain Ojibwe) and Denise Low (Lenape/ Cherokee) Readings and stage performance

Joy Harjo (Muscogee [Creek]) “Writing, Singing, Speaking and Dreaming the Next World into Place???

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Richie Plass (Menominee/Stockbridge-Munsee) Teenage Death on the Reservation

Kim Blaeser (White Earth Anishinaabe) Creative Writing and Poetry Reading

Spencer G. Lone Tree (Ho-Chunk) Winnebago Tribe's Version of Their Own 'Trail of Tears'

Roy Boney (Cherokee) Trail of Tears Animation Project

Joseph Erb (Cherokee) Cherokee Animation

  John Sanchez (Yaqui-Apache)  American Indian Identity; A case  study of self-identified Indians and Native Policy

Elizabeth Archuleta (Yaqui/Chicana) Eating Food, Digesting Words

Patty Loew (Bad River Ojibwe) “Way of the Warrior???

Mary Young (Prairie Band Potawatomi) Potawatomi Art and Photography

Elgin Jumper (Seminole) “Reading from His Fiction and Poetry???

Frederick White (Haida) Indigenous Language Revitalization

Myrelene Ranville (Canadian Anishinaabe) Revitalizing Algonquian Languages

Allison Hedge Coke (Huron/Eastern Tsalagi) Creative reading and a presentation on the relationship between abstract reasoning and oratory in formative years


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Re: Arkansas Event: Sequoyah Research Center Symposium
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Serle Chapman (Cheyenne) “Whining Cheyenne Racists and Why Native People ‘Have No Understanding’ of their Noble Ancestors."

Original site linked to gone by now. Serle Chapman got his own thread in 2022:
[Serle Lovell Chapman aka Rain Bear Stands Last, claims Romani, MMIW Filmmaker]