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TAAF - The Tribal Alliance Against Frauds
« on: September 24, 2022, 05:43:26 am »
This Facebook page posts material similar and even identical to what the NAFPS Forum is all about;

This page exists to alert the public to the presence of people or groups falsely claiming to be Native American, selling ceremony, selling memberships to fake "tribes" or selling what they purport to be Native American healing, medicine or teachings.

They also have a website:

About Us

We expose ethnic frauds pretending to be Indigenous people or "tribes" when they are not. 

We are researchers. We gather facts. We are the whistle blowers.

We do our best to see actual cases of fraud and violations of IACA, ICWA, RICO, etc., prosecuted. 

We try to shut down the activities of individuals and organizations falsely representing themselves as Indigenous at every opportunity.

We do not focus on the millions of individuals who believe they have Native ancestry when they do not.

We focus on the individuals, groups and corporations who are falsely representing Indigenous cultures, histories, spiritual practices and/or falsely claiming Indigenous identity as individuals for profit or fame.

Read more: Who We Are and Why It's Important

See also:

I suggest this post be moved to the Non-Frauds board (I cannot put it in there myself).

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Re: TAAF - The Tribal Alliance Against Frauds
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I posted here about their first (and only?) case (Topic "Larry Lewis AKA Mashu White Feather"):

This is a post from 2017: