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Research Needed / Re: potential frauds?
« Last post by educatedindian on October 19, 2021, 01:21:20 pm »
Haven't found anything on Tawas/Sina. Literally nothing online on any combination of names. Farris is so common it's hard to find anyone who might fit.

Keeler's list is frustrating, allegations and claims of "debunked" but no evidence shown. Powell says she is of the Miami in Indiana. This is one of many tribes who had their recognition ended by federal Termination.
Research Needed / Re: Shane Norte, Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth
« Last post by DoctorLao on October 19, 2021, 10:29:34 am »
Thanks to NAFPS people here kindly helping sort out facts and attendant issues in response to my inquiry:

Person of Interest Shane Norte (i.e. youtube channeler Shane Micheal).

With the help of such vitally unique input as NAFPS (which I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else), and as more information comes to light - for me a fog tends to lift enabling a clearer view of this landscape.

Two fine details of Plazola's May 12, 2021 'response' (in form, not substance by my reading) < to the “Open Letter to the Psychedelic Movement” released by the Indigenous Peyote Conservation Communication Committee on May 7th, 2021 [sic] > tend to emerge from the mists - one of commission the other of omission.

First is the 3-day mismatch between the date Plazola attributes to the Open Letter (May 7, 2021) - and the date it displays as posted at/by 'chacruna' (May 10, 2021) - now that I've found it (and see).

2nd is harder to see because, by omission, there's nothing there to see: Plazola offers no link or 'how to find' citation for the Open Letter from indigenous leadership (to which he ostensibly replies) that might help locate it - especially using the May 7 date as a 'search term.'

Reading the letter now, poring over its details - I find what I can only consider a key quote, directly addressing my specific focus founding this inquiry:

Person of Interest Shane Norte, Native as affirmed here by voices of cultural authenticity (in kind reply to my interest) - in context of his Plazola alliance and 'high' rank official position in Decriminalize Nature (and the psychedelic promotion for which it stands):

Peyote is both central to the spiritual life of one of the oldest indigenous religions in this country, and is also in dangerously short supply. Out of respect for these realities, please take a step back and be determined to support, rather than inadvertently undermine, this religion.


Respect and defer to representative indigenous leadership even if it is hard for you to understand.

Understand that there are processes of change happening inside these native cultures that need time and support to unfold.

If you have technical support (like CCI), offer it only when and how it is needed and directly requested.

Respect traditional knowledge and methodologies.

Notice when you are using colonial thinking or tactics:

 We know better.

 We have rights too.

 We can find someone who is native to create a dissenting opinion and tokenize to back up our point of view.
This has to happen NOW on western time.

Question and speak up when you see any of these behaviors playing out.

I take a certain sense of comfort to read this clear and seemingly vivid allusion to the role of Shane Norte in this (frankly abominable by my intemperate sense of outrage) Decriminalize Nature operation with its appalling agenda of appropriation.

It's not just a case of gathering that indigenous leadership has taken note of Norte in this context, what he is doing and how - which alone would ease one aspect of what turns my hair gray and disturbs my sleep at night (as this entire thing descends like a cold dark cloud and advances, further all the time - upon society whole targeting all and sundry, indigenous and otherwise - 'inclusive').

As one who rather not 'question and speak up' out of turn (culturally) upon seeing 'these behaviors playing out' - this express plea and request from indigenous leadership helps me feels to me as if my attempt to grapple with a dark nameless horror enveloping society whole - isn't problematic to indigenous leadership, in fact - I feel a sense of relief even perhaps encouragement.

I only wish there were more I could do that stand back like a helpless bystander witnessing this entire spectacle of human exploitation spreading as it consumes and absorbs everything in reach - grimly intent, all hellbent on claiming its 'rights' and staking out the supremacy of its psychedelic authority.


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Research Needed / Re: Shane Norte, Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth
« Last post by DoctorLao on October 18, 2021, 04:32:19 pm »
A brief quick addendum - I find the letter to which Plazola specifies his is replying to

May 10, 2021 (a 3 day discrepancy from the May 7 date cited by Plazola in his reply letter running interference against it, negligible as such for any question of doubt that this is the one):

Open Letter to the Psychedelic Movement Regarding Peyote in Policy Efforts and How to be an Ally to Indigenous Peoples of North America

This letter ^ proves to be a longer more detailed one than the Mar 2020 letter I quoted from just above - but consistent in content with the latter (and further elucidated).

I see 'chacruna' is somehow the internet platform through which this is presented. As with the Mar 2020 letter too.

I am unsure what to make of that or how, in light of what 'chacruna' represents, how and who - to my knowledge, information and awareness - as the internet broadcasting tower of a figure I regard as notorious:

World Aya 'Community' Queen Bia Labate, she who went before the Oakland CA 'safety committee' on May 28, 2019 - alongside that fateful event's Master of Ceremonies, Carlos Plazola.

Plazola led the charge, introducing the long line of those witnessing to the kommittee for why Oakland needs to decriminalize now - assumably including peyote (although that key detail remains to be verified for my certainty).

This was not only a watershed event in the 'progress' of the Decriminalize Nature clattering train, as second strategic flag planted (by my count) - coming hot on the heels of the Battle of Denver - the first 'hill' taken in this brave new 'peace offensive.'

Beyond that - as a matter of documentation for crucial reference, the Oakland 'safety committee' records their meetings on video.

And this occasion was captured on record for review and the viewing enjoyment of posterity.

A Kodak moment complete with performances by various principals. Including Plazola who leads off (first up to bat).

And also - Bia Labate, who makes her appearance toward the end of the line up, ending with a big bang.

She puts in quite a show of it by my perception striking an ominous figure who exudes an air of cultivated power and authority. She presents a rather strikingly different persona 'in action' at this event - from what meets my eye in a milquetoast PR profile mug shot I see widely around internet.

I gather she was brought in for the big event as a real 'heavy hitter' to ensure maximum throw weight and ballistic impact, on impression (and by the pricking of my thumbs).

But as such things are in the eye of the audience beholder which may vary (like actual mileage) the show itself is the evidence (I'm not even sworn in under oath testifying here).

The video is what counts because it's what shows that tells (beats any tell of mine) - 'the play is the thing' - - The Item 8 ‘decriminalize...’ show begins at 14:57

The measure was approved by the committee with 3 Ayes and 1 Abstention. That was council member Taylor whom we also meet - and wh like a lone voice in the wilderness - poses challenging question of dubious concern. No pandering, more like a first degree (low pressure) cross exam.

Unlike the softballs lobbed by the other council persons - for the Decrim Nature all-star line up to bat right out of the ball park.

In the end Taylor (as I gather) counted 1 to 3 and likely - considering the futility of a single 'no' vote against 3 fully 'on board' - bowed out gracefully.

Having linked the video of this meeting - submitted as information material to this Norte and his 'high' ranking position in Decrim Nature (in pledged alliance with Plazola) - I end this post on a note of comparison between the facts of record, and a corresponding assertion by Norte - from the text of his website (copied here by Sparks):

Carlos Plazola of the Decriminalize Nature Oakland, who helped [it] pass unanimously

Unanimously?  Really? Is that so?

I'm reminded of a figure of speech that I never heard until election year 2016 (which shall live in infamy) out of the mouth of One Kelly Ann Conway:

'Alternative facts'
Research Needed / Re: Shane Norte, Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth
« Last post by DoctorLao on October 18, 2021, 03:29:27 pm »
Sparks, thank you for another reply so helpful. Again.

No doubt about it then in your mind or mine, especially after details you’ve brought to bear. It is the same Shane by these two different names.

I feel you’ve expertly identified his middle name as the source of his youtube moniker - or alias (as I distinguish it) - in critically clear light shed by this spelling correction you’ve rendered so diligently.

With that clarified now, I’d consider no priority to puzzle over - how the [decorum prohibits] does one spell one’s own middle name wrong in the first place.

Although it’s a fact well-known, not to academic researchers or scientists, but to criminal investigators - that however unintentional a wrong spelling can be – it is also among the most common ploys of alias fabrication. Precisely for a ‘plausible deniability’ it has baked in, since “we all make mistakes.”

And so is ‘repurposing’ of one’s middle name for an ‘alternative’ last name; as outside psychedelic ‘community’ - so within.

Most chilling single case in point? The ‘community-accredited’ magic mushroom ‘expert’ James Arthur, “distinguished author” of MUSHROOMS AND MANKIND (2003).

Real name James A. Dugovic. Convicted felony child sex assailant but utterly unknown as such to ‘community’ enthralled with his psychedelic promotion - whose adulation made him another ‘star’ in the ‘firmament’ of all the ‘community’ psychedelic heroes. Complete with the ‘wide open’ opportunity the cheering reception of his elaborate staging provided for his more intent pursuits - stalking fresh prey.

Which led to Dugovic's next arrest (2004).

Culminating in his jailhouse suicide, April 2005.

Whereupon only now did his true identity, criminal record and more covert interests became public. Even to ‘community’ which - now unable to feign ignorance (with the savage curtain of concealment ripped away) couldn't even muster a decent Claude Rains (CASABLANCA) act ("shocked, shocked" to find this going on in their 'community' of spiritual psychedelic wisdom, the true final solution to the human problem) - and instead exploded in psychopathic rage.

Not at the depravity of Dugovic's monstrous psychosexual evil. Oh hell no. At his ‘murderers’ the police who ‘obviously’ made up this smear that he was pedophile - then after murdering him in jail, concocted this ‘lie’ that such a hero so kind and beloved - had killed himself.

This ^ malignant affair remains to this day a psychotoxic ‘Fukushima’ hazmat spill disaster site, a Forbidden Zone guarded by ‘community.’ As such it's merely one file in a vast dark legacy of psychedelics unknown to the public, mostly covered up and shrouded in silence, ‘written out’ of the ‘psychedelic history’ (the narrative). All the way out.

Right along with most of what has gone on since the 1960s advent of the movement, and now ramping up with worse in the outlook ahead. ("Wanna know what the real horror is young man? It ain't what them devils has already done. It's what they're a-goin' to do" - HP Lovecraft, SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH approx.)

In a one-of-a-kind (2017) podcast unveiling this ( ) host James Kent names ‘doctorlao’ as a main investigative source cracking this sickening case for him (which he’d struggled to piece together). Reflective as it is of the 'community' Decrim Nature base with its ambitions of power - all human exploitation all the time, in endless ways. And countless closets of secret skeletons unknown to the public. The one now being systematically fed a bunch of happy crap, as if “we must all be mushrooms ourselves.”

NOTE: In no way do I mean to compare Norte with Dugovic (nor ‘Micheal’ with Arthur) - as if to hint something such about Norte. There’s no ‘there’ there. I say that so as not to carelessly leave any room for possible misunderstanding. Like I might have meant to scurrilously imply any such thing as that about Norte. Even by oversight - failure on my part to say so.

There are questions enough I find plenty problematic about Norte's activities especially his deep involvement with Decrim Nature; but only in evidence. NOT in rumor or inflammatory speculation. That type thing is not acceptable to me. Indeed it's the manner of psychedelic ‘community’ (as this very Dugovic 'James Arthur' case exemplifies massively - in unpleasantly vivid depth and inhuman detail).

My reason for citing this matter here is exclusively to spotlight the context of monikers in psychedelic ‘community,’ and facts of how they’re devised - from what ‘raw starter goods.’ Per questions I find stand with Norte (for me at least with my biases).

And it’s in that frame exclusively and specifically I feel you’ve masterfully demystified the source of this ‘Shane Micheal’ name, Sparks. Complete with the spelling wrinkle beautifully ironed out.

I’d offer compliments as well as profound thanks.

I am learning here (I rather be sponge than fountain) thanks to you and to the NAFPS forum, a treasure trove of rarest kind, rich with much-needed perspective - from voices like yours and others, uniquely qualified culturally and by life experience.

Of course a modus operandi is classically defined by 3 elements. With the origin for Norte’s ‘Shane Micheal’ moniker so well traced, one piece remains missing for me:


Misspelling can be an accident as I OUGHTA KNOW (and is my face red - though I’ve never gotten my own name wrong).

But misplacing one’s own last name ... by - accident?

That’s one I’ve never heard of.

THANK YOU again for helping me disentangle some of this Norte confusion.

PS For any questions properly of admin purview (e.g. a separate Decrim Nature thread) I should recuse myself and refrain from even trying to opine.

There's one related detail however maybe not so imponderable (though I stand down from opining) - namely:

Whether this accessory to Norte’s facts PLAZOLA would qualify for a ‘Research Needed’ thread.

May 12, 2021 - A LETTER FROM THE CHAIR OF DECRIMINALIZE NATURE by Carlos Plazola (official):

< My own ancestry is indigenous from the Autlan Valley of Jalisco, a region where the people likely used peyote, before colonization wiped out many of our ceremonial customs. >

< My own grandmother, Maximiana Ximenez, an indigenous woman, was born and raised in a small adobe shelter with a thatched roof on the margins of a small town in rural Jalisco, donde viven los indios (“where the Indians live”) as the townspeople would say. >


(select excerpts):

< This letter is written in response to the “Open Letter to the Psychedelic Movement”... by the Indigenous Peyote Conservation Communication Committee on May 7th, 2021. > (I've not found a letter that date so far - but will quote below one from 2020 that, to my eye, seemingly matches other details)

< we are simply asking for clarity on behalf of our base… on what the plan is for preventing extinction of a plant that … > (… a plant that, gosh - never faced any such threat in the first place, until “our base” came along, raiding its habitat to our little hearts’ content - for only good purpose and with best reason of all: ‘because we can’)

FYI < I honor ALL people who seek a path toward salvation of all of humanity, and are choosing the Good Path. >  (not just you native peyotist snobs “And we the Good People of Decriminalize Nature are the very soul of psychedelic progress without conscience, paving everything in our path that stands in the way of our white right that knows no boundaries - especially some conquered people’s issues that they can’t even explain to our base’s satisfaction - and our base will entertain no exclusions. Btw FYI: “no law respecting an establishment of religion” is the American Way - so your ‘special exempt person’ status is unconstitutional anyhow. What do you need from our base, maybe a legal challenge to your current protections?”)

< we hereby present OUR working plan to help protect peyote from extinction - for full public review and comment and encourage all to offer their feedback > (and there are a lot more of us than there are of you NAC anti-white ‘peyote hogs’ – and we’ve been through this before, how quickly some people seem to forget. It’s How The West Was Won, and there's a thing called 'manifest destiny' - but there are always holdout renegades still needing to be dealt with)

It’s a response all right - a strategic one. Neither critically substantive nor even honest, not by tingle of my spidey sense. Plazola turns a deaf ear of dismissal to ‘real world’ now 'our base' concerns clearly posed (in the very letter from 2020 I find posing clear concerns that Plazola's letter doesn't acknowledge and no mystery about it. Because the indigenous peyotists' express concerns pierce the heart of this exploitive appropriation - leaving no ground for credible rebuttal - by ‘gently’ diplomatic grim determination to take reins firmly in hand, away from indigenous leadership trying to control the playing field.

Plazola's tactical response sounds geared to ensure these restless natives understand that, so far, they have failed (dismally) to explain themselves in terms satisfactory to Decrim Nature, for whch Plazola speaks as Grand National Poobah (whatever these NAC concerns about things like peyote are...):

< We are eager to understand why [IPCI and NCNAC] believed it was not a good idea to bring together indigenous leaders from various tribes in California, the US and Mexico; conservation biologists; leaders of IPCI and NCNAC; policy makers; botanists, biologists, climatologists and others to openly study ways to ensure peyote does not go extinct, while still honoring indigenous rights and… >

< From Dec 2020 to Feb 2021, we encouraged the formation of a Blue-Ribbon Task Force to study ways to save peyote from extinction - as part of the CA state-wide effort to decriminalize… >

< Peyote is a key ally in OUR collective struggle to awaken the masses from the fear-based slumber of disconnection from ourselves, each other and nature. >

< So, we are very eager to hear the plan to save Peyote from extinction… > (and are patiently waiting so far, but you need to submit your plan to us, for our base to either approve, or - well whatever - asap, before we the Good People of Decrim Nature get sick of waiting …)

What does the indigenous leadership's letter from 2020 to Decrim Nature say? (as for this ‘chacruna’… but that’s a whole massive Decrim Nature Plazola not-so-secret alliance of unbelievable reflection in the record)

Statement from National Council of Native American Churches and the Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative regarding Decriminalization of… as they pertain to Peyote - March 30, 2020 (excerpts):

Due to various anthropological causes, there is a shortage of peyote available for Indigenous practitioners…>

< Any local governmental resolution that gives non-native people the impression that they now have rights to acquire, possess, use, or transport that peyote in or from Texas would be misleading >

< A concern of the Board of IPCI and its Native American Church/ABNDN leaders is that the message being portrayed within Decriminalization resolutions could provide a false sense of legality. > [or just impunity from legal jeopardy, once the ‘decrim’ firewall against police is in place - leaving police hands tied, stood down from being able to enforce law – reinterpreted from my standpoint]

< the collateral [damage] and unintended effort [sic: effect] could be to increase interest [for] non-native persons [in] either going to Texas to purchase peyote, or to buy it from a local dealer who has acquired it illegally and unsustainably…>

Cf “Law of Unintended Consequences” - human reality (not 'community' grandiosity). Aka 'the road to hell is pave with good intentions' as the old folks in my tradition sa - among few closest things in my cultural heritage to wisdom - punted and dismissed by psychedelic 'know-better' attitude especially considering those old fogeys have never even tripped.

< the “Decrim” movement sends a message to local citizens that peyote is “legal” >

< we fear [this] will further foment the peyote black market and unsustainable practices in south Texas, and compromise the decades long work on the part of Native American peyote spiritual leaders and allies >

< IPCI… is working hard to improve land management and conservation practices of the local ranchers… growing and harvesting conditions and methods. Ranchers we work with are very concerned about the rampant trespassing and destructive practices of illegal pickers, which is likely to increase with the Decriminalization efforts >

< non-native persons who want to avail themselves… should look for alternative medicines… that don’t harm the very fragile peyote population in south Texas or disrespect the spiritual and cultural norms of our Indigenous peoples >

DISCLAIMER (of impartiality) on record (quote):

< I [doctorlao] can give a nice straight answer to your title question, are you for or against the use of psychedelics by individuals? No I am not "for or against the use of psychedelics" ("by individuals" i.e. generally speaking) - for many reasons. > < No more than I support any laws about psychedelics one way or the other, pro or con - as a rule. >

< As 'every rule has an exception,' so in fact I do support laws vitally protective of peyote use by Indians in their lawfully constituted church. How about that? In spite of my own abstention from either side (of a tempest in a teapot) I do 'support use' - actually not even the use per se, so much as the legal right to that usage, in specifically defined context (requiring legal protection). >

< And if irony is your cup of tea - were you aware, do you know, those laws providing for the Native American Church's exclusive right to peyote - are problematic for and to 'decrim'? This 'decrim' to so freely allow "use of psychedelics" proves to be a tangled web of special stipulations - by which they got a problem about an actual law in place, protecting a particular use of psychedelics - because it doesn't provide for the master race's entitlement as demanded, by order of 'cognitive liberty.' >

< I don't admire that kind of stealth duplicity, as it comes across. If anything, I regard it as a manipulative tissue of lies by omission - things not being let on about (as some baited line is cast), like cards kept up a dealer's sleeve. I don't find much for warming to personally in that type thing, generally. And it seems to typify 'some people' and some 'special causes' - like an ethos of power first, power last, all by hook or crook - and principle be damned. >

Source (Sept 29, 2021) Question to doctorlao: are you for or against the use of psychedelics by individuals? -
Research Needed / Re: Shane Norte, Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth
« Last post by Sparks on October 18, 2021, 02:17:27 am »
< The YouTube channel is "Shane Micheal (sic) (not Michael): >

Thank you for that spelling correction. Not only does it put my mistake right, it trains a spotlight upon this ‘Shane Micheal’ channel - and name.

I can't help but notice: all the vids uploaded by “Shane Micheal” (12 total by my count) feature Shane Norte, his narrative and scenes in which he centrally figures.
Between first name match, and the vid content being solely Norte activities I can only tentatively conclude by deduction - subject to contrary evidence (if any) - that channel uploader ‘Shane Micheal’ is none other than Norte. The inference - hypothetical (pending further evidence) - almost draws itself. Without a brain cell of mine having to lift a finger.

The seeming strangeness of this apparent staging (as I might interpret it) provokes curiosity (a nice word for it) amid a queasy uneasy feeling all through my gutty-whats.

This is the ground of my second (of two) 'starter questions' that arise, just by what meets the eye, on first impressions and without having to 'go deeper' (referencing background inextricably woven in).

I wonder if you (or anyone here) might shed any light of speculative interpretation on this irregularity, from your own perspective and wisdom. Or from any old angle.

Why would or should Norte use - what I’d distinguish as - an alias - of ‘special purpose’ i.e. for video uploading, exclusively (unless - ?).

Why (logically) might Norte have fictionalized his last name in that acting capacity?

What meets the eye at a glance doesn’t add up by my arithmetic. No matter how I slice it. Unless the two names aren’t the same “Shane” person, which – all things considered (lots not yet introduced in evidence) - I find difficult to think.
Why i.e. with what intent, motive or purpose might Norte call himself ‘Shane Micheal” for his (as I infer) youtube channel (assuming Shane Micheal = Norte) - pursuant to his purpose and mission - as educatedindian worded it (beautiful as Atropa belladonna):

My reason for assuming that the "Shane Micheal" YouTube channel is run by Shane Norte himself is that he carries the middle name Michael, and I think the Micheal on YouTube is a typo, which there are several dozens of on his website. Then there is the fact, as you point out, that all 12 videos in there are starring Shane Norte.

According to his father’s obituary, Shane Norte seems to be whom and what he says he is:
"Jeffery is survived by… his 7 beautiful children, Shane Michael Aaron Norte, …”.

Another example of both first two names being used (and spelled Michael) I found on the "Decriminalize Nature" Facebook page (my bolding): (September 4, 2020)
We are honored to welcome Shane Michael A. Norte to the #DecriminalizeNature Board of Directors. Shane is a member of the Morongo Band Of Indians located in Southern California and Spiritual Leader and Founder of Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth. Shane is an ally and partner with DN since the summer of 2019 and we are honored to be officially joining teams. Thank you Shane for all of your hard work and continued attention to the sacred!

These people may better be dealt with as a separate topic:
For media inquiries please contact
To improve human health and well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community organizing, education and advocacy.
Research Needed / Re: potential frauds?
« Last post by Smart Mule on October 17, 2021, 09:14:13 pm »
Malea Powell is on Jacqueline Keeler's Alleged Pretendian list as debunked (not Native)                                                                                               
Research Needed / Re: potential frauds?
« Last post by Diana on October 17, 2021, 05:14:07 pm »
Can you give us a little more info?? Like, where in Michigan? What exactly are they doing to make you think they're frauds?
Research Needed / potential frauds?
« Last post by Cidleon on October 17, 2021, 04:43:24 pm »
Does anyone have research or findings on potential frauds in Michigan, Judy Tawas Sina (aka Judy Ferris or Farris) and/or Malea Powell?


Dr Gaween
Research Needed / Re: Shane Norte, Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth
« Last post by DoctorLao on October 17, 2021, 03:50:24 pm »
Dear Sparks, I’m so thankful for your interest. And I highly value your input and perspective (!).

Not to mention this lightning bolt assistance with the Testament of Shane Norte, as posted at his church website, that you linked to this page - first - observing:

< red letters on black are almost impossible to read (for me) >

And then quoted as you have now (complete). And in so doing, made wonderfully easy reading - out of hard.

“The fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat” as a song has it. But (lyrical oversight?) - it makes good lemonade. And I am refreshed.

It’s wonderful you’ve helpfully retrieved Norte’s narrative from its ‘red on black’ eyestrain. And have now reproduced it here for reference (“tonight, for the first time anywhere”) - in less visually merciless form.

The quality of mercy neither knows any strain, nor inflicts any AFAIK.

But the red-on-black ‘squint graphics’ web design made an arduous struggle (either needlessly, or …?) torturous almost, to just try and read.

As you first reflected:

< most of it unreadable on site >

And now, have corrected.

What’s daunting to just try reading, as offered - isn’t very conducive either (bordering on inhospitable) to the prospect of any closer, more careful look.

And pausing to reflect:

If I had some typically spell-casting narrative for soliciting attention, to gather myself a little following (for 'uniting' with a great big one, of the fellow right-minded) - it occurs to me: I might consider a need to minimize risk of drawing not only moths to my flame - but also possible ‘wrong’ type notice to what I’m doing and how (for my self-interest). I doubt I'd want any ‘smart aleck’ taking any closer, more intensive look at my sermon - on doubt (not faith). And not just skepticism, maybe downright suspicion. What a dilemma, nothing new as such. But as a tactical matter, I wonder how I might go about - attracting right type attention, while also repelling any wrong kind - all in the same stroke.

Stepping back from that interlude (through the looking glass) into this real world X-file:

I wonder (not on idle curiosity) why anyone with an ostensibly important message as Norte’s would - in the act of cordially inviting whoever to read - make it so difficult to do so?

For starters.

Second, in general (and regardless of rhyme or reason why) – categorically:

Who does that?

Disclaimer (the bias of my investigate perspective):

Needles so easily hidden in a proverbial haystack (of ‘spiritual’ verbiage) can be just as hard to find - famously so. Even under best conditions i.e. ON alert to the fact (or likelihood) of a needle in there somewhere. Much less OFF alert, neither knowing nor perhaps (at worst) even suspecting. 

That goes double in absence of an adequate ‘needle search image’ - what to be 'on lookout' for, and how to recognize it (on sight).

Forensic ? considerations - made ? spiritual: 

“They come unto us all blessings, with fleece as white as snow - actually whiter (radiantly blinding enough to make Mary’s Little Lamb look like Bah Bah Black Sheep). But that’s on the outside “for sake of appearances.” Inwardly they’re more like wolves - predators not prey species” (an ancient verse out of someone’s bible - freely paraphrased). 

I figure, they fool “some of the people some of the time.” Not everybody always and forever.

Besides, fleece is "only skin deep." There’s other stuff that goes “to the bone.”

And hence there can be little ‘moments of truth.’

The ‘fake brushstrokes’ in a ‘rare Rembrandt’ for sale @ ‘bargain price’ aren’t what its solicitor directs a potential buyer’s attention to. And they would generally go without being seen, maybe not even checked for - except by some 'smart aleck' with a microscope (and a Hoyle's Pocket Guide To Brush Strokes Of The Masters).

Likewise with anything in “sheep’s clothing,” the ‘zipper’ down the back isn’t the ‘show’ feature.

It’s the ‘tell.’

Aka ‘the devil in the detail.’

Aided now by your yeoman duty Sparks (so well done, thank you) I'm picking out a passage from Norte's website 'testimony' you've retrieved from its original eyestrain hazard, and brought here. Not in order to 'open that' in this reply. Rather, to just offer some preview sense of where exactly I find the worst most troubling indications arise - the 'end zone' I'll need to work my way toward.

(In this reply, I'll begin with two lower intensity 'first degree' questions - one already posed: the Unsolved "Why" Mystery of this red-on-black eyeball scrambler presentation - after posting the following passage).

I've CAPITALIZED 3 select bits in this brief passage of ‘high’ alert (5 alarm) status, as recognizable to me - if only based on a modified ‘Howard Baker Watergate standard’ - “what I know and how I know it" (feeling like I walk on some tightrope 'between humility and hubris'). 'These 'highest' alert notes, as I'd rank them, might not be recognizable as such ‘red flags' minus a certain depth of background study, knowledge and familiarity with a deep, dark ‘big picture’ context - nothing indigenous, rather the ‘psychedelic underworld’ (as I encounter it).

Here's where ‘red alert’ signaled for me in Norte’s exposition reaches its ‘5 alarm’ peak:
In that time I also started the Church... and recently had invited the Co-founder CARLOS PLAZOLA of the DECRIMINALIZE NATURE OAKLAND, who helped pass unanimously the Decriminalization of Ethenogenic [sic: ENTHEOGENIC] plants, including fungi, to come and pray at my church.

In my scope, that passage ^ stands as the innermost ‘last layer’ to peel back. For methodical questioning, it can figure like a course heading and final destination. By English lit analogy: Colonel Kurtz’ outpost in Conrad’s HEART OF DARKNESS.

Now, having 'advance spotlighted' that passage (as a preview) - I need to begin at the entrance to this maze, with lightest shades - mere ‘pink’ alert. Once again with help of your input, backtracking to your first reply:

< The YouTube channel is "Shane Micheal (sic) (not Michael): >

Thank you for that spelling correction. Not only does it put my mistake right, it trains a spotlight upon this ‘Shane Micheal’ channel - and name.

I can't help but notice: all the vids uploaded by “Shane Micheal” (12 total by my count) feature Shane Norte, his narrative and scenes in which he centrally figures.

One might almost think - at whatever peril - that there logically might (must?) be two Shanes. If so, the first name match would logically constitute mere random coincidence. 

Yet if that were the case, I’d expect some variability in vid subject matter and content. And that I'm not seeing.

That every “S. Micheal” uploaded vid is instead another edition of the “Shane Norton Show” sure beats the hell out of odds I'd set (if I were a gambler) - maybe defies them.

For the explanatory scenario of two persons, both represented by their real names - vs just one (Norte, using 'alternate' last names) - it would all strike me as ‘too coincidental to be coincidence.’ 

Between first name match, and the vid content being solely Norte activities I can only tentatively conclude by deduction - subject to contrary evidence (if any) - that channel uploader ‘Shane Micheal’ is none other than Norte. The inference - hypothetical (pending further evidence) - almost draws itself. Without a brain cell of mine having to lift a finger.

The seeming strangeness of this apparent staging (as I might interpret it) provokes curiosity (a nice word for it) amid a queasy uneasy feeling all through my gutty-whats.

This is the ground of my second (of two) 'starter questions' that arise, just by what meets the eye, on first impressions and without having to 'go deeper' (referencing background inextricably woven in).

I wonder if you (or anyone here) might shed any light of speculative interpretation on this irregularity, from your own perspective and wisdom. Or from any old angle.

Why would or should Norte use - what I’d distinguish as - an alias - of ‘special purpose’ i.e. for video uploading, exclusively (unless - ?).

Why (logically) might Norte have fictionalized his last name in that acting capacity?

What meets the eye at a glance doesn’t add up by my arithmetic. No matter how I slice it. Unless the two names aren’t the same “Shane” person, which – all things considered (lots not yet introduced in evidence) - I find difficult to think.

It’s not on any narrow legalistic ground I wonder. Because AFAIK there’s no law against that. Merely a refractory question that emerges from between the lines, standing tall and casting long shadows upon a landscape of current developments I dismally feel I know too well (for my liking):

Why i.e. with what intent, motive or purpose might Norte call himself ‘Shane Micheal” for his (as I infer) youtube channel (assuming Shane Micheal = Norte) - pursuant to his purpose and mission - as educatedindian worded it (beautiful as Atropa belladonna):

< promoting psilocybin, shrooms in slang terms, for healing and spiritual use >

The “why” question about this weird name duality might glare in plain light of day. But it fluoresces under UV - mine at least (albeit decent quality gear).

Especially in terms of how that particular ^ missionary cause (as nicely summed up by educatedindian) stands relative to:

(1) genuine native interests and authentic traditions, on one hand - and on the other

(2) the entire idiom of the post 1960s psychedelic 'community' and movement in terms of its rhetoric and narrative, the entire 'regularly scheduled programming' of the Psychedelic Broadcast Networks (and all local affiliates acting in voluntary cooperation with the 'revolution that will not be televised' - thinking globally, acting locally) - verbatim.

As reflective of the intents and purposes of a post 1960s psychedelic movement - its agendas, ambitions and history. As in history the real thing. Not the 'community' bedtime story (propagandizing narrative) - heraldry (cheering its heroes, jeering the zeroes) masquerading as history - while systematically expurgating the 'inconvenient' truth - myriad 'dirty little secrets' which prove to be the larger portion of what has actually gone on.

Whatever the rhyme or reason of that red-on-black reading ordeal as presented - about like some subliminal 'weed out' test question (how 'serious' are you about wanting to read this?) - I wonder if you or anyone here might think there’s some person other than Norte (but doing his youtube uploading) named ‘Shane Micheal’ posting these vids, all featuring Norte front and center - promoting his ‘message’ and activities (etc)?

The question as I ponder it only gains weight considering that what I'm see and hearing with Norte just happens to correspond 0% to anything I know from native traditions – compensated by a 100% precision match with key talking points of the big psychedelic push - our brave new 21st C “Renaissance” resurrection of the Timothy Leary “dream” which by the 1960s end had already proven to be - a nightmare not a dream.

This red-on-black question (of a potentially 'centrifugal separation' effect picking the winners to draw in while repelling the 'losers') - and this ‘double identity(?)’ name game - are the two starter questions I find like entrances to the maze, right at the surface (without need for any extensive background) - ‘minimal depth’ questions of the first layer to peel back, before next layers further in.

These two questions languish in wading shallows ankle deep, close to the shore. Where light penetrates effortlessly to illuminate everything, leaving nothing in shadows – and revealing for me a clear sense of unclear riddle or puzzle.

Past ankle-depth near shore there's a ‘drop off’ further out. There, the waters get deep and rather darker, particularly in terms of notes I’ve capitalized from Shane’s website exposition (which you’ve so helpfully copied here).

At those great depths, what I encounter crosses an ‘event horizon’ - descending into darker questions, difficult to call merely gray. More like “Gravitational Singularity Black’ - of 5 alarm ‘red alert’ (on my radar).

Quoth educatedndian:

< One grey area I see is some of the church members are not Native. Some are wartime vets. I know there are cases of Native inviting white army buddies… >

The grayscale has its “lighter, lighter” shades and “darker, darker.”

And inviting vets, however gray an area - strikes me as one thing. Gray enough.

But to have invited this CARLOS PLAZOLA - with his profile and Person of Interest activities... is something else completely different, and a whole ‘nother magilla. 

A proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ (“send in the blind men”).

Thank you for correcting my wrong spelling of Micheals. And in the process fortuitously  allowing for focus on Norte’s youtube presence and presentations - an ideal starting point from my angle of view – with wide frame (for ‘big picture’) and narrow aperture (for ‘depth of field’) with figure-and-background both in nice sharp focus.

With appreciation to everyone here for all you do.


This is where we can find out most about Shane Norte’s claims and ambitions. Unfortunately, red letters on black are almost impossible to read (for me); I’ll have to copy the text into a word processor and look more closely at it.

I did just that, and I quote everything on that front page (most of it unreadable on site), with typos and everything:


I was offered medicine “ I can just say that it makes your prayers real…like God can hear you”. Angel Wilson. That right there is all I needed to hear to explore the different dimensions. My whole life I have been waiting to hear those words '“GOD HEARS YOU” and here we are Church “OTPFCME”.

 We are 501(c)3organization state registered church at the Church of the People for Creator and Mother Earth we seek to teach and to inspire the uttermost respect amongst each and for the spaces we occupy as Native People. This church is based out of the La Jolla Indian Reservation near Palomar Mountain. Our goal is to rejuvenate old lost ways of ceremony and worship and to provide a safe space for ceremony and to heal with the changing of times and adapting to the new days for the people. We also wish to establish beautiful communities again based off of new and old ways to which our ancestors used to live here in balance with Creator and Mother Earth.
Today, Native American communities are not as whole as they once were.  Tribes lack a spiritual understanding of the land they walk on and the creations that co exist with them. Yes there are some tribes that have better situations but that does not mean we can not help one another. We help each other here and try our best to become better people for tomorrow and aid those in the same.

Because of what has happend to Natives in the past, a-lot of our way of worship has been lost. In todays times we need safe places to worship on reservations. We also need to work with tribal council’s so that they may protect their peoples right to pray on their own land how they choose. Build with the people and create a good community based off plant healing and ceremony. Here at Church “OTPFCME” we provide that safe space. Now is the perfect time to reconnect back to Creator and Mother Earth while we can as tribes.

Through trauma, colonization, technological and materialistic age some of our people have forgot who we trully are. A-lot of the origanal diet was lost when lands were taken or sold leaving us to whatever the government gave us. Within the destruction of Mother Earth the water, air, and land have been compromised. Todays social structure and how the people interact with each other is not our ways. We need to start working towards building more personal communities based off healing and cermoney.

Today on reservations there are no spiritual schools to teach our children about the sacred knowledge our ancestors had. Besides the families or individuals who practice in secret or private. We want to have a safe place for all of our children to grow spiritualy, mentally, and physically. But most reservations today really don’t provide spaces like this such as the Church “OTPFCME”. We strive to work for our children and to provide these sacred spaces for they are our future so lets teach them right and build them up to be strong and humble beings of this Earth.


 My journey started when I got kicked out of my house and dropped out of college. I was offered some medicine by my brother and said it helps with prayer and makes them seem real. He offered me some free medicine and within that moment of experience I was humbled an figured out what it was that I had to do while I can. So on my journey in San Diego I came across a now good brother of mine who mentioned to me that a big movement was going to happen with some Apaches in Az. So after his advice I drove my car, never left the state and jammed on my way to Az. When I arrived it was a crisp cool morning on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, I thought I was lost or had missed the march but I ended up being led to the right place. I got out looking around trying to figure out my environment and their it began to piece itself together. Within that moment I had met a good brother of mine Wendsler Noise Sr. of the Bendokahe Isstinaiye Clan of The Chiricahua Apache. There he asked me to help him lead his people and those joining us on the sacred walk to Chi Chil Bildagoteel also known as Oak Flat which is under destruction by a foreign mining company Rio Tinto of Resolution Copper. After long nights of Praying and Ceremony I headed back to Cali only to return…
So after I got more supplies I drove back to Oak Flat to return to ceremony with the Apache-Stronghold. Within holy ground Wendsler and I prayed and he gave me one of the sacred staffs that was used on the 2 day, 45 mile sacred march to Oak Flat. From there I began my journey of reconnecting back to the Creator and Mother Earth. The movement to protect Oak Flat and all sacred sites started to gain momentum. From there we traveled all over the country and out to meet with over 500 tribes in the U.S. Gained serious movement with senator Bernie Sanders  who was a co-signer to a bill which the Apache Stronghold Introduced and it became an International fight. Find more about it at
Within those days of the past a huge event known as Standing Rock occurred. This movement sparked a-lot of gathering and a-lot of confusion amongst the Natives and non Native communities. It ended up not in favor of the Natives of North Dakotas but it was a beautiful display of what can happen when we come together over not only fighting for the water but also the Creator and Mother Earth. From there I came back and started living here on the lands of my ancestors. Within that time I lost my father to cancer and that took me for a little spin and brought me closer to Creator and Mother Earth. After the passing of my father I got involved with my relatives in Oklahoma who are part of NAC Native American Church who use holy sacrament of peyote to heal and pray. They helped me put up a lodge and from there I began another journey to healing. After that It came to me that I need to get a space for worship and healing not only for myself and family but for the whole of our people.
Once I got reconnected here on the land the creations of those mountains let me know what was going on and said to me that we need to clean our house, someone is in your house meaning spiritual house. I got realigned with the sacred medicine that I had started with on this journey. Within that time from 2017-2020 I have really built up my Wamkish and started praying not only for myself and family but the whole of the Planet. Since then, people have been showing up all around the country to come and pray to Creator and Mother Earth. In that time I also started the Church “OTPFCME” and recently had invited the Co-founder Carlos Plazola of the Decriminalize Nature Oakland, who helped pass unanimously the Decriminalization of Ethenogenic plants including fungi to come and pray at my church. I have also included both my councils from both of my tribes in supporting our efforts to heal. Beautiful times are ahead, thanks for supporting Church “OTPFCME”. May we unite and fight for what is right and have a beautiful future for our children and the whole of the planet. Blessings to all from Creator and Mother Earth.





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