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Well it took me a while, but I finally got here. I posted some on the old board for about a year I guess.

I was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. I presently live in SW Ok. I had a lot of old photos on the old yahoo site, of my family. I thought it important to show who we are because we are not federally enrolled, so I uploaded those photos. I can trace my first relatives to Arkansas to 1815 and Oklahoma to 1828. Arkansas relatives can be traced to ancestors who lived in the region where those who became known as "Melungeons" were and we were living in a community known as a Melungeon community. Those in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) can be traced back to Cherokee in NE Corner of Alabama, and adjacent Tn and Ga and NC. At the time of Dawes they were in the Chickasaw Nation tho and they never enrolled, but are found on the 1900 census of the Chickasaw Nation, altho to my knowledge we have no Chickasaw blood.

I have a small yahoo group concerned with finding REAL history of the Chickamauga Cherokee. There is so much fake Chickamauga history online I thought it important to separate the fake stuff from what really happened. So when I saw this group I felt a real kinship with the concept and ideas behind it. Once I fell for some of that fake stuff. Then I learned better, and devote time now to hoping our research will help others from believing that fake history that is all over the internet.

Its good to be here.


I should have said my ancestors who came from the Melungeon region were in SW Virginia (lower Russell County, which became Scott County). They went from there to Arkansas in 1815.

The way I worded it might confuse people into thinking I was saying there was a Melungeon community in Arkansas -- I wasn't too clear about that -- sorry.



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