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--- Quote ---Everyone seems to respect her round here as a "medecine woman" here being the UK .
--- End quote ---

I'm in the UK: I'd be interested to know who this person is. PM me in confidence if you like.


While this story may be more about the misuse of a Spiritual Gift, than a fraud, I believe that it may be relevant.

In our region, several years ago, there was an individual who held sweats.  This individual was known for being able to use "manipulative" Medicine and was sought out by people when they wanted something like winning an election, money or women.

One day, while this person was alone, in his lodge, he crawled out and said "they got me" and died.

After this, many of our community members became afraid of Traditional Medicine and this fear continues to be seen.  Now, if anyone in our community seeks out Traditional Medicine, they do it secretively.

We believe that when some people have Gifts, they also have the Choice as to how they use them.  Whether the choice is for good or bad, there is a price to pay.  When used to help with health and healing, we believe that the price is acceptable, but if used in a manipulative manner, the price may include the Life, or worse, of the individual making this choice.

With Respect;

Ric - I totally agree with what you said because I think the same goes for having a spiritual gift in any culture or religion. The temptation of power and money will always be there.

I have my own theory when it comes to non-Natives getting seriously involved in Indian cultures and/or spirituality: somewhere along the road, they will be tested. It happens e-v-e-r-y time! They will come to a crossroad and those who choose the wrong path will without any doubt get in trouble, sometimes when it comes to their health. Some of them look much older than their age, like if something is eating them from inside. I have seen this happen SO many times! It catches up on them eventually.

I know that people over here have participated in sweats run by frauds and taken very ill, too.


This is only from my white woman w/breast cancer opinion:

I 'did' a sweat for an elderly lady who had 'always wanted' to participate, but was hesitant for her health 's sake with the traditional heat involved.

I also 'did' the second half of a sweat ceremony for Ed McGaa, at his direction.  This all was back in 1989.

In '99 I was dx'd with breast cancer.  However, so was my mom at age 50 along with HER mom at age 65...... and they were NOT involved in any kind of nuage bs.

So, from just my perspective, I stopped trying to figure out the hows a long time ago.  Because I've seen that anyone can get cancer.

Your friend has probably been down the road of: "what could I have done differently?" ad naseum.  So, would be on the defensive with words that put the blame on her...

On the other hand, I am in total admiration of  Moma P's post on taking ceremonies out of context/foundation.  It's dangerous, imho.  


I have heard this said many times among our people, and think it is right to bring it up now for discussion.

Don't look at it as Christians V's Nds, alcohol and tobacco, look deeper into it.

"It is ironic that the wine that is the Christians' most sacred substance, used in the Mass to represent the blood of their God, has caused such a trail of devastation within Native populations. And the Natives' most sacred substance, tobacco, has caused major health problems for so many Christians. "



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