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are there any accounts of NAFs who missapropriate native ceremonies falling ill ?

See the threads about Harley Reagan, Robert Franzone, and Carlos Casteneda.

And for illness and other misfortunes falling upon their followers or inner circles, see the threads on Benny LeBeau and Buck Ghosthorse.

I haven't added it yet, but apparently Roy I Wilson's followers have been getting ill from his sweat lodge ceremonies. Heard it through the moccasin telegraph.;) But the person who told me is "in the know."

Very interesting question. I'm curious as to why you would ask. Have you been ill.

Read through all the threads, yes to your question and some have died. Things done in the wrong way esp. if it's ceromonies that have been stolen or used in the wrong way can make a person seriously ill. Just because it sounds good or right doesn't make it so.

Its a long story, heres a version I posted elsewhere.

Ive know this woman for years who is white ( to look at) claims to be half Oglala Sioux and conducts ceremonies. She comes across as a medicine woman and uses Jamie Sams cards and all that. Everyone seems to respect her round here as a "medecine woman" here being the UK .
Anyway at first I was quite impressed by her, never having met a real native person when I was younger (18). I would have say I consider her a friend but the enviroment of drugs and alcahol and weird new age power structures put me off a bit and my contact has dwindled over the years. She ran ceremonies and sweats and charged money.
Then she got breast cancer and it nearly killed her. Luckily she recovered . It was about this time that I started reading stuff online and was quite amzed to read all this stuff about fake medicine and white people pretending to be NDNs and selling spirituality etc etc That was all new to me. Though I think people like that do it for status (guruship) as much as money.
anyway I posted her one of the articles Id read here I think Arvol looking horse saying whites shouldnt take part in ceremonies and a couple of bits and bobs about fake medicine people getting ill.
She obviously didnt read it or respond and a couple of months later she invited me to a sweat ( a charge for minimum expenses etc). I didnt turn up.
I am very superstitious and  I then got it into my head that she had got ill because of her false medicine practise and was worried if she kept doing it her illness might come back .
On her Birthday we all went out and got pissed(drunk) and I said as much. She hasnt spoken to me since though dont know if shes done anymore ceremonies. Old friends of mine who were also friends of hers now wont talk to me. I did have good intentions but I think maybe I overstepped the mark. Most people have told me suggesting to someone that there illness was in anyway their own fault is offensive and I should apologise, however if I suggested someone give up smoking they would not have had a problem.
Im considering apologising ( I feel it would been better if wed talked about it sober, and perhaps not on her birthday) that but I still think she should at least be made aware of all the stuff posted on here , ie legitimate warnings against false medicine people by tribal nations own government.
I would appreciate it anyone had any links to legitimate warnings by tribal governments relating to fake medicine people if they could post them, or if anyone in their own words can consisely sum up why it is wrong and what the dangers are

So that was a post I made before on another site. I am looking to see if it was just my delusion or if people really do get ill from lying about such things.
I has a look for the names you mentioned Edu Ind but could not find any of them apart from one.


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