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There have been several inquiries into her on whether she has any Ojibwe heritage. She has used several surnames so this has made her genealogy search difficult. She is from Michigan or Minnesota? She has been slowly taking control of American Indian education programs at UWM and in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has been the source of some controversy at UWM after video of big drum being misused was posted on Facebook.

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--- Quote from: WINative on April 22, 2021, 07:34:36 pm ---She has used several surnames so this has made her genealogy search difficult.
--- End quote ---

I found her original surname (I hope) together with a different spelling of her first name, too:

--- Quote from: ---Margaret A. Noodin (born Margeret Noori, 1965) is an American poet and Anishinaabemowin language teacher. She is a Professor of English and American Indian Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.
--- End quote ---

I wonder if Margeret is a misspelling for Margaret? I find several publications both by Margaret Noodin and Margaret Noori, but none by Margeret Noori. Several websites repeat the wording I quoted from Wikipedia, it might be a misspelling, with one single source being quoted again and again. (Then again, she might have changed from Margeret to Margaret long before she changed her last name.)

Margaret Noori 156 hits:

Margaret Noodin 285 hits:

I was informed recently that Noori is her married name. Asmat Noori is the name of her ex-husband and father of her children.
He is of Indonesian descent and interestingly, also lists himself as an Anishinaabe language speaker on his Facebook page.
So she is clearly trying to hide her birth name and maybe has other secrets tied to that with her heritage.

She was married previously, and had the last name Bodellan. Before that her last name was Aerol.

Indian Country, 6/10/2008, "Fond du Lac Follies: The Northrup Road Players": "On the day of the performance the Northrup Road Players rehearsed twice and finished with the props. Meg Aerol, usually known as Dr. Margaret Noori, came to the Symposium from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We had a good visit and she drew some tipi poles for us. We needed the drawing for one of the signs used in the play."


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