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The Hunter and the Genie
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A young Indian man is out hunting along the lakeside,when a bottle bobbing by the shore line grabs his attention.On plucking it out of the water he sees its a fine and fancy bottle.Chuckling to himself he mutters "it looks like one of those genie bottles"and give's it a half hearted rub.
To his suprise with a puff of green smoke,out pops a genie.
"Young Master"says the genie,I must grant you three wishes,but I also urge caution as there is alaways a bittersweet catch to these wishes.
"Ok" says the Hunter,"whats the catch?".
"Young Master,for every wish granted,all the fake shaman and wannabes in the world get double"
"So they get twice of what I wish for!"says the young Indian.
"Yes Master,what is your first wish?"
"That all the reservations had decent housing with full larders" says the Hunter.
"Granted,next wish" says the Genie.
"That I had a million dollars" says the Hunter.
"Granted Master" says the Genie,I like you but i must warn you this is your final wish,And already all the fakes and wannabees have two houses and two million dollars each,think carefully about your last wish"
A huge grin appeared on the face of the young Hunter,"I don't have to Genie",he says.
"Its always been my wish to donate a kidney.

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Re: The Hunter and the Genie
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Meanwhile, the poor fisherman in The Arabian Nights is still arguing with the homicidal one he released....