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"Mediums" who didn't do their research...
« on: August 08, 2008, 09:16:11 pm »
These two (ex) sisters-in-law really belong in the Frauds section but for some reason it isn't accepting new topics.  However, their online exploits are funny in an infuriating sort of way...

It recently came to the attention of that these ladies have jumped on the cultural appropriation bandwagon.  Christine Hamlett, one of those disgusting people who try to boost their careers by linking their names with murdered and/or missing people, has


Christine seems to have read (or at least heard of) Theodore L. Kazimiroff's
The last Algonquin.  In fact Joe Two Trees believed himself to be the last survivor of Weckquaesgek band, not of the entire Algonquin people.  The 8000 or so Algonquin still living in Canada will certainly be in for a shock when they hear that they are in fact extinct!  After this embarassing
faux pas was exposed on BadPsychics all mention of Joe vanished from Christine's website and was replaced by a hysterical rant against "Meercat", fearless exposer of fake mediums (

Christine's former sister-in-law Jackie Dennison Koshnick also has a Native American spirit guide - none other than Red Cloud, who according to Jackie was "quite famous":

"Red Cloud: Jackie also works with a Native American Indian, Red Cloud, from the Takelma Tribe, part of the Rogue River Indians. Red Cloud introduced himself in the early part of 2005 and spoke of wonderful work that Jackie would be involved with across the water."

Jackie owns a drawing of Red Cloud that looks strangely familiar:

Yes, it's based on a famous photograph of the Red Cloud, who wasn't a member of the Takelma tribe.  As "Meercat" points out,

Once again, a medium's claims are quite easily debunked with just a little research.  Now, it makes you wonder as to the 'abilities' of these mediums if they can't even get the background of their own 'guides' correct.  If they can't do that, what chance have they of giving a sitter a reading about their relatives?

Jackie has since altered her site to read:

Jackie also works with a Native American Indian, Red Cloud, from the Takelma Tribe, part of the Rogue River Indians (not to be confused with the Sioux Chief)

As "Meercat" points out:

Ah.. I see, it's ANOTHER Red Cloud... the drawing of THE Red Cloud must be purely for 'illustration purposes' or something.

Hope you didn't hurt yourself when your own Spirit Guide tripped you up Jackie?......

As is all too obvious from NAFPS, New Age crackpots the world over seem to find Native American cultures - or rather bastardized versions of them - irresistable.  Click here to see the Contacts page of Andrew McKellar, another BadPsychics case study:

Until BadPsychics brought McKellar's website to the attention of his local Trading Standards office he was using a "testimonial" from Mr Phil Hurst, who thanked McKellar profusely for curing his terminal cancer.  In fact Mr Hurst had died of cancer long before his testimonial appeared on McKellar's site.

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Re: "Mediums" who didn't do their research...
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2008, 10:34:58 pm »
Thanks for letting us know about these people. They're not actually purporting to be Indian or to be able to conduct Indian religious ceremonies, so I think they're probably best left in the comedy section. If we put them in Frauds, we have to put every other spiritualist with a 'Red Indian' spirit guide there too. I'm sure you're aware that there must be tens of thousands of them.

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Re: "Mediums" who didn't do their research...
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2009, 10:49:07 pm »
In the 19th Century, there were quite a few purported American Indian 'spirit guides' utilized ( ;)) by mediums.  I'm pretty sure they all talked like Tonto.

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Re: "Mediums" who didn't do their research...
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2009, 03:18:08 pm »
I'm surprised these people are still using Red Indians as their "spirit guides", these went out of fashion a long time ago, along with Tibetans, "Hindoos", and the like; and quasi-historical figures like Patience Worth and Bridey Murphey (English and Irish peasants, respectively).  Since the 1970, these somewhat normal (and somewhat researchable) spirits have apparently had it with us obtuse human beings who are still learning the lessons of physical reality, and doing a piss-poor job of it at that, and returned to their spiritual realms in something of a huff.

They have been replaced by a Rockettes-style high-kick line of curiouser and curiouser entities, completely untraceable, who mirror our science-fictional and fantasy-prone times, as the previous ones mirrors our ancestors' fascination with exotic cultures. A few of these lofty beings include:

An "energy personality no longer focused in physical reality" (Seth, of course)

A Lemurian warrior who conquored two-thirds of the known world 35,000 years ago.  (J. Z. Knight's cash cow, Ramtha)

A "sixth-density entity from the planet Venus six hundred years in the future" (Say whut? ??? That would be Jamie Sams's friend Leah)

A collective entity composed of all the energy and consciousness in the universe (I forget now who the medium was for this one, but this is pretty much the Newage definition of God.  Others also channel God Him/Herself, sometimes Yahweh, yes, THAT Yahweh, but straightforward "divine revelation" is pretty much out of fashion these days, except among those wacky Christians)

Various "ascended masters" - Khoot Humi, Saint Germain, El Morya, Paul the Venetian,, along with new and improved versions of Jesus, the Buddha, and Confucius, that  neither Christians, Buddhists, nor Confuscians would recognize. (Courtesy of Madame Blavatsky and her enormous litter of offspring.)

Advanced extraterrestrials, "Space Brothers", and what-not, mostly from the Pleiades, but from other planets/galaxies/dimensions as well.  (Two whole generations of these, from George Adamski, through Claude Vorilhon, aka Raël, on out to infinity and beyond.)

Hunk-Ra, a 25,000-year-old warrior (Channeled by Mike Doonsbury's girlfriend, Barbara Ann Boopstein.  Ms. Boopstein is also known for her acting career, from which her best known role is "Third Girl In The Shower" from Porky's IX)

Some of us, though, still do like doing things the old-fashioned way.  I myself still use a manual typewriter, a wind-up pocket watch, and an analog alarm clock.  If I got into the channeling business, I'm sure I'd prefer channeling a 1500-year-old Cherokee brave who talks like Tonto rather than a sixth-density ANYthing.   :o
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Re: "Mediums" who didn't do their research...
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Um, well, I got so wound up here showing off how much stuff I've read in my life, that I forgot what I intended to say in the first place.  Please bear with me, I'm afraid this is going to happen a lot with me  ;D



This reminds me of a conversation I had shortly after the Mohegan tribe in Connecticut got their federal recognition and built their casino.  The locals were still sore about the Mashantucket Pequot having done the same thing a few years earlier, and many people insisted that neither tribe were "really Indians".  Donald Trump, concerned about the new casinos taking business away from him, famously said, “Go up to Connecticut, and you look at the Mashantucket Pequots…They don’t look like Indians to me. They don’t look like Indians to Indians”

Some time before, I had bought a Mohegan tee-shirt at the Pequot's version of the Green Corn Dance, which at the time was part of my rotation of work clothes.  I happened to wear it one day, and it got me into a conversation with a co-worker about this tribe.  He said, "There can't be any Mohegans around today, because didn't somebody write a book about the last of them?"  Mohegan, Mohican, you say po-tay-to and I say po-tah-to, I just asked him if he also believes in the Headless Horseman.