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Good news!

I've been in touch with Steven Hassan, an anti-cult activist and expert on mind control within cults. He's an ex-Moonie who now heads the Freedom of Mind Reseource Center.

He's adding a Shamanism section to his website which will use NAFPS as the main resource. This should get our views to a much wider audience.

A profile of Hassan.

There's a quote from one of his books that I think can help us understand why twinkies are the way they are.
"Few people understand that cult indoctrination superimposes a new cult identity that suppresses and controls the individual's authentic identity. Relatives and friends think they are having a conversation with the person they have always known when, in fact, they are probably addressing the cult identity. In most traditional exit-counseling and deprogramming cases, the cult identity is submerged but left intact. The pre-cult identity assumes control, but the cult identity is not fully absorbed and integrated into the new post-cult self. Specialized knowledge and training are required to effectively promote healing."

That is good news; I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

I'm thinking though that many 'shamanic teachers', though they quite possibly teach this rubbish because they need a steady supply of saps to wield power over, don't fit very well into the usual cult-leader mould (with several obvious exceptions eg Harley Regan).

Perhaps that's just how it looks from my UK perspective. What do other people think?


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