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New here.
« on: December 15, 2007, 09:12:02 pm »
I live in the midwest and I am one of those city raised Indians whose family was separated from their tribes and hid in the mountains of the southwest during the Indian genocides. I have read your intentions and disclaimers and really support the ideaology. Yet, I wonder if history is only repeating itself and they say we are to learned from our past. I do agree about the many frauds as I have encountered some during my journey's, but to what extent does one judge another. When does the fine line get crossed and another witch hunt ensue.

I do have my spiritual practices that have been with me since childhood and I have very much grown with learning of the spiritual worlds first before learning the native ways when my grandparents finally spoke of it in my later 20's. Yes, it was hidden from my siblings and myself. Thru the years I have learn of many out there who have been disconnected from their tribes during the dark period and lookin for a way back.

My sensing might of been thru my genes, but, thru half my life I had not connected it with native purpose other than things would happen during particular situations. Even though I have a Apache,  Navajo and Spanish background I did go through a period of learning Lakota traditions and Sundanced (7 years total) at Pine Ridge. I was very much true to the spiritual beliefs and adapted them to my beliefs. Even though in previous years I only knew of my contrary nature, I went thru my Sundance period at Pine Ridge with the High Horse family (they knew me as Joe from Missouri) and I was identified as Heyoka and danced their water dances because of natural events occuring around me during their ceremonies. I did end my commitment as I went through further changes.

Even though I did believe in what they did the words I heard mentioned here in another thread were also spoken to me and I did not go back. After my Sundance commitment and was all was said and done, I was told that it did not matter what I did at Sundance because I was not Lakota. I really felt sad about it because it also meant they did not really believe in what was practiced. The spirit of life. There are many tribes out there with many variations of tradition. So, who is to say what is the right traditional way. We're evolving.

The word Shaman has been used by me and it has numerous meanings and concepts to be judged, especially the fraud situations. My interpretation is, "one who does things in un-orthodox ways." My opinion says there are too many variables for any one to claim how one is suppose to act or exist. Even though I have a Native background I also do things in spirit beyond the color of mankind's skin. There is nothing new age about it. The modern times perpetuates modern thought in this reality. For instance I do not live in the dark ages of what was, yet, I learn from it. I am a computer geek and a natural artist. The internet has a growing cyber community that is bringing the world closer. How else would you be getting your cyber messages out.

When awareness opens up we face new things that are older than our existence. One thing I can say is I have never sold anything I do in relationship to spiritual growth. I can speak of native beliefs and also of non-native beliefs as my being is with the nature of all things. To condemn one who is here to heal is an event that gets repeated througout history, so when do we learn.

I do have a page to speak more of my words. I know I do not do things within the perimeters of anothers concepts of what should be. Hate and anger can be masked with good intentions.
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Re: New here.
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From what I am understanding is you follow peyote???
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Re: New here.
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No, and I do not see where I mentioned it.
I leave it to the Navajo road men.
Over the years our family has been good friends with a few very traditional Navajo families in various parts of Navajo country. I've learned and respect their ways and they are aware and respect my ways. We get along fine. The Navajo family that adopted my oldest daughter even conducted our 1 year old grand-daughters coming out after her first laughter ceremony. It was a tradition they believed in and we respected it.
I have been in the Standing Rock and surrounding (Sissleton) areas during my Sundance era. I did get along with a few elders in that area that taught me their spiritual ways. And only the few whom were true to their nature. I do keep in touch with them now and then.

To reply to the next question that wil be asked; with the knowledge of my Sundance Chief, I was facilitating sweatlodges in Lakota tradition.  But since I returned my pipe to my Sundance Chief, John Fastwolf, I have ceased any further sweatlodge functions in their tradition.
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Re: New here.
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I am sorry if i was mistaken but it was by this statement:
I was identified as Heyoka and danced their water dances.

If you are a Heyoka did you do the puppy ceremony?

If not then you are not a heyoka!

So many come to our country and believe they have become something but do not fullfill the requirement for it. It takes many years to be come one of these. It is not just a moment at a sun dance.

Today it seems that people come to our ceremonies and then some how they become something. Even among our own people so we started asking if they have done the ceremony. Many just look at you, many don't know what it is, many never went that far....

I live on Standing Rock and go to ceremonies at Sisseton. Did you attend the Lakota or Dakota dances because they are different from each other.
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Re: New here.
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If I recall, you asked about peyote and I replied, no.

If I can also remember, ceremonies such as the puppy ceremony were not publicly spoken of.
Do you follow that tradition?
I am familiar with it and what I participated in, with respect to tradition, stays there.

I do know Dakota and Lakota traditions have varied Sundance traditions. Even among the tribes own families. The ceremonies are different because the Sundance Chief runs it the way his visions guide him, and validated with the council when one is in place. I am not here to know it all. Even among the tribal circles one would do according to the leader. Not according to what one knows.

What I am, has been a way of life since birth; before I came to a tribal tradition and it was only recognized according to their beliefs to be practiced "while there." Now, as I move thru life I know who I am.
I relate to good natured humans and only observe those who bring chaos, usually because they do not know who they are. I still do not judge them. If I remember correctly, traditional tribal people do not point a finger at another. I recognize western influence as changing that thought in tradition.

Traditions label an individual according to their nature while among their tribe. In my case, I now stand outside of your beliefs, but recognize it as a way of life to be preserved. Many tribal traditions are struggling to keep their identity during this period of infiltration from outside influence. But, too many tribal youths want to be recognized as individuals and want to be accepted as equals in mainstream society. Sadly, this also means walking away from who they are.

One thing I appreciate about you is; your ability to speak out and allow your identity to be known with your links. That identifies you as a strong individual.
Believe in self.
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Re: New here.
« Reply #5 on: December 22, 2007, 03:15:52 pm »
Thank you for your reply, I know my traditions.
Today we have been put into a new world
defending our ways from outsider. We have had to
go outside our traditions to defend them.
The reason why we have to ask when
people come froward with this information
as you did.
Our spiritual leaders who not have to
defend themselves because they must
always welcome and be kind to people.
That is why there is people like me who
can ask the questions.
This site has been a welcoming benefit to
help us with this. There has been a Pan-
Indian movement that has been mixing our
traditions with others.
Then we comne to a point of what is real
and what is not. I understand that each
person has their own rights but as I was
"there is NO one way but there is
a way"
I hope that you enjoy the site and remember
this site is to track those who abuse my culture
and other tribal cultures.
I know that Frank Fools Crow opened our
ceremonies to other Native people so we accept
that. I don't support white/black/yellow in our
ceremonies that is just my opinion.
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Re: New here.
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