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Re: Steve McCullough
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Yes Black deer you are right it is our belief that stop us from setting up a formal way to protect ourselves,
It is our belief that each man has the right to do things his way and no one has the right to tell him how to
do it because our ways come from dreams, but do we want to make our ways formal? So many questions
that need to answered. I dont have the answers. back in the day we had those people who went around
to make sure people behave now there is no one that does that, so people like Steve would be challenged
all the time but the people until they threw him out. It is the Christian thought that cause so much problems
with the belief they have rights to other peoples culture. As you it was AIM who first invited the hippies, then from
there we have been having trouble
In Spirit

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Re: Steve McCullough
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Thank you all so much for this forum and your comments About this man and this Sundance. You have answered many of my questions about it.

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Re: Steve McCullough
« Reply #212 on: August 19, 2014, 10:17:17 am »
Steve McCllough is still at it, this time he's reincarnated himself as "Steve Mc Cullough" on Facebook.  Why the space in Mc Cullough, Steve?

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Re: Steve McCullough
« Reply #213 on: February 18, 2015, 11:14:50 pm »

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Re: Steve McCullough
« Reply #214 on: March 11, 2015, 01:55:29 pm »
In april 2015 Steve will run a 4 -day long ceremony-thing in Ieper, Flanders-Belgium
Today we published a warning article about this fraud.: Titel : Steve McCullough aka Iktomi Sha: Fraud and liar!
We 'll be in place to confront him in public.
NAIS -activist news :

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Re: Steve McCullough
« Reply #215 on: March 11, 2015, 09:38:57 pm »
As the article Alice linked happens to be in Flemish language, I translated most of it fyi:


It's that time of the year again!

Spiritual 'native' scammers leave their nests to please gullible souls who yearn for their lost 'spirituality'.
Steve Mc Cullough is a master in spreading lies hoping that everybody is so occupied with their own business that they won't do thorough research.
But NAIS will do exactly that!
In an advertisement for a ceremony planned in Ypres [Belgium], we read the following:

Ceremony with Steve McCullough (Iktomi Sha). He is a widely respected Lakota medicineman and Sundance leader. He is a wise and honest person. In ceremonies in Europe and with his Sundance in Indiana, he has the role of an intercessor between our world and the spirit world. To be present in his ceremonies has a nourishing and healing effect on various levels.
Iktomi Sha carries the vision of a 'peace bringer'.

This man calls himself a 'Lakota' medicineman … from Indiana?!?
Sometimes his ethnic origin changes to „Remnant Band Shawnee“.

He is a wise and honest man“? … so honest that the man, in the USA and with American Indians, is persona non grata and has several lawsuits hanging over his head in connection with illegal practices. Together with his companion John Wexler (sometimes Wechsler) aka John Crow Dog aka John Crazy Horse. The duo has caused so much bad blood with the Lakota that they were forced to vanish under the radar.
And Sundance leader?: The Sundance belongs to the tradition of the Lakota; the ceremony may not be done in Europe.

Whenever we dig deeper, we see that he claims to have been involved in the occupation of Wounded Knee: Steve McCullough has never been an AIMster! (There will be another article later on his alleged role with AIM.)

The prices he asks for his ceremonies are not being announced any longer. Since the team from New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans tracked him down, he changed the exact prices to „donations“.

The real Steve McCullough was the son of a white minister who traveled the Indian reservations to convert „red brothers“. He probably learned the art of „playing“ [deluding] people from his father.
As a small boy, he accompanied his father and his eyes and ears were fed.
He later moved to Indiana where he opened up shop with a few other clowns.

A few suggestions:
Ask Mr McCullough which tribe he belongs to. When he says he is a Lakota, you will know this is a grave lie.
When he says he belongs to the Remnant Band Shawnee – well, a little research shall point out that RBS is a rip-off/swindle, too.

The Remnant Band Shawnee is a non-profit organisation screwing the inhabitants of Ohio. It is run by a crook by the name of „Hawk Pope“, brother of another crook named „Dark Rain Thom“. Pope has repeatedly been accused of sexual misconduct with white women. The guy made young women, among them very young girls, run about naked „because that's the way it's done among the Indians“.

Another question we must look into more thoroughly: „How did a 'local Lakota Tribe' establish in Indiana, more than 600 miles away from their territory, without this never leaving even a note in history archives“?
New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans follows his tracks for years and they can rightly confirm that he is not who he says he is, and he 'sells' Native ceremonies for fun and for profit.

Other things you should know:
From a Potawatomi lecturer on Native American Religions at Indiana University-Purdue University IUPUI

1 There is no recognised Lakota tribe in Indiana. Even those living closest to Indiana are hundreds of miles away from Indiana, in South Dakota. There is no information on the establishment of a Lakota tribe in Indiana in the archives.

2 There is no recognised Shawnee tribe in Indiana or Ohio. And everyone who claims to belong to this tribe is a liar.

3 The Sundance is a very dangerous and sacred ceremony and may certainly not be lead by white amateurs.


To all good souls who follow Steve Mc Cullough and his congeners: be careful!

No matter how good you may feel after a session with this man, keep in mind that all is based on lies, deception, and shows a lack of respect towards traditional American Indians.

If you want to do something for world peace, there are enough reliable organisations and action groups who really work for peace.

Do you really want to help the Indians? Then support the American Indians in their daily struggle against environmental pollution, exploitation, racism, and abject poverty.

But don't have yourself fooled.

Steve McCullough is to be avoided!


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Re: Steve McCullough
« Reply #216 on: March 13, 2015, 06:08:54 pm »

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Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #217 on: April 04, 2017, 02:20:47 pm »

After reading some posts about the Lakota Sun Dance, it became apparent that the fight against "unsanctioned" Sun Dances has been going on for some time. Learning about just how many people have tried - and continue to try - to stop these fraudulent Sun Dance ceremonies, re-ignited a flame within the had been almost extinguished by MY on-going 15+ year battle with the "owners" (they call themselves 'chiefs') of the non-profit corporation known as the "Eastern Delaware Nations, Inc., here in Pennsylvania.

To start with, I am a mix-blood Shawnee and have absolutely no tribal connection to or with the Lakota/Sioux nation, nor do I practice any Lakota/Sioux ceremonies, traditions, or customs - though I have in the past been invited to join in certain ceremonies of which I thought were very powerful and spiritual.
Anyway, as an eastern-woodland native, I have always strived to learn and maintain those ceremonies, customs, and traditions of my Shawnee ancestors, and, of those ceremonies, customs, and traditions of the Lenape, whom were "woodland Indians". Afterall, I do live in Pennsylvania.

So, over the years I have tried to share the knowledge that I have learned with others whom claim to be descended from one of the Delaware tribes. And, about 20 years ago, things were going pretty well. I had found myself associating with the PA "EDN", of which at the time had a "full" council with representation for every Delaware tribe except for the Susquehannoks - there was an empty chair with sweet-grass in honor of them.
It wasn't long, however, before things went straight down-hill, most because of the deceit and treachery of the "Taffe" family, whom completely destroyed the "EDN" shortly after the "Wyalusing Prayer Rocks" were purchased. I was there.
And then, I don't know the exact details, but, John "Tamaqua" Taffe, while claiming to be a "chief of the Nanticokes", met-up with Leonard Crow Dog. It wasn't long after this meeting that John Taffe went out to Indiana to partake in a "Sun Dance". I was very skeptical about this so I asked a good friend of mine about this Indiana Sun Dance thing. My friend, a Dakota native, said that this was not right and that John should not be going to support or partake in this. He even called back to his home and asked his uncles concerning this matter. And, again, it was told that this Indiana Sun Dance was "not good", and that there was "no permission" given for it to be held in Indiana.

Well, flash-forward to today, after 15+ years, or so, of fighting with the Taffe family over this. And let me tell you that during this time there have been plenty of scandal with the "EDN" and the Taffe family. Susan Taffe-Reed, the daughter of John Taffe, was hired by Dartmouth University to "head" their Native American Program. It didn't take long for the complaints to start rolling-in against Mrs. Susan Taffe-Reed, as she had absolutely no idea how to "connect" with tribal student who came off of reservations because Susan never lived on a reservation, being born and growing-up in north-east PA.
In the end, the school, as well as a few "full-bloods" did the research on Susan Taffe-Reed and discovered that she - her entire family - did NOT have any tribal blood in them at all as their entire family (both sides) came from Ireland in the late 1800's!!
But, this fact hasn't stopped the Taffe family from continuing their "appropriation" of tribal culture. They have long ago stopped teaching/learning the ceremonies, customs, and traditions of eastern woodland peoples, and have been slowly replacing that knowledge with that of the Lakota/Sioux. They have been doing this since they have been going to Indiana for the Sun Dance. they have even told people that they can't have their Eagle Whistles, Hawk Whistles, or anything of "strong medicine" unless they Sun Dance!!!

Obviously, woodland Indians didn't Sun Dance, but, they still had their whistles. However, there is a whole generation that has been learning this "Taffe-confusion" for some time now. And, they are once again preparing to go to Sun Dance - shortly after Father's Day weekend. And, even though the Sun Dance is still being held in Salt Creek, there is talk (not so much rumor) about the Sun Dance being "moved" to Ohio!!!!

what can be done to stop this from happening??? I know that someone needs to sign the "SUP", but, they always seem to find someone to sign it. And, from what I've been told, there are some women who will be "dancing" this year - and piercing too, I do believe.

I have added some links concerning the Taffe family. Interesting that Dartmouth University was so moved by the fraudulent claims by Susan Taffe-Reed, that they did their homework...perhaps they should have done their homework BEFORE hiring her, but, then, the info about the Taffe family being 100% Irish would still be hidden. (The third link has the genealogy records.) 

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Re: Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #218 on: April 04, 2017, 07:27:30 pm »
Hi DCBirtch and welcome, are you enrolled in any of the Shawnee Tribes?

Lim lemtsh,


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Re: Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #219 on: April 04, 2017, 10:14:45 pm »
We already have a thread on this. Merging.

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Re: Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #220 on: April 04, 2017, 11:07:37 pm »
We already have a thread on this. Merging.

I think you merged into another thread than you intended. Isn't this the right one?:  [Susan Taffee Reed and Eastern Delaware Nation]

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Re: Steve McCullough aka Iktomi Sha & Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #221 on: April 05, 2017, 12:43:35 am »  [Susan Taffee Reed and Eastern Delaware Nation]

They're all connected. I chose the one he titled it for. I suggest readers read the Susan Taffee Reed / Delaware thread as well. 

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Re: Steve McCullough aka Iktomi Sha & Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #222 on: June 26, 2017, 06:10:22 pm »
So far, this year is turning out to be quite interesting as I have been witness to just how much we truly are "all connected" in this Great Wheel of Life.

As it stands, the salt Creek, Indiana Sundance seems to be going pretty well, with little or no opposition from the Lakota/Sioux Nation - which only serves to make such cultural appropriations appear even more legitimized, especially in the legal aspect where "silence is consent".
You may wonder why I even care - I'm not Lakota, or even remotely related to ANY of the Sioux tribes. I'm Shawnee. However, even though the Sundance is a very, very sacred and powerful thing, and, has even been used to help the Mi'qmaq Nation regain the interest in reviving their own tribal ceremonies; powerful medicine. But, there have been those - the Nuagers - that truly care nothing for the long-established customs, traditions, and spirituality of tribal (Indigenous) peoples and/or their respective nations.
This kind of mentality, which has been allowed to foster for some time - being "reasoned-away" by many "excuses" - has virtually brought an end to the customs, tradition, and ceremonies of the Eastern Woodland peoples - especially those whom do not live on a reserve and have no direct way to receive such teachings. And, of course, most of you are already familiar with the shenanigans of the EDN, Inc., which has been a MAJOR player in the advancement of "Nuage Spirituality" at the cost of true and real tribal teachings....anything for that "feely-goody" kind of "personal spiritual connection".

This year, friends were made, and, those same friends were lost because of the Salt Creek Sundance - and, the "good vibrations" that the Sundance brings to the "spirit" of those ho participate. They, those "false friends", while claiming to be "native", have showed absolutely no concern for the cultural & spiritual appropriation that they commit on a daily basis. Often refusing to learn the custom, tradition, and ceremonies of their own "chosen" tribe, they had/have resorted to the all-to-familiar "you're attacking my spirituality" excuse.
And, as time for the Salt Creek Sundance drew nearer, the claims of spiritual-attacking just increased - no one want to hear the truth, let alone admit to it or to their mistakes....yet, oddly, I have been repeatedly told by other - many others - that the "truth of these things" is what they be not so much...

So, here is the link to the 2017 Salt Creek Sundance. As you can see, Steve McCullough will be - or already has been - "guiding" the Sundance ceremony. From what I've learned about Steve, both from this forum and others, I am quite surprised that this is/was allowed to continue.(?) Every year, more and more people fall victim to this as more and more of our tribal customs and ceremonies get sold or are "replaced" - as is the case with the Eastern Woodland peoples.


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Re: Steve McCullough aka Iktomi Sha & Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #223 on: June 26, 2017, 09:37:45 pm »
Wow most surprising was all those letters of endorsement he shows, albeit by known frauds and people willing to sell their culture for a price. The letter from Leonard Crow Dogs just seemed like rambling on and a bunch of incoherent thoughts that doesn't endorse or fully explain McCullough as a chief. I also cannot believe Elmer Running would come to Steve McCullough and give him a pipe and ask him to bring the Sundance to Indiana and gift him his medicine bundle. I sat in ceremony with Elmer and knew many that learned under Elmer Running, and he, especially in the finals years of his life was staying away from all those non-Indian Fat Takers. His family were protecting him from them since he was so willing to help people. I don't see any pictures of him with Elmer or any written endorsements by him. He would be the only one I would respect out of that list, but he was greatly taken advantage of by people in his life's work.
It's so sad and disgusting to see Native people endorsing this behavior...

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Re: Steve McCullough aka Iktomi Sha & Salt Creek Sundance
« Reply #224 on: June 26, 2017, 10:30:46 pm »
It's so sad and disgusting to see Native people endorsing this behavior...

They don't.

At least a year ago there was a website made for Elmer. He is a legitimate spiritual leader for the Lakota. The website maker seemed a bit naive about the outcome and as most here could have predicted, things turned bad. Here is whats in its place. Just thought it should be noted in case anyone comes up claiming Elmer Running is thei9r teacher.

Thanks to all who have helped Elmer

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Elmer Running's website has been taken down from the internet. While I had great hope that this would help spread a positive message to others about the pipe way, and get some much needed financial support for Elmer, it has, in fact done just the opposite.

Donations to Elmer have been less than $200 sent in 3 years (mostly from sundancers). Yet, fools-who-call-themselves-wisemen have used information on the site to steal thousands of dollars from people, proclaiming that Elmer trained or endorsed them in some way.

This has come back on Elmer in a negative way and may even force his involvement in legal actions. I can't even come close to describing how much this sickens and angers me.

I ask that all of us spread the word through our personal contacts and address books to let everyone know that Elmer does not endorse nor train ANYONE INCLUDING HIS OWN RELATIVES, in in doing ceremony. Please also remind people that anyone who charges money for a ceremony is illegitimate. Perhaps we can at least limit these Grifters' opportunity to steal in the name of tunkasila.

One other thing which I may have mentioned in this thread is that the last time Steve McCullough showed up at Elmer Running's Sundance Elmer threw him off his property. Elmer was the one who started the Salt Creek Sundance.

I strongly suggest you contact the other NDNs whose names McCullough is exploiting on that page and let them know about it.