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ALERT: Imposters Posing Online as NAFPS, Other Activists, or Elders

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Just to let you know that he is at it again.

The blog has been blocked after protests from Arvol´s family.
Unfortunately I didn´t copy the entries, but it was a statement that Lakota ceremonies are free to use for anyone.
The name of NAFPS was also used.

Please keep your eyes open if he pops up somewhere else.

Here's another of his blogs linked to the fake Arvol blog in the previous post.

This one ironically contains many links to sites explaining/offering sweats and visions quests, etc.


Evidence is mounting against him.  It's not my call, I'm just a contributor and this isn't my forum, but it seems Burchett may be setting himself for another visit by authorities.  This time it might involve his girlfriend Alexis as well, since he seems to register these domains to her name....wonder if she even knows?  Can't imagine any sane individual would agree to letting someone else use their name to set up libelous websites (essentially breaking the law in someone else's name).....


matt e:
This result came up as „“:

 please go to to file a complaint about any wordpress hosted blogs. 

complaint i filed -
 Email: *********
URL of offending blog post (please send the URL of the exact post, NOT the entire blog):
Complaint (please send specific quotations of the offending material):

The owner of this blog is pretending to be an american indian, providing false information. including a fake appology from an american indian group trying to protect people from such frauds. you can also expect complaints from the natives and other activists about this person and all of his blogs. NEW AGE FRAUD AND PLASTIC SHAMANS Posted on July 18, 2010 by racismamericanindian NEW AGE FRAUD AND PLASTIC SHAMANS: IS AL CARROLL AN APACHE OR A FRAUD – [ Diese Seite übersetzen ] 27 Oct 2007 … Then the next question is, if this is the case; is Alton Carroll the right person to be operating a website entitled New Age Fraud and ……/is-al-carroll-apache-or-fraud.html - turtle winds firewalker is a real cherokee indian | New Age … New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans supports turtle winds firewalker … new age fraud is very sorry for the treatment that we gave cherokee turtle winds …… – Cached
Type of complaint: Impersonation

Hair lady:
I believe this guy is in Germany...And if he is fakeing around over here and impersonating peoples then it is very possiable to get him aressted! Germany has no freedom of speech laws, like in the USA, and if he is acting like Arvol Looking horse and posting false infos in the internet BOOM they will get him. If anyone knows exactly where this guy is, I will proceed to inform the authorites. It seems that the man may be very dangerous, and looks like he´s nuts.


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