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Hi Frederica

I don't know if any of the accusations or counter accusations on that website are true. I don't know enough about the Pagan community to judge , but some of those names people are using sound very fanciful.

One thing for sure is Betsy seems to enjoy a fight , but so far as I have seen , her idea of justice doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe she just enjoys trouble like you say. I always imagine people have some sort of reasons for what they do. LOL Silly me.

Yep, I don't know anything about them either.  Saw them a while back when she was on another list going after somebody. Googled her  name and all that came up.  Look like just allegations to me, and they are old.  But I believe most on are well aware of Brooke Medicine Eagle.  What I remember she has the belief Brooke Medicine Shield is one of the "good girls".  Not a fraud, and that is why she left.  But she using the old LeKay stuff also, like what someone else did when they were displeased.  Just because they dredge it up, doesn't make it more true, just they all know where to go to retrieve it.

There's a new antagonist to add here but I will leave it to someone else to post as I am not sure what needs to be said. But I will say that you only catch flack when you're over the target!

I've gotten some emails from people asking about Ashby's latest long long looooong series of attacks over at Indianz.

I haven't worried too much about Ashby's latest failed attempts to "get" me. Like always, I generally ignore it and just keep trying to do right. If someone is so dumb as to believe her, they'd probably believe in Elvis being killed by UFOs.

But to briefly sum up who Ashby is and what she's claiming, for anyone new to this:   

Betsy Ashby of the self styled Pagan Resource Center of Newport News VA first came after NAFPS and after me personally because NAFPS dared to criticize her idol, Brooke Edwards AKA "Medicine Eagle", a fraud who has spent several decades posing as a Crow medicine woman. Ashby's pagan gathering also hosted a phony "Miami shaman" the Miami had never heard of. It was Ashby's bad luck that I was going to Purdue at the time, and the Miami Nation were not far from me.

Ashby's response in her letters and elsewhere was memorable for a number of things:

She claimed there had been no genocide against NDNs.
She claimed there hadn't even been that many NDNs in the Americas anyway.
She even gave a number, less than 20,000, as supposedly all the NDNs killed by Euro invaders, and claimed NDNs killed far more Europeans and Americans, based on what she pulled from an old racist book.
She also told a story where she bragged Brooke Edwards had tricked a sheriff into shooting an unarmed AIM member protesting her exploiter ceremonies.

Finally she pledged to "spend every cent she had" to shut us down" for daring to criticize exploiters like Brooke Edwards.

That started a now-ten-year-old campaign against NAFPS and myself that must've taken up hundreds of hours on her part, spreading rumors and lies one more ridiculous than the other.

Ashby even set up an supposed anti fraud site. The problem is, she attacks mostly the least harmful ones out there, people with likely distant NDN ancestry who don’t know any better. These are mostly heritage groups she’s pillorying. If she were truly sincere, she’d go after the worst abusers, Nuage frauds like her beloved imposter-for-lots-of-cash Brooke Edwards. If she were truly sincere, she’d apologize and admit her mistake in defending this fraud, and she’d apologize also for smearing the ones out to stop frauds like Edwards, namely any NDN with any sense and any human being with a conscience

The latest nonsense: Supposedly I'm a white nationalist or Nazi whose been pretending to be NDN.

That one has just about everybody at Indianz laughing or their jaws dropping in shock from something so crazy.

I'm about as dark as Adam Beach or Jimmy Smitts. My photo has been posted online enough for anyone to see.

As reluctant as I am to go into my personal life...

When I first went to school, Texas was still segregating students by race within the schools. I spent my first year in what was nicknamed "the Mexican kindergarten."

In my teens and early twenties I was part of a street gang, Los Cycos, the San Antonio chapter of the gang Suicidal Cycos, founded by the old punk/metal band Suicidal Tendencies. The gang was multiracial, mostly Mexican, but also whites, Blacks, NDNs, and plenty of mixed heritage people like me.

We spent most of our time beating up skinheads, esp the local neo-Nazis, a chapter of Stormfront (Yeagley's buddies), and sometimes confronted the Confederate Hammerskins in Dallas when they came down or when we went to Dallas. I'm sure they would laugh also that I'm now being smeared as "one of them." And by someone who is much closer to their beliefs, namely Ashby.

My mom is Apache and Mexican. My wife is Cuban, and like most guajiras, she's of mixed blood. My brother in law and my niece are Jewish, and my sister converted to Judaism when they married, though she no longer practices.

I've been fortunate enough in my life to work with, for, or learn from many great NDN scholars. Among them:

Angela Cavendar Wilson (Dakota)
Joyce Kievet (Eastern Band Cherokee)
Pat Etter (Pottawatomi)
James Riding In (Pawnee)

Not to mention my hatewatch site exposing white supremacist David Yeagley,, that’s managed to undo most of the damage he’s tried to do to Natives, leaving him a pitiful marginalized joke with a tiny handful of racist followers. I certainly don’t take all the credit for that. Good people like Barbara Duggan and Beverly Isaacs and Brent Michael Davids have done just as much.

And NAFPS is made up of NDNs from dozens of tribes, whites, Blacks, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans, Latin Americans, Native traditionalists, Christians, Moslems, pagans, atheists, etc.

Plus there are all the many other Native activists we've worked with over the years, and anti racist groups, listed here:

Some "white nationalist"....

She's also attacked me for supposedly being Catholic, as though that were a bad thing. Someone tell the Yaqui. Tell Mexican NDNs and NDNs all over Latin America. Really, I'm as Catholic as Woody Allen is Jewish. I was sent to Catholic school, but I don't practice.

All Ashby does by that line of attack is show she's a religious bigot in addition to her racism.

And ironically, some of the good people at Indianz uncovered the fact that her friend Yngona Desmond (who was kicked out of NAFPS for being a racist) was sponsoring a fraud posing as a Sammi shaman.

She's also claiming rather bizarrely I "wanted a harem." It seems she can't decide what racist insult to settle on by using an Arab bashing stereotype like that, and against an Apache/Mexican she claims is "white nationalist."

Again, Ashby's attacks backfired, since someone at Indianz uncovered that she lives in a polygamy relationship with two other women. Her bizarre defense is that it's supposedly celibate. That's irrelevant, (not to mention strangely prudish and anti sex) and it's still a polygamy relationship.

Yes, Ashby's campaigns have been a spectacular and downright laughable failure. I'd call her another Ken Starr, but at least Starr found himself a semen stained dress for his six or seven years of effort. Ashby's been at it longer, over ten years, and if anything she's helped us grow stronger and driven people to check us out. Liking what they see, they stick around and pass along what we say to others.

In the time since Ashby first went after us, NAFPS has gone from about 200 members to close to 1000 now.

We went from a little noticed yahoo group to a resource used by Native activists, universities, museums, Nuage survivors, and yes, pagan groups aching to know the truth and fed up with racist Nuage nonsense of the type Ashby peddles.

Ashby certainly hasn’t hurt me one bit. I’ve gone from a beginner at grad school to a Fulbright Scholar with my first published book on an academic press, as well as all the many thanks I constantly get for my work at NAFPS.

Thanks, Ms. Ashby. The more you attack us, the stronger we've gotten, and the more support we've gotten.

And if anyone cares to, they can repost this or link to it. Just please repost it in its entirety.

Warning to ALL on Brooke Medicine Eagle & Sunny Babba AKA Robert Simonson.

Brooke medicine Eagle Edwards has a new name on her web-site.

"Chalise Brooke Medicine Eagle" She is now operating out of Washington state. See her new web page for updates.

She still asking for donations to the" Earth Heart Foundation" which is not a Non-profit organization. And was never formed.
Whatever money whe made while living on the land she called hers in Montana < which I don't believe was much >  was fraud......



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