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i thought crazy horse did not have any descendants
Etcetera / Re: Schaghticoke Indian Tribe?
« Last post by Laurel on April 14, 2022, 09:17:33 am »
Article text:

Kent-based American Indian tribe is seeking federal recognition. The town has concerns.
Sandra Diamond Fox
April 11, 2022
Updated: April 13, 2022 10:08 a.m.

KENT — The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, which has been in town longer than the town itself, hopes to “make history” by achieving federal recognition as an American Indian tribe. The town of Kent, however, is not in support of that — and is pushing back.

To become a federally recognized tribe, the SIT, whose headquarters is the 400-acre Schaghticoke Indian Reservation on Schaghticoke Road in Kent, has recently filed a petition with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or BIA.

“Our petition is now under active review,” said William Buchanan, business manager of the tribe.
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According to the BIA, federally recognized tribes are entitled to receive certain federal benefits, funding, services, and protections because of their special relationship with the United States.

Buchanan said federal recognition would open a lot of doors for the tribe.

“It will allow the tribal members to get free college and to build housing on the reservation. There are a lot of different business ventures you can do on the reservation that you can’t do now,” he added.

This includes creating its own laws as a sovereign nation and potentially operating a casino.

The petition tracks the history of the tribe from documentation dating back to the early 1800s.

According to the petition, which was submitted in 2020 and written by SIT Chief Alan Russell, the SIT’s current members and their ancestors have continued to reside on the Kent reservation throughout the last 116 years and prior, “and in many ways this reservation has been the heart of the Schaghticoke Tribe.”
‘Severe impact’

Despite Buchanan’s hopes, Kent First Selectman Jean Speck is not in support of the tribe attaining federal recognition. She said she’s concerned if the BIA’s petition is approved, it could affect Kent residents in a negative way.

“Tribal acknowledgment will permit the federal government to take land into trust for the use and economic benefit of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, and will permit the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe to have a right to self-government over its land and territory, without regard to many of the laws and regulations of the town of Kent and the state of Connecticut,” Speck said.

Specifically, she said tribal acknowledgment “can be expected to have an impact upon the town. Based on experiences with recently acknowledged Indian tribes in the Southeastern corner of the state, the impact can be quite severe,” she said.

Jeff Sienkiewicz, Kent’s special counsel on Schaghticoke affairs, pointed to the federal recognition achieved by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

“Within maybe two weeks of receiving federal recognition, they started a bingo parlor and now you have a huge gambling facility, hotel, entertainment — all kinds of activities,” said Sienkiewicz, adding those kinds of establishments could “have a significant impact” on the small town of Kent.

“If a casino opens up in Kent, it’s important to the town to be aware of it,” he added. “It’s going to cost the taxpayers money.”

Buchanan said, however, that if federally recognized, the tribe has no plans to change the nature of the town of Kent.

“Kent is a bucolic destination to unwind. Quiet. Historical and rich in natural beauty,” he said. “Why would we destroy what is the greatest draw. For both the town and tribe. It’s a shared responsibility.”

He said federal recognition would allow the tribe to trade their land claims for more suitable land for business.

“A trade — nobody gets moved off their land and we market where we are an asset to the host municipality,” Buchanan said.

He added since the tribe is state-recognized, the town has no authority on the reservation — “not zoning, taxation or commerce,” he said.

“The worst case scenario for the town would be we stay state recognized. Go to court and settle the leadership dispute. Then, as the reservation is our only asset, work the land to its fullest commercial capacity without any town input,” Buchanan said. “That would be a bad scenario.”
Schaghticoke Tribal Nation

In addition to the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, there is also a group known as the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation. The STN briefly won federal recognition but had their recognition revoked in 2005.

The tribe’s origination is debated - some say it was originally part of the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe, while others disagree.

In the past, the BIA allowed tribes to reapply for federal recognition if they have been rejected. However, the rules changed in 2015 and now tribes only get one shot at it. So, the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation can no longer reapply.

Some have argued the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe is a faction of the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, meaning it could possibly not be allowed to apply for federal recognition. Buchanan, however, argues that is not the case.

Richard Velky, chief of Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, and the BIA media representative could not be reached for comment.

Speck said the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe “is now taking advantage of its opportunity to separately establish that it exists as an Indian tribe.”

She said tribal existence is not established “simply because the Schaghticoke Indian Tribe claims to be a tribe. Tribal existence under federal law is not determined on a racial or ethnic basis. While descent from an historical Indian tribe is required, the group must have remained united in one community under one leadership or government from historical times to the present.”

Elizabeth Benton, director of communications for the Office of the Attorney General, said the office is reviewing the petition and anticipates submitting comments to the BIA on or before July 5 — the date for when the BIA has requested them from the public.

Maria Horn, state representative for the 64th House District, which includes Kent, said the process for federal recognition will take some time.

She pointed to some court cases in the Pacific Northwest, “which have opened questions about whether the rules as drafted are workable, and so those court cases asked more questions than they answered and asked for more evidence on certain rulings. And so that’s also part of the process because the BIA, the federal government, will need to decide what rules to apply here ... and that also will have to be resolved at some point,” she said.

Buchanan said it took three years to get the tribe’s petition accepted as complete and ready for review — and he remains hopeful of the outcome.
Archive No. 1 / Re: NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN Rod Skenandore/Elk Chief
« Last post by milehighsalute on April 13, 2022, 10:40:19 pm »
rod grandpa knew him well they were AIM heavies in denver
Etcetera / Re: Schaghticoke Indian Tribe?
« Last post by Diana on April 13, 2022, 02:12:15 pm »
Schaghticoke Indian Nation was the one who briefly got recognized and was revoked. That was Velky's group. The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe is the one in Kent Connecticut and is run by Russell.
Etcetera / Re: Schaghticoke Indian Tribe?
« Last post by Smart Mule on April 13, 2022, 12:55:56 pm »
I can't open the article. I know there has been a long standing feud between the two Schaghticoke groups, one run by Alan Russell who still occupies traditional Schaghticoke land, a very small reservation (we're talking two houses at this point, the government bulldozed all the others) and Richard Velky who's group broke away from the main Schaghticoke group. I don't know which group is being referenced. Velky's group had federal recognition briefly but it was revoked in I think 2005, they were pro-casino and had the backing of investors. Russell is anti-casino and I think they actually filed for recognition in 2019.
Frauds / Re: Great Turtle Island Federation, Robert Swift Arrow Daniel Rose
« Last post by educatedindian on April 12, 2022, 01:07:44 am »
This is Rose on FB.
Strange, he lists literally zero friends.
Photos are lots of self glorifying shots, including him with an AR15. And quotes from Keanu Reeves. Seriously.

GTIF site is now down. FB site has no activity for years. Youtube site never did.

This is the most recent affiliate of his.
Kwa'mutsun Nation Is A Sovereign Absolute Monarchy Located On The West Coast Of North America And Is Populated By Coast Salish Peoples Since Before Time. Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem [Ruby Mary Peter] Is The Hereditary Head Of State. Kwa'mutsun Is A Member Of The Quw'utsun States Assembly And Is A Designated Member In The UN IGO SGO Great Turtle Island Federation. International Nation-To-Nation Trade Is Conducted Under The Gus Wen Tah Protocols.

Most of it is confused graphics, conspiracy claims mixed with actual environmental issues. But then youve got things like this.

Issuance Of Warrant To Perform
Mandamus Writ
In The Matter Of Protection & Stewardship Of Waterways
Gus Wen Tah
As Issued Herein Per Customary & International Law
Ancillary Cause
For Purposes Of Avoiding
The International Incident With The United States Of America
Regarding The USA Complaint Of Maritime Pollution By Crown Canada
At The West Coast Of Turtle Island North

Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun  Class Claim                             Complainant
Crown Canada British Columbia Joint & Several            Respondent

Complainant, as above, has alleged continuous and aggressive breach of Gus Wen Tah by the Respondent, as above, in contravention of both customary law and international law to the detriment and established rights of Salish People, HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem absolute monarchy, as including the Kwa'mutsun Nation State territories. These said territorial rights are delivered upon Elizabeth II and Crown Canada; and, received by the agent actor judges of this Crown Canada party.

Crown Canada, et al, possesses conditional landing rights per the original Gus Wen Tah / Peace, Trust Friendship customary authorities of the absolute monarchical person of the established traditionally governed territories by Salish People

And, wherein HRM  Hwuneem has held court regarding complaints by this said United States of America regarding the alleged and continued, non-remediated acts by Crown Canada and the affiliate British Columbia within the customary and protected territories of Salish People; namely, as affecting the jurisdictional rights of reign and rule by the absolute monarch HRM Hwuneem as Head of State, Head of Government and Head of Church, therein, at Kwa'mutsun Nation State and within traditionally governed territories; and,

The protection and preservation of the integrity of waterways remains within the absolute territorial right, at her discretion, of enforceable governance of said HRM Hwuneem; and,

The complaint claim by a subject within these said territorial Salish rights, as exercised consecutively by the HRM Hwuneem sustained monarchy since time began on these Turtle Island North west coast territories with absolute right of authority has been considered and judged by this HRM Hwuneem court to be in contravention of the enforceable Gus Wen Tah / Peace, Trust, Friendship law as applied within these said territories; and,

Further, the HRM Hwuneem court has considered that the life rights of subjects and citizens within these said HRM Hwuneem territories as a sovereign independent nation state are in perile due to the continued destruction by Crown Canada British Columbia, et al, in absence of permit via HRM Hwuneem to pollute and imperile these said subjects and citizens continuously; and, that accredited academic studies have provided conclusive evidence that such denial of right of access by Crown Canada, et al, to these HRM Hwuneem subjects, supra, to harvest food and medicines from these said waterways continuously since the commencement by Crown Canada of conditionally landing, as supra; and,

Additionally, the neighbour United States of America has delivered Notice of Claim upon Crown Canada in these matters of maritime pollutions by Crown Canada British Columbia joint and several; which imperiles the safety and security of the HRM Hwuneem monarchy and Kwa'mutsun Nation State

Gus Wen Tah Resoloution
HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State (HRM Hwuneem  at KNS), in 2006, has instructed Crown Canada (with attending legal counsel from all parties in the action) to comply, forthwith, with remediation provisions regarding pollution of sacred maritime waterways within the enforceable jurisdictional, governed territories of said HRM Hwuneem  at KNS. Crown Canada has continuously breached these said instructions.

HRM Hwuneem  at KNS has provided instructions for Crown Canada to cease and decist from obstructing HRM Hwuneem  at KNS from remediating these said pollutions, as above. And, HRM Hwuneem  at KNS has been forcibly detained by Crown Canada illicit military force from proceeding to install and operate viable technologies within its possession to remediate these continued pollutions; and, Crown Canada has, further, proceeded to hold its ultra vires military court to try and convict against HRM Hwuneem and Kwa'mutsun Nation State as a means of preventing HRM Hwuneem  at KNS from entering the contested territories for remediation purposes.

Mandamus Order : $2 Billion USD
Crown Canada shall deliver, forthwith, within 72 hours of this date February 6th, 2015 (before end of regular business hours) $2 Billion (Two Billion) United States Dollars to the HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem possession of the Peace & Harmony Trust at the Bank of Nova Scotia within Kwa'mutsun Nation State
governed territories of the absolute monarchy of HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State. It shall be understood that it is within the rightful HRM Hwuneem discretion to proceed through these said monies to commence remediation of maritime waterways as being polluted by Crown Canada. This order is not appeallable; and, shall carry the full weight of enforcibility as within the absolute HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State, forthwith. HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State shall utilize associate nation state assistance in enforcement.

Couple other sites, almost identical confused graphics and conspiracy claims.

This one claims to be their "ambassador at large" Ralph Charles Goodwin.
Him again.
Goodwin RC <>
Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 11:57 PM
Bcc: Ralph-Charles Goodwin <>

Greetings, thank you for reviewing this email information

Regards, SQYX
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Goodwin RC <>
Date: Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 11:48 PM
Subject: Seeking Equity From The Vancouver Sun : re: LSBC v. Goodwin et al., Nanaimo Supreme Court Action S67804
Dear Vancouver Sun, et al
The following is about land titles in absence of a valid nation-to-nation treaty absolving indigenous title right.
I ask you - re the Rules of Natural Justice - to provide me with the opportunity to have published in the Vancouver Sun a timely and comprehensive response to the LSBC / SCBC publication on Docket 2013 67804. In this petition I urge you to research the veracity of my concerns here by taking stock of your archives re : Ralph Goodwin with George Dobie, Rod Mickleburgh, Peter Comparelli and other media during the Teamster Local Union 213 & Joint Council 36 1975-1982 internal fracas between Jack Vlahovic & Senator Ed Lawson ... which culminated before Justice Gould; with Harry Rankin representing Jack Vlahovic as petitioner against the Joint Council internal trials : I represented Vlahovic at the internal trials; and, created a joint public peace team between RCMP / Vancouver Police; Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit and the US Department of Labour; and, I caused the Colin Kay BC Inquiry Commission to be established.
You have published information on the matters of the Judge Greyell 2013 decision; which is appealed forward to a court of competent jurisdiction.
The said Vancouver Sun publication has adversely affected my standing in the community - my information to you is that I have always only asked the Law Society of BC and judges in BC to simply provide me with a valid nation-to-nation treaty {and, I have done so through both domestic and international legal advice} . In the event that any party can provide me with this said valid treaty {which does not exist} ... Then, I would apologize to both the EIIR Canadian judicial system an LSBC; citing Mistake of Law; and, I would ask for an absolute discharge. I say to you the following:
1.   I am adopted by Stitumatulwut Hwuneem Ruby Peter, the absolute monarch of the consecutively settled sovereign Peoples (CSSP) of Kwa'mutsun Nation State. This is witnessed by Elders and other hereditary absolute monarchs (chiefs); and, the RCMP; notarized by Eric Pelky
2.   I am Yuxwulten (Eagle) through custom and tradition at the Quw'utsun Cultural Centre; authorized by Stitumatulwut Hwuneem Ruby Peter; including being witnessed by my legal counsel Peter Lockhart Gordon; and, two senior non-native business men - and, is video recorded. My adoption is the same as that of CBC Sheilagh Rogers by Anishinabe TRC Justice Murray Sinclair in Victoria; and, that of Barrack Oboma {Black Eagle} by Crow Chief Hartford
3.   Stitumatulwut Hwuneem Ruby Peter is the head of the oldest Coast Salish family on the west coast; with heritage dating back consistently for more than 13,000 years ... she is an absolute monarch; a spiritual leader; head of government and nation ... and, she is recognized by UVIC and SFU for contributing 45 years of scholarship in cataloguing hul'qu'mi'num  {one of two most difficult languages in the world} into English
4.   I am embraced by the UN recognized Great Turtle Island Federation as the Chancellor of Laws; and, I am the western doorkeeper of the circle of fires
5.   Further, I am registered at the UN Security Council since 2000 as an international oil trader - and, that petition was submitted by the Canadian UN Permanent Mission
6.   I am involved since 1995, as an invited inquirer by Quw'utsun Tribes constituents to investigate allegations of corruption {also, by several other FN regions across North America} ... active {my sister} and retired RCMP officers, as well as special forces members are in assistance, have also been coordinating internal investigations of audits, bankruptcies and conversion of assets for personal benefit ... the then sitting Chief Harvey Alphonse {my uncle} was central in creating these investigations
7.   I have been coordinating corruption issues with the Nanaimo head of organized crime (now retired) since 1998 - including overseas investigations
8.   I can answer every allegation by the LSBC at any court of competent jurisdiction {of which Judge Greyell and others do not possess}
9.   My sole objective is to move the west coast into an acceptable nation-to-nation trade agreement {all competent legal counsel says a treaty will not offer any CSSP} .. first of all BC and Canada have to become valid governance institutions {HBC Charter expired in 1697}
Thank you / huy'ch'qu'
I look forward to your response - I.e., Vancouver Sun will publish a response to the LSBC allegations against Goodwin.
NOTE re Mohamed Fahmy email from Goodwin
GlobalRepCentre FahmyFoundation Dear Mohamed Fahmy … … … Please, Call

Basically a white lawyer or counselor or paralegal even (no mention of a law firm) who fell for sovereign citizen nonsense, who said he was "adopted" by a woman he claimed was an absolute monarch.

Well, sounds believable to me...

Ruby Peters passed away last year. Spent over 20 years working on language restoration for her people. I didn't find her claiming anywhere to be a sooper powerful queen. Goodwin seems to be the only one claiming that about her.

There's no name on most of the websites. But the ones with a name are all run and likely created by Goodwin, the graphics and arguments are identical. Goodwin looks to be behind this "federation" as much as Rose.
Frauds / Re: Great Turtle Island Federation, Robert Swift Arrow Daniel Rose
« Last post by educatedindian on April 11, 2022, 10:53:00 pm »
Rose sent some more unhinged messages.

----------- Rose
Who is SUPER DOG? I want to know who he or she is, and I want to take legal actions against he/she for their erroneous statements/comments, and defamation of character. I believe that Superdog is a cyber terrorist. I am ready to legally go after Superdog. Where is Superdog? As a result of SuperDog's actions, he or she is not just attacking me, but I see his or her actions as in violation of the treaty of peace and friendship 1791, and cyber attacks like his or hers not only negatively effects the one individual but I also see it as an attack against my family, and my children, my Nation, and Country. If anyone has information about Superdog and where this individual is residing, and any information we are conducting an investigation about superdog and his or her cyber terrorist organization. If you do have information please send me the info, Sgi Wado thank you.

----------Rose again
Now investigating the group [NEWAGEFRAUDS] for cyber terrorism, defamation of character, slander. These people are most likely US citizens and I believe that they have violated the treaty of peace and friendship 1791, and maybe more. If you have information regarding the individual hiding behind the username [SUPERDOG] please send me the information. Sgi Wado thank you

-------My response
That's amusing. I'll post this to NAFPS so all can laugh.

------Rose again
If you do I will use that against you in the investigation USCODE 18 240 & 241 look it up
You're disrespectful comment will be recorded
And I will tell the Headspeaker Francis Grant Sac Sauk and fox Nation
That will be all for now and now you will be viewed as a treaty violator

-----My response
You're going to "tell on me"?  ;D

-----Rose again
What is your name? (said repeatedly)
Okay since you have decided to withhold your name I will now report you as a cyber terrorist

---------My response
Buddy, not my fault if you can't read. Laughing at you isn't "terrorism". (My name was right there in every msg, but he didn't notice it for some reason.)

---------Rose again
This is an ongoing investigation and your messages will now be recorded
Frauds / Re: Margaret Noodin Ojibwe Professor
« Last post by Smart Mule on April 09, 2022, 11:49:36 am »
I went through every census in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Quebec from 1852-1921 and there was no Henri Lavallee, including variations of spelling, showing as Indian. Not one. Not one living where Lizzie would have been conceived or elsewhere. I checked those specific areas because he is supposed to be Nish. I'm open to checking other provinces, I had to stop because I was traveling. Should I bother?
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