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Just had this forwarded to me from a friend at NMAI in DC.  Guess these people are going around the museum "drumming" up new recruits.

--- Quote --- The Medicine Wheel As a Counseling Tool with Rose Khalsa
Remembering the ancient wisdom of our ancestors as a way of supporting healing and awareness
Come join us in sacred circle at Gaia Healing Center in Mt Airy, Md.    June 10th, 11th.
In this shamanic class we will explore the  Medicine Wheel from the wisdom of Earth Spirituality. Most of the teachings are from the First Nation, native to Turtle Island.
We will deeply explore the elders that sit in the Wheel to teach us, and all the “medicine??? they are willing to share with the sacred circle of life!
These teachings are excellent for anyone working in the healing arts, to support others and ourselves, for understanding the depth of who we are and where we are going as human beings on this Earth.

Class will be held at  Gaia Healing Center in Mt. Airy, Md. We will meet both days from 10-5. Please register by 9:30 on Saturday. We will start promptly at 10am. Class space is limited, so register early.
Tuition is $200 .To register, send a $100 deposit made out to Rose Khalsa and mail to 9 Philadelphia Ave., Takoma Park., Md. 20912. Registration due by June 1st.

Please bring: notebook, eye covering, drum or rattle, blanket or shawl,  tobacco, rain gear, and lunch.
Rose Khalsa is the Director of The Polarity Center & Shamanic Studies in Takoma Park, Md. She has been teaching trainings in polarity therapy, cranial work and shamanism for 20 years. Rose has a private practice of polarity therapy, cranial sacral, spiritual councilling and shamanic healing. Rose is a Sundancer in the Lakota tradition and integrates Tibetan Buddhist and Native American teachings into her life and work. Her Lakota name is Tanampe Wakan Wi, Sacred Hand Woman.
**** A portion of the tuition from this class will be donated to relatives on Pine Ridge Reservation, as a give-away for the teachings.****

For more information on Rose, her web site is 301-891-1599 or e-mail her at
--- End quote ---
Thought I'd put this out there for anyone in the Maryland, DC area to check on.

"Rose offers trainings in polarity therapy, visionary cranial work and shamanism, and integrates nature-based and holistic approaches to healing in her private practice. Her healing work includes polarity therapy, cranial sacral, spiritual counselling and shamanic healing. Lakota Ways and Tibetan Buddhism are integrated into Rose’s life and work and are shared as part of her Medicine.
Once a year, Rose leads a Vision Quest--a spiritual rite of passage, an extended, guided experience in nature; a powerful time for prayer, fasting, deep healing, and seeking of inspiration and vision.
Rose has studied with Rosalyn Bruyere, Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, Tom Cowan in this country and spent years studying with Tibetan shamans in Nepal. Rose’s present teacher is Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rimpoche.
Rose is a Sundancer and Pipe Carrier in the Lakota tradition."

Ok, that's three exploiters, Ingerman, Harner, and Cowan, as teachers.

As for Bruyere, she teaches a hodgepodge of astrology, auras, and chakras.

I don't know about you, but this photo of Khalsa holding a drum and glaring at candles while surrounded by clueless yuppies doesn't inspire confidence.

She advertises in the local new age magazine "Pathways", which has a web presence.  She also announces her workshops in WASN - Washington Area Spiritual Network.  She is very popular and is listed as a shaman.

I will probably run into her at the local Pagan Midsummer festival.  I give work shops on animals for the local Pagans.  (nature based/folkloric).

Any ideas how I handle meeting her or folks like her?

Most frauds and their supporters have stock answers ready when challenged. After all, exploiters' meal ticket and their followers' sense of "harmony" depends on rejecting anything that doesn't fit their fluffy worldview:
"You're a bigot" "Anyone who criticizes us is a bigot"
"We need to share (actually meaning take/steal/twist) these ways, to save the earth, etc"

They generally won't stand and debate you. Some might get hostile or even call security on you. I think there's two things you might try.

Appear interested so you can gather information on what she's claiming and then pass it on to us. For example, I'd like to hear if she actually claims to be Lakota, to have had Lakota teachers or elders, what Lakota might have said to her about her shame on business, etc.

Or if you are really upset by what they do, try to warn people away using the points we make in here: This is fraud, exploitation, disrespectful, almost all Natives oppose this, etc. And feel free to refer anyone interested to here.

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