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Re: Andrew Soliz
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Dear educatedindian:

<<Once again, Soliz himself claims Vernal Cross authorized him. That's his own words you've ignored at least three times now>>

I’m still waiting for you to support your hallucination, educatedindian.  Should be easy enough – it’s called “cut and paste.”

POST HIS STATEMENT HERE.  Otherwise, it is YOU who is the FRAUD!

[Looooong series of spamming, childishness, and abusive language deleted]

[Al's note: Ciferri chose to spam us, yet again. This time it was with a long series of abusive, insulting, and childishishness aimed at not just me, but even at a Lakota. Rather than foist this on us all yet again, his childishness, spam, and even some cursing, were all deleted. So will any future spam from him.

If you wish to apologize and say something useful or even act like an adult for a change, Mr. Ciferri, let us know. Until then all you've done is waste our time by repeatedly spamming, and made Mr. Soliz and his following look like you have something to hide.

And since Mr. Ciferri is either too lazy or, more likely, being willfully blind, here is the statement from Mr. Soliz himself, yet again. It was there all the time in the earlier posts, and Mr. Ciferri refused to even bother to look despite it being pointed out to him no less than three time.

"Five years ago I was adopted by Darlene Cross. Her husband was Vernal Cross, a very well respected Medicine Man from Kyle South Dakota. Their son and my brother is Michael Cross, a very well respected Medicine Man in his own right who has been recognized by the tribe. >>>Everything I do is with their permission.<<<"

The bolding and arrows are mine.

Yet we have Darlene Cross's own public statement, also pointed to repeatedly for Mr. Ciferri: No one was authorized by Vernal.

Not to mention Soliz is adopted and has no right to do Lakota ceremony, and also continues to be a ceremony seller.

Moved to Frauds.]
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Re: Andrew Soliz
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You MAKE BELIEVE that a particular page on a website “proves” that Andrew charges for Lakota ceremony.  On the other hand you have me here stating that I’ve been helped by Andrew – and he never charged me, or even broached the subject of money.  Yet, my first-hand account isn’t good enough for you.  
Furthermore, you have NO ONE here with first-hand knowledge of Andrew purporting to offer Lakota ceremony for money.  You have me stating my FIRST-HAND experience that it’s not the case.

As we can all see, you're either ignorant, or more likely, choosing to be blind.

Soliz's own websites state he charges for ceremony.

Once again, if you'd bothered to look, the evidence is right there in front of you, and straight from Soliz himself. He charges up to 1800 bucks.

From his own website:

"Your purchase of a custom "Spirit Medicine Bag" will include:

a 90 minute private phone or in person session with Andrew Soliz

Andrew will then sit in prayer and >>>ceremony<<<, honoring and communicating with the animal spirit guides that made themselves known in your 90 minute session.

next Andrew will create your beautiful custom bag with the energies of the animal spirits.

your custom order will be available 2 weeks from the date of your 90 minute consultation.

custom "Spirit Medicine Bags" range from >>>$1200-$1800<<<.

50% deposit is required at time of consultation and >>>payment in full<<< at time of "Spirit Medicine Bag" completion and a $100 initial deposit will reserve your session date"

I don't think we've seen such crassly commercial pay to pray ceremony in awhile.


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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #32 on: July 30, 2011, 01:57:46 pm »
I was shocked by his insolence towards earthw7.

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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #33 on: July 30, 2011, 04:31:19 pm »
Interesting how quickly he went from reasonable to very angry.  

One reason reason why I asked the Reiki-type question was to get at his notions of how ceremonies are "transferred".  In the New Age, the current is passed from person to person, instead of by asking permission and get authorization.  It would follow in the New Age sense that A.Soliz would be legitimate.  But, as everyone has repeatedly pointed out - he is a fraud.

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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #34 on: July 30, 2011, 04:40:16 pm »
Having dealt with this type of person before, I was not shocked at the disrespect shown to earth. Sadly, many newagers have such a sense of entitlement, that they will arrogantly dismiss any Native person's objections.

Another way newgaers "pass" ceremony is through  channeling. They will say it was channeled by so and so's guide so it must be "real Indian" and therefore legit. I have a friend who still does not understand that her "authentic Indian moon ceremony" is nothing but a guided meditation.

Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #35 on: July 30, 2011, 04:49:59 pm »
Yeah pretty condescending to EarthW.

And then didn't even get the "witness" thing, I guess his reading comprehension
could use some help..

But yeah, I've seen this before, the new age types, they're all O.K. until reason
and rational thought begin to point out the fake and fraud in their lives.. then they
unravel. It's understandable though.
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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #36 on: July 31, 2011, 03:06:15 am »
Well what can i say :o
The witnesses are a part of our culture when a adoption happens
we have always done this this is  how we know things were done right.

We know who we are and dont need a person who is not our culture
telling what is right or wrong and no we dont have to educate them.

When a person goes from trying to be related to everyone to demand
and yelling at people you know he has a long way to go before he finds that center
In Spirit

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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #37 on: June 11, 2012, 04:42:57 am »
Update on Andrew Soliz

I just read a lot of interesting information about our new neighbor and thought forum members might be interested in what Andrew Soliz has been up to lately. Last fall Soliz moved into home in Laguna Beach, California that his girlfriend/wife Carrie Woodburn purchased in September 2011 for 1.2 million dollars. We believe that the primary reason for this purchase was to set up a new age "community" compound where Soliz and Woodburn could host the variety of New Age workshops and retreats. They also have merged their New Age enterprise with the Sweat Lodge ceremonies that Soliz runs.  Shortly after moving in they began to "prepare" the property for their NewAge community center. (source Carrie Woodburn twitter)
As we near the close of 2011, Andrew and I are immersed in creating many exciting new launches to come early 2012.  Meanwhile we invite you to come play and pray with us on any of the occasions below that sing to YOU!  We've been preparing the land of our new home for ceremony and circles.  Andrew will be leading monthly community sweat lodge ceremonies here in Laguna Beach for those of you called. 

There has been a lot of local press on the issue. I have included links to some of the articles. I also encourage you to check out Carrie Woodburn on Twitter. She posts all of her emails and advertisements to her followers there - including this one that advertises a "veil of the goddess circle" that she bundled with a sweat lodge ceremony for $95.00 per person.
Soliz  frequently mentions the Native American Freedom of Religion Act as a source of blanket protection for all that he wants to do on the property - including  Woodburn's feminine mystery seminars she holds in the tipi. My question is this - What type of protection does this Act afford? What does it mean to be "adopted"?  What if he is not really a Native American? Does it matter who owns the property? How do real Native American's feel about the merging of New Age  and sacred Native ceremonies.

Soliz and Woodburn have lied to the neighbors on so many occasions it is hard to keep track. They insist that "ceremony is not a business" yet they relentlessly promote and sell these ceremonies and circles through Woodburn's website Alchemy of the Heart. Soliz has gone underground leaving Facebook and his Sacred Ways website. He has merged most if not all of his operation with Woodburn's site. The following links are to the articles and guest columns in our local paper.
I wonder what the Lakota people think of guys like Soliz?  He lives in one of the wealthiest communities in the world  - drives around town in a Porsche and Range Rover  -  and provideds sacred Native ceremonies to  rich wannabe white New Agers.

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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #38 on: June 11, 2012, 05:20:29 am »
I'm no expert on the law, but reading the text here it appears that its provisions do not apply to this situation. It is not uncommon for people to throw around laws even if they don't apply to them. Most importantly, towards the bottom of the article it shows the definition of Indian is member of a tribe. Can he show he is an enrolled member of a recognized tribe?

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Re: Andrew Soliz
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He told us he has a "tribal card" but as far as I know - no one has seen it and the newspapers here never asked to see it. He frequently brings up the struggles of Native people and that now it is his time to "fight the fight". We feel he exploits the true and real hardships of Native people to engender sympathy for himself. Clearly he is not suffering or struggling in any way. Here is an excerpt from one of the articles on Soliz in the Laguna Beach Independent
“This has been happening to American Indians for hundreds of years,” said Soliz.  “I guess it’s my turn to fight the fight.”

Soliz cites the American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 as protection to practice his religion where he chooses.  “I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong and I’m willing to stand for that fight,” said Soliz, who moved to Laguna Beach from Ojai in 2010. “This is my home and I have the right to practice my spirituality in my home.”

Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #40 on: June 11, 2012, 04:23:38 pm »
I don't think that would stand in court. If he was simply practicing his religion, that would be one thing, but this is clearly not what he is doing if he is opening a center and charging people admission. That is not practicing any religion. That is having a business.
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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #41 on: June 11, 2012, 04:46:59 pm »
I have serious concerns about the workshops run by Soliz's partner Carrie Rae Woodburn

For example here

Cultivating the Sacred Feminine Workshop for Women

Cultivating the Sacred Feminine January 16th Laguna Beach 12:30-5:30pm $75 pre-registration only at:

FB page

from her website
Carrie Woodburn, CEHP, is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner and Alchemist. Alchemy of the Heart evolved out of Carrie's experience of the power of the human heart to heal and awaken consciousness. She is deeply committed as a catalyst for positive change in community and in the world. She is particularly interested in bridging the gap between complimentary and conventional beliefs as she believes we are on the brink of a significant evolution in human consciousness, which will have a momentous impact to our future. In her work, she began to see a common thread in that many seemed to be experiencing an impulse to seek a greater sense of fulfillment. She believes this is the catalyst that is causing many to awaken spiritually, and that it resides in the heart of humanity. Carrie is deeply committed to doing her part in creating a peaceful future that is guided by love instead of fear and she believes this is dependent on each of us "waking up" to our authentic selves and being an expression of that in our work and in the world.

Carrie works with Women, Men and Teens utilizing multiple healing modalities in her practice of Healing and Integration. Her work facilitates a transformative healing impact to areas one may be emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually blocked, or simply ready to expand to the next level of consciousness. Specific areas of impact include freedom and healing from addictions, fear based limitations, limiting belief systems, physical pain, emotional or spiritual turmoil, increased creativity, clarity, vitality and joy. Clients experience deep real life transformation with a basis of wellness as a place to begin from rather than arrive to.

Whether guiding groups on Retreat at one of various global destinations or in private individual session, Carrie  offers guidance through Energetic Healing, Breathwork, Play, Ritual and Wisdom Teachings as part of her map for Healthful Living.


Rites of Passage for Women

 Women are deeply connected to the mysteries of the Earth.  One must only scratch the surface of our ancestral memories and rites of passage to discover the richness of ancient Goddess culture.  In doing so, something alchemical occurs.  We begin to feel a stirring within.  An ancient yet somehow familiar knowing, stirring in the soul.  The farther back we extend our reach we discover that all cultures were at one time rooted in reverence for the Goddess. She lives. She lives right now in the impulse we as women are collectively experiencing to “evolve”.  It is she who is whispering in our ear to awaken the places we have been slumbering. What if we allowed ourselves to remember the natural impulse of the teachings of our blood?  To reconnect with the feminine source energy our bodies know so naturally? To remember our inherent ability to “be” earth and sky within our own feminine form?


“When you choose to sit on the Earth as a Goddess….she awakens to your call. Our bodies are like sacred text, showing us the ways of wisdom through our feminine form.  We are wisdom-keepers. Through Ritual and Ceremony we access gateways to sacred and ancient mysteries of the ways of women as only women can know. Through specifically designed Rites of Passage Ceremony we not only give ourselves the gift of celebrating life’s transitions, but also discovering the depth of our true beauty, strength, wisdom and grace.”
- Carrie Woodburn

While the "discover your inner goddess" workshops do not have the overtly sexual themes advertised by sex trafficking recruiters, they are still events at which the participants will feel extremely vulnerable and "open", due to their nature.

While Carrie Rae Woodburn's FB friends list does not contain many friends involved in prostitution, it does contain at least one newage sex worker working at a "goddess temple".  edited to add, there are a few female friends who describe themselves as "dakinis" and / or work at "goddess temples". 

I notice that Carrie Rae Woodburn's "goddess" events include "breathwork", a pseudo-therapeutic intervention commonly used by newage cults and predators.  

Personally I have no problem with rites of passage rituals.  I think it likely that many victims are falling prey to predators due to a lack of rites of passage and transition honouring rituals in our own cultures.  However rites of passage are not about personal-development or psychotherapy, they are events and rituals for the whole community in which an individuals rights and responsibilities within their community are celebrated and consolidated by the community.

New age appropriations of ROP rituals are always "me me me" focussed and always about personal development and never about the community (cultic pseudo-communities excepted).  

It is incredibly important that ROP rituals are presided over by respected elders from the community and not dodgy newage entrepreneurs with a demonstrable lack of respect for the community.

In addition to my concerns about Carrie Rae Woodburn, I am disgusted by Soliz's arrogance and his blatant disrespect towards native people in general and towards respected community members here.  

How on earth can such a man claim to be qualified to run any kind of community event, let alone sweat lodges?

edited to say....
Carrie is an Energy Health Practitioner, Artist, life student of the Tantric traditions of Feminine Power, and Teacher of Feminine Mystery.  She helps people connect with their hearts which creates an opening for healing and a rich experience of truth.

Carrie facilitates group programs that awaken, inspire and empower others to make effective, lasting change, opening a new context and orientation for "well"-"being" as a place to begin from vs. arrive to.


OK so we have pseudo-tantra as well
I have to say that this looks fairly dodgy to me

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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #42 on: June 11, 2012, 05:25:14 pm »
If Carrie has been running her programs out of her house, my guess is that it will not be possible to stop Andrew. They have to be treated equally under the law, whether or not he is ndn. Perhaps if his ceremonies are increasing the traffic, the city could put limits on numbers of people, but not what they do once they get there. I surely would love to see that tribal card. But as others have said, even if he is card-carrying pueblo, that doesn't mean he can do lakota ceremony. I also find it disingenuous that he "doesn't say he is a medicine man" yet does ceremonies. We've got one like that here -- says he was trained as a kahuna but doesn't use the title so as not to offend. Yeah right. I'm offended!

Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #43 on: June 11, 2012, 05:45:54 pm »
Well, depends on the city's laws for business zoning. I'm not sure as I'm not a lawyer, but it
seems to me it'd be kind of hard to prove that their business is Native American religion.
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Re: Andrew Soliz
« Reply #44 on: June 11, 2012, 10:42:02 pm »
Isn't this the root of the problem for all "pay-to-pray" Sweat Lodge operations - that is is religious freedom - not a money making enterprise despite the "donations". It is clear to all that Andrew does not need donations to sustain him as he enjoys his life in a 1.2 million dollar home what is called the "gold coast" of Southern California.   I think the Native American community could do a lot to dissuade wannabe white folks from attending these ceremonies by educating them that they are actually being disrespectful of sacred Native traditions and people by supporting these operators. I encourage all of the Native members to comment on line to any of the articles written in The Laguna Beach Independent. Here is a link to one of the articles